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  1. Changed out my ZU DL-103 for the Benz Micro Ace SL that arrived today. Got the new cartridge aligned, tracking force set to 1.7g and VTA at 20 degrees. Yeah, definitely an upgrade! Wow, really liking this cartridge! Flat and neutral? No. Fun and engaging? Hell yes!
  2. I feel like the area behind the system is too live. I would work on deadening that space. Maybe 6 or 7 dozen more kitty's?
  3. I might do just that. It'll take me a while to decide on a design though.
  4. Shouldn't it be a Brit living in the USA to invent the 'Brownie Crumpet'?
  5. Like .5 meters isn't impressive enough! What will you do with it Greg?
  6. My mind keeps thinking what a badass turntable could be built with this thing! A round, multilayered, three footed wooden masterpiece comes to mind.
  7. I use a Pass Pearl as my regular phono stage, but I also have a Parasound USB phono stage. I plan on using it when I want to digitize my vinyl. It's a simple, elegant solution. With the extra analog inputs you can also digitize cassettes, etc...
  8. You're my new hero Naaman! That is just so damn cool! The possibilities are limitless.
  9. When I got my license, I became my Father's gopher. Actually that was the case before I had a license, but it amplified after.
  10. I've thought for years that a vacuum pump was in your future!
  11. I have drilled a lot of holes in my day, but never in such a sexy ass way! I think I got a bit firm there.
  12. Ah, it's a forrest. They are the best blade I know of.
  13. That is a very nice miter saw! Not familiar with that blade. Details?
  14. Have a bacon, hamburger, diet coke, crumpet filled day G-man!
  15. When I become a famous rapper (waits for laughter to die down), it will be under the stage name Felonious Punk.
  16. Had to look that up. Wasn't aware of the remix.
  17. How can one be too old, or too young for Nora Jones? It's Nora Jones.
  18. Found this light which is perfect for the TT system. It's an Ikea light, but I bought it on Amazon. About $30, compared to $100 for the Littlelite TT light.
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