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  1. I like to start my beans on high, get them to a boil, then crank them down to medium low and cover. If you're not careful you can burn the beans on the bottom. However, even if you do all is not lost. Adding about a tablespoon of peanut butter to the pot and mixing it thoroughly will take away the burnt taste. I learned this at my parents Mexican food restaurant many decades ago. The cornbread is done, and is lonely. It'll be about 3 more hours until it gets to unite with the beans. Longer if you don't soak your beans for several hours first.
  2. Just started a large pot of Pinto beans, and just mixed up a large pan of corn bread. It's my favorite meal, and I'm making enough to eat off of all week, or freeze some. The hamhock is buried, but it's there. My Mother's recipe uses chili powder, but I prefer it without. Salt, pepper and minced garlic are my preferred seasonings.
  3. That's better. I'm now guessing South American Walnut or Suar.
  4. It could a South American hardwood of some type. It's really hard to tell. Nice curly figure though.
  5. Most of the mashed potatoes will become tomorrow's potato pancakes.
  6. Cut and started an onion for tonight's dinner of, steak, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, sautéed mushrooms and caramelized onion. I like to cook the onion really low and slow. I use a mixture of EVOO and butter. It'll take 1.45 - 2 hrs. But it's always worth the effort.
  7. R.I.P. Tina You gave us a hell of a catalog of fantastic music.
  8. Hope you have a great day. Go for a bike ride. Go to a museum. Go see a concert. But for God's sake stay away from biscuits!!!
  9. I just assumed it was common knowledge that Grizzlies prefer cocaine, while Black bears are heavy into meth. Polar bears like to chill, so heroin is more their bag. Oh, and Pandas smoke opium of course.
  10. Have an exceptional day!
  11. Too many TICE jokes in there to choose just one.
  12. Happy Birthday!
  13. Probably on the night my Dad lost all of his money!
  14. My Father moved to Vegas in 1980, and I joined him there after being accepted to UNLV. I spent my Junior and Senior years there in '81 and '82. I've told stories about waiting on Sinatra at the restaurant I worked at. Biggest asshole I've ever met. And I've been acquainted with a lot of assholes. Anyway, my Father was making a living playing poker. Mostly playing with retired old men at Circus Circus. But there were a few times that he played with the big boys. He played with Doyle a dozen times or so. I'll never forget one particular time when he shut my Dad down and took him for all he had put aside for that night (my Dad never played for more than he could afford to lose). I had the car that evening and took my little Sister to go pick him up. This particular night was at the Flamingo, and Brunson decided to treat my little Sister, myself and my Dad to banana splits at Lindy's (an ice cream parlor in the hotel). He had one too, and was just a really nice guy. My Sister was 12, and he treated her like a little Queen. R.I.P. Mr. Brunson. You were a class act Sir!
  15. No room in the van for a router table. And $130 blade for a railing cap is overkill. This isn't something I need to do often at all. These 3 blades were $8 ea. Probably a very nice blade for the shop though.
  16. Trailer park hack. The small DeWalt jobsite tablesaws will not accept a dado stack, because the spindle is too short. But it will accept three thin curf blades of the same tooth number. Not as good as a 3/4" dado stack, but far superior to a 1/16" pass. This about 1/4".
  17. That is a really nice slab of Birdseye Maple!
  18. Scramble with hashbrowns, at Hilda's.
  19. It's no surprise that they were Sweden's largest export for a few years running. That's back when Vovlo and Saab were hugely popular. Hearing ABBA always takes me back to high school days.
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