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  1. That's some high end JVC equipment there!
  2. Maybe not. Who really needs a bedroom?
  3. Those are going to be some gorgeous chairs. Really beautiful wood! I got your tulips right here. Though come to think of it, you've already kissed them.
  4. It's always sad to lose a member of this forum. But when that member is a personal friend It's even harder. Steve was a fantastic, giving human being. He departed too soon. If there is an afterlife, I hope you're having a great one Steve!
  5. Have a phenomenal day Santa!
  6. The painters will clear coat the White Oak, and paint the pickets White.
  7. Knocking asteroids off course is amazing and I'm all about this technology, but I find it kind of crazy that knocking sperm off course is controversial?
  8. I didn't have one for 1 1/2" dowel. Wish I did! It wasn't too far off though. Took about 10 minutes to do 11 dowels/pickets.
  9. The dowel stock wasn't quite round, so I had to do a little sanding on the ends of those. I need the right construction adhesive, so the pickets will get glued in in the morning.
  10. I'm building a custom railing at one of my current projects. The posts and top caps will be White Oak, clear coated to match the floors. The pickets will be 1 1/2" round fir, and will be painted White. There will be no bottom rail, as the pickets will set directly into the floor. Hence the pattern piece that I made to use as a drilling guide. I'll use the same pattern to drill the bottom of the top cap. The pickets will be captured and glued. No screws or nails needed. The posts are set with fancy new newel post bolts. I will fill these holes with Whote Oak plugs, after I've got everything set into place. Just in case I need to adjust anything.
  11. swt61

    Speaker Porn

    I got to stay up past my bedtime.
  12. swt61

    Speaker Porn

    They get some pretty good reviews as well.
  13. swt61

    Speaker Porn

    These new Monitor Audio Silver 100 7G 50th anniversary series speakers are really beautiful, in British racing Green.
  14. Had to break out my decoder ring to decipher that post, but I think I understand now. I really need a Roon, Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz tutorial. I still don't quite understand Roon endpoint and such. But my Dad was having trouble operating the Mr. Coffee machine in his 50's, so comparatively I guess I'm doing OK.
  15. Have the best day ever Jim! Hope things are going great in your new state!
  16. I have a taste for the macabre, and while Evan Peters did a fine job, he didn't quite embody the odd traits of JD. Still, an intriguing watch. I did like the soundtrack. Niecy Nash definitely impressed me.
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