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  1. Loving the knob
  2. Went to game 1 with my friend who's a Clippers fan. My first time seeing the Jazz and I picked one hell of a game to go to! Bummed about Gobert getting hurt 17 sec into the game. Here's the game winner from my POV
  3. Let's go Jazz! Can't wait for the national audience to see how special Gobert is. I'll be at Game 1 in LA.
  4. I usually get most of it off by scraping a scalpel or credit card across the plastic.
  5. A properly fitted qualia😀
  6. Speaking of measurements, just how much roll off are we talking at 20kHz and at what SPL?
  7. The email I sent you some time back should have pretty accurate dimensions. Birgir, how can you tell the diaphragm isn't gold plated? The sputtered coating should be so sparse as to be almost invisible in order to get really high resistance. Did they use graphite instead?
  8. Happy bday have fun with those drivers
  9. It'll be interesting to see how people take this Durant has been pampered by the media his entire career, westbrook has always been the fall guy. If people turn on him, I don’t think he’ll take it well. He has super thin skin. This is 10x worse than what people got mad at LeBron about. You just joined the best regular season team of all time AND it’s the team that just took you out of the playoffs in heartbreaking fashion. A large part of the reason that even happened is because Durant played like crap. I feel bad for OKC fans. This would be like Karl leaving my Jazz in his prime to join the Bulls after the 97 finals. An MVP joining the best team in the league after losing to them. I’ve always said that it’s the players’ right to join any team they want, this is just kinda sad imo.
  10. Thanks for the EtherE impressions, that's pretty much how I heard them too. They remind me much more of the KingSounds than Stax in terms of sound signature.
  11. Is there anything like that available for a small DIY Stax amp? Say, +/-200V
  12. Which doesn't really mean anything on its own. So are most of the PCBs for parts inside your cutting edge computer or cell phone. Just because something is made in China doesn't mean it's low quality, it's more about what you're willing to pay. In many (most) instances now, China actually has the resources to provide superior manufacturing, you just can't expect rock bottom prices. The 80s are over.
  13. Does he have an accent?
  14. The only way using a new set of plugs makes sense is if they plan to release a line of amps themselves or planned along with other manufacturers. I'm not sure how many amps they'll be able to sell considering they'll only be able to power Dan's stats. Seems like even a noob entering the stat game would be much more likely to pony up for the adapter and use a normal Stax jack amp to open up the possibility of using other stat HPs as well. I'm not seeing how changing the connector (by making it a different dimension or using wood etc) will make much difference in the overall capacitance of the headphones. The length of that bit is miniscule when compared to the overall length of the cable and the total capacitance added by the stators, and the dielectric constant of Teflon is already very low (2.1) and comparable to wood (1.4-2.9 in general).
  15. Great game, lebron is ridiculous.