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Vinyl (HBO)

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Greetings my good sirs,

I just wanted to share a series: Vinyl

The story shapes itself in 70s' New York, around a music executive: Richie Finestra. Music industry, sex, drugs and alcohol... Pretty likeable things. :)

I really like the story and cast. Bobby Cannavale (Main Actor), Pretty talented actor, I've known him from another HBO production: Boardwalk Empire. And the cast includes: Ray Romano, Olivia Wilde, James Jagger.

Creators are really impressive: Mick Jagger, Martin Scorsese!!1!!1! and Rich Cohen.


First Season has been aired in early 2016.

Anyway, Just check it. In worst scenario you'll lose 10-40 minutes.

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Wow, I didn't know they killed it. :( I should search more before post it here. Yea it was a bit chaotic... But still...

1 minute ago, Pars said:

Yeah, though I still would have watched another season.

Yea I'd watch it too. I really feel sad.


6 minutes ago, TMoney said:

Anyways, who needs it with Westworld around, right?

I started to watch Westworld btw. Very interesting story, and Ed Harris...

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