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  1. What are you EATING right now?

    It's the only place I know of nearby.
  2. What are you EATING right now?

    Panda Express, in Armistead Maupin's old living room. Anna Madrigal is in the backyard rolling a joint, and Mouse is telling Maryanne about his latest trick. 😛
  3. Which Cooking Are You?

    I proclaim brisket to be a breakfast meat! But please keep in mind that I also proclaim penis as a breakfast meat.
  4. What are you listening to Part the Third

    I was in College.
  5. What Are You Building Today

    Today's project... 50" X 19" Birch butcher block, stained Gray. This will be the top of my new A/V rack, which is your typical wire shelving, but epoxy coated Black.
  6. What Are You Building Today

    .73 cubic feet. w /2" x 6" port behind the tweeter.
  7. What Are You Building Today

    Acoustic guitar is wonderful. Haven't really rocked out yet, still loving Alison Krauss and Adele ATM. Hey, I'm gay, what'd you expect?
  8. What Are You Building Today

    Done! These are not just your standard two ways. Instead, Marc has paired basically a full range driver and a super tweeter, then customized a crossover to take best advantage of that pairing. These drivers have to stretch their legs before I can really assess them, but so far I'm impressed. They're bigger than I had originally thought I'd build them, but still, make a pretty good nearfield monitor. Bass is far better than I expected. Eventually, they will darken to match the Parasound case. The window will speed that process up.
  9. What are you EATING right now?

    Holy fuck!!! I'm just so thankful they don't serve that on a biscuit! Otherwise, the entire West Coast would sink into the sea!
  10. Happy Birthday Jeffy!

    Have a phenomenal day young man!
  11. What are you EATING right now?

    What's wrong with spoogey?
  12. What Are You Building Today

    I had a pair of these... And a 50" Panny Plasma in a small class C motorhome. This will be a walk in the park. We got one crossover finished, will most likely finish the other Tuesday eve. I'll glue on the Cherry baffles tonight, then it's just a matter of soldering on a few spade lugs.
  13. ecp audio

    Damn Doug! I can't express how beautiful those are! Just wow!
  14. What Are You Building Today

    Milo was nice enough to finish the finish on my baffles. They look fantastic. Milo really is a handy guy!
  15. What Are You Building Today

    Hmmm, I thought straight guys wrapped their "natural materials" in "plastic" all the time. Thanks! I was trying to make them look high end. Sonus Faber and Chario were my inspiration. Good thing Otis doesn't have much going on Saturday. We'll make 'em spiffy!
  16. What are you EATING right now?

    ^ Here and ready for action Sir!
  17. Happy Birthday Sherwood!

    Have a fantastic day!
  18. What Are You Building Today

    Arm-R-Seal is a urethane modified Tung oil. You get the beauty of Tung oil and the durability of Varithane. Plus it's a wipe on finish, so easy as pie.
  19. What Are You Building Today

    Milo and I got the speaker boxes mostly complete today. Made some round holes and some rectangular panels. Tweeter holes are in the Cherry baffles only, as they're not deep enough to need holes in the MDF panel too. Woofer holes and port tube holes in back. Cherry baffles got milled and drilled as well. And the first coat of Arm-R-Seal. The fluting is strictly aesthetics.
  20. What Are You Building Today

    Speaker boxes now clad in Black laminate, because we had enough left over from the router table project... Making a solid Cherry 3/4" thick baffle to glue on top of MDF baffles...
  21. Happy Birthday mulveling !!!!

    Happy Birthday, Mike!
  22. Have a fantastic Birthday Doug! Hope you and Erika do something fun!
  23. What Are You Building Today

    Hmmm, what might these become?
  24. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Looks great Adam!