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  1. stax fart

    Sony MDR-Z1R

    I was saying goodbye before I left, it's called education
  2. stax fart

    Sony MDR-Z1R

    Okay, I understand. Now, as a farewell, I hope you, veteran and clever forum users, can understand me too Puto foro de mierda de ancianos, cornudos, vuestra puta mujer os pone los cuernos con vuestro hijo porque teneis un micro pene y estáis todo el día aquí intentando ser superiores, cuando sois unos gordos de mierda con 50 o más años. Chuparme la polla, hijos de puta amargados, yo al menos conozco a mi padre. "You are not as clever as your mom says you are" You are not as clever as you think, your son bangs your wife while you're on Head-Case. Now, ban me please, cornudo hijo de puta.
  3. Ayre MX-R Twenty monoblock
  4. Vitus SM-010 monoblock amp...look at that transformer 0_0
  5. I know it is much more expensive than Holo, but I'm drooling over the new Metrum Adagio, with the new DAC Two modules and the volume control using the DAC ladders... EDIT: They will also launch an amplifier next year, called "Forte", to use with Adagio. To my clueless eyes looks like a nice product but you know, I'm clueless so worthless opinion, would like if someone with knowledge says if is worth it or not: http://www.criticalsound.co.nz/products/metrums-forte/
  6. Congratulations, you've discovered America. My Burl B2 DAC has Dante too, and I don't need that interface, only an ethernet port
  7. Thanks Kevin! And, more or less, how much costs to build one?
  8. Newbie/dumb question here: How much would cost to build a balanced version of this amp? (or at least one with balanced inputs and a 4 pin xlr output for the headphones)
  9. Jaw dropping, gorgeous, superlative...I want to lick it.
  10. Please, can someone post internal pics of Ravenswood? I guess it looks even better inside
  11. I love Accuphase, had the chance to hear A70 and was an unforgettable experience. I would like to hear Gryphon and Vitus too.
  12. There is a speaker porn thread, so why not an amplifier porn thread? Gryphon Colosseum VITUS MP-M201 Accuphase A-200
  13. Don't know why but I'm not surprised, Hifiman is the Cavalli of headphones.
  14. Headphones will be available "in the future", so only the 50k combo would be available at first. Very wise guy, with that business skills, he would be a great moneylender or Switzerland bank director (maybe his real calling?)
  15. Hey just remembered today, we had a little discussion some time ago about "Yamaha NS-1000", I was a bit drunk and misread, and confused it with "NS-10", so I was talking about the studio monitor NS-10.

    Sorry for that.

    PS: Nice "hat".

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