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Hi all,

New guy again.

I received the ES Labs Sigma with 404 transducers yesterday. So, grain of salt and all...

They're lovely. They sound great on chamber music, and the sense of space is really nice. Significantly darker sounding than the L700. Also a bit rounder the the 007 MK2. Meaning, I think they either have a dip around 6K or a boost around 300Hz (or both). My biggest issue is efficiency. Orchestral crescendos produce significant clipping. I just can't play them loud enough compared to the L700 or 007 (which will also clip on occasion compared to the L700). Now, I'm new to Stax, so I'm not sure if I'm hearing the KGST go into clipping or the drivers are reaching their excursion limits. Maybe when I get my SRD-7 from Birgir, and hook them up to my Bryston monoblocks, I'll be able to get more SPL out of them. Time will tell.

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I just received my ES Labs Lambdas (404 drivers). I haven’t had enough listening time to give a considered post, but I’m curious about your experience with them with the post above.  Agree that they’re less efficient because of the enclosure and driver direction but in some ways it lets me turn the volume up to “activate” them better.  Running it off a CCS modded 006t, and soon off a Pro-modded SRD7.  I didn’t notice clipping but still early days.  

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