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  1. My Mother would say "He'd complain if you hung him with a new rope." He's right about the remote though. You have to get a direct line of sight.
  2. My guess is they thought it was part of a Christmas tree stand.
  3. So now he gets punished with a new home, exercise wheel and regular feedings of high quality mouse feed? I'd name him Mini the Moocher. Hi de hi de hi de ho.
  4. I remember Lance Kerwin from Salem's Lot and all the Teen mags of the day. He adorned the few pages not featuring Leif Garrett. RIP Cindy Williams.
  5. Not everyone can manage a stiff hose.
  6. I think that the instances of actual explosions are vastly overstated. It does tend to draw dust to itself due to static, and should be cleaned now and then, but I doubt the danger factor is really something to worry about.
  7. You do realize that's for sawdust, right? I mean whatever you do in your shop is your business, but...
  8. How much cotton candy does it make per batch?
  9. And once again I'm surprised by heterosexual lingo. I was certain that "cheek weld" was a gay bottom, not in the mood.
  10. Some days I have fiddly, little stuff that takes time, with little visual reward. The homeowners wanted to save these built-ins. We had to remove them temporarily to wire the walls behind. Either in the removal or during it's life, the cabinet was missing some little trim pieces that you just can't find today. So I have to manufacture my own. The end result just looks like nothing was done, when in fact it was a lot of fiddling.
  11. Nailed more Redwood on walls with Milo.
  12. Have a phenomenal day Adam!
  13. Yeah, I liked The Recruit as well.
  14. The job was made a lot easier, due to Milo's prep of the old Redwood boards. He had them milled to very close tolerances, so mating them up without gaps and other issues was a piece of cake (gluten free, vegan cake for Doug). Hell, I'd love to have a room sided like this, I hope the saddles and bridels appreciate it!
  15. Nailed wood onto walls with Al and Alden.
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