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  1. A Belated Happy Birthday, Chris!
  2. Agree with both of the above. I believe the gra(e)y would work well in our new abode.
  3. Cannot believe I missed this. A belated Happy Birthday, Ari!
  4. Four dowels, two through each post and then into the top and bottom of the sign. Bingo, no hardware.
  5. Happy Birthday, Shelly! Wishing you many cocktails!
  6. So I never got around to installing an electrical system in my kayak before we decided to sell all of our kayaks. Therefore I have all of the stuff below to do that. I can send it to you for the cost of shipping, which may not be cheap because of the batteries.
  7. Coquille St. Jacques Six-Onion Soup Lamb Chops with goat-cheese grits and a mushroom,apple and baby kale medley with Crème Brûlée for dessert
  8. You call that a turtle? This is a turtle …
  9. Delivered a signed copy of IRS form 8879 to our CPA and then made a small donation to the U.S. Treasury
  10. Nice turntable. Thanks for the picture. I will not meet up with mine again until sometime in May. PS: I almost went with red. It looks better than the black.
  11. Last night (and the last night before Karen returns):Started with an Arugala and Shaved Fennel Salad Followed by a Smoked Fish Dip with Tortilla Chips The Fish of the day which was a Panko crusted Flounder with Asparagus and a green sauce I did not catch And lastly a chocolate Pot de Crème with hazelnuts, marshmallows and graham cracker crumbles
  12. Not really a problem as for both of those meals that was all I ate all day except for my morning coffee. It will be the same tonight.
  13. Last Night: White Truffle Flatbread Followed by The Raw Bar Tower which included a dozen oysters, scallop ceviche, tuna hamachi, shrimp cocktail and red chili and lime tortilla chips
  14. Karen is out of town and Peter is hanging with his girlfriend so decided to check out a local seafood market/restaurant. They specialize in fresh, locally sourced seafood so everything below uses fresh, local seafood. Started with a dozen raw oysters since they are my favorite Followed by a bowl of their blue crab gumbo with a main entree of grilled grouper with hush puppies, Cuban black beans and coleslaw for desert I had key lime pie and a cup of coffee (no picture because the second Tiki drink was catching up to me - See Drinking Thread)
  15. Happy Birthday, Tyler!
  16. Getting ready to move the rest of our stuff that was not sent up to Vermont to our beach house rental where we will be living for the next 2+ months until Peter finishes high school (and the renovation finishes on our Vermont abode). Stay tuned for more later today.
  17. I am pretty sure that the movie based on Flowers for Algernon is Charly, starring Cliff Robertson, which IMO is an outstanding movie adaptation of the short story/novel. I will definitely check out this new adaptation. Thanks.
  18. Happy Birthday, Doug!
  19. Second day of packing our U-pack-it truck. They dropped it off yesterday at about 2:00 pm EDT and as of 5:00 pm EDT today we have approximately 75% of the house packed up and 99% of the heavy, bulky shit. Now sitting down for an adult beverage.
  20. Very sorry for your losses Bryan.
  21. A Belated Happy Birthday Wish, Fitzy!
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