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  1. Ceramic rattlesnake inherited from my grandparents.
  2. So I shifted the Teac into the main headphone system in place of the NAD M51: So now I can use my Two Little Bears (Passive XLR switchers) to shift between the Mytek or Teac as input and the GS-X, DHSA or BHse as output:
  3. RIP Diego ... You were/are a champion.
  4. And another series of big thank yous to Andrew, DOTU Al and Ken. As Nate said NFLO!
  5. You guys are too quick for me. Big thanks to Antonio, Aimless Al, Todd S, Nate (and Lily and Andrew) and Chris. You're the best.
  6. I am not sure it sounds any better, but it is a keeper for me because it runs cooler with the external PSU.
  7. It was more a rhetorical response to indicate my extreme distaste for anything Adobe.
  8. So I am necrobumping this thread from 7!!! years ago. This year is a bit different in a few ways. First, the Marathon will be run in virtual mode. Everyone runs it locally on their own and provides proof using their tracking tech. Secondly, this will be run both by Karen and Peter. Lastly, they are running a half-marathon rather than a full marathon. For my health’s sake I will not expound on the reasons for this. Anyway, anyone who would care to donate to St. Judes, your support would be gratefully appreciated. They will be running their half next weekend so it is coming up fast. You can dona
  9. I would prefer Apple to have the monopoly rather than Adobe because there are shades of evil.
  10. Happy Birthday, JP!
  11. Also not sure why they introduced the MacBook Pro. I don’t see paying $200 more for a touchbar and nothing else? Not sure what is “Pro” compared to the new Air.
  12. Happy Birthday, Mikey!
  13. The Mac-Mini is also limited to 16GB RAM also. That is a huge monkey in the wrench for me. If you are in need or want of higher RAM they are still selling Intel based Mac-Minis with up to 64GB RAM. I think the highlight for me was the MacBook Air, which hasn't interested me in a while.
  14. RIP Alex Trebek And I will take Fuck Cancer for $200.
  15. The Mophie looks perfect for my needs. Ordered one since I had a couple of Apple gift cards laying about . Thanks Tyler.
  16. I am not especially fond of red headphones, but I find these really stunning. Excellent job.
  17. Great minds think alike.
  18. RIP to the original James Bond of my youth
  19. Condolences on your loss Fitz. R.I.P. Matilda
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