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  1. Pretty nice birthday weekend. Started out Friday giving my “famous” dinosaur lecture for Norwich’s Dino Day, then Saturday we went for a late lunch at J. Morgans Steakhouse. Sunday we went for a four hour hike that ended up taking 6 hours because we went the wrong way to the trailhead and ended up having to park the car 1+ miles from the trailhead 🤦‍♂️. Anyway, a very enjoyable birthday in Vermont.
  2. Last night baching it for dinner: A nice salad with great Bleu Cheese dressing Bruschetta Polenta Veal Marsala with Risotto Tiramisu
  3. Happy Birthday, Andrew!
  4. All Administration and tenured or tenure track faculty have to wear a uniform during the school year. That includes the Provost but not non-tenured associate professors, i.e. me. Karen during the Dog River Run a couple of weeks ago.
  5. Going to be hanging in the president’s box at our football home opener.
  6. Good Luck Nate. Sorry I couldn’t be there to help cheer you and your team on.
  7. Put Florida in the rearview mirror
  8. Karen dragged my ass (part way) up and down a local mountain
  9. That’s one of the things my pocket knife is used for.
  10. Got a picture of Peter with a few of his Class of 2026 friends. He’s in the middle bottom of the C.
  11. It is a bit big to lug around but the screen is definitely fine to work on without an external monitor, unlike my 13” M1. I think this is the best MacBook I have ever used.
  12. Got a new buddy for my Mac Studio from work
  13. Happy Birthday, Ian!
  14. Dropped Peter off at CSU on Monday.
  15. I will not be fully retired for about four years. The math is pretty transparent.
  16. Visited Killington Vt and their tribute to the Beatles (or Charles Manson)
  17. Happy Birthday, Todd!
  18. How did I miss this? Happy Birthday, Antonio!
  19. We had to let Isabella go yesterday. She was declining rapidly this last week so we took her to the vet to get a professional opinion on her condition. She had a good 12+ year run
  20. So, are Mountain Loins related to Mountain Lions?
  21. Sorry Dan, didn’t want to move it, so it was donated locally before we left Florida.
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