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  1. Probably an ICE agent.
  2. Have a fantastic day!
  3. RIP Michele. RIP Erin.
  4. Now you're eating like you're in Seattle!
  5. Have an amazing day Jeffy!
  6. I could easily spend 10 BAI at Saddleback Leather Co.
  7. Have some coffee Dan.
  8. How many kids did they have on display?
  9. If memory serves, at Nate's you can interact with bats.
  10. From where you sit, maybe not. From where I sit, he's pretty conservative.
  11. You guys are way too positive. That old conserva-perve will be hired for another TV or radio show in no time. If he doesn't show up in Lil' Donnie's cabinet.
  12. I agree he's just another White, sexist male on the Fox ticket, but are you planning on killing him? Just trying to figure out why it's in the RIP thread.
  13. I always wanted to have a little cowboy, and name him Greg!
  14. Knowing Justin, probably burgers.
  15. They spelled your name wrong Greg.
  16. It sure does! The ER is exactly where they'd be going once they found out I put Superglue in the lube bottle!
  17. I could show a picture of what I thought it was, but you guys would probably not appreciate that. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=docking Instead I'll let nature show a representation of a similar process...
  18. Grahame the swag master!
  19. Sometimes I think you purposely bait me for bottom jokes.
  20. Naw, we've seen you go back for seconds before. How dare you! Jesús is alive and well at my local golden arches!
  21. Please clarify. Are you taunting the Son of God, or the Mexican guy working at McDonalds?
  22. I've never really understood why so many want everyone to like what they like anyway. There's no right or wrong in the audio hobby. If you like a certain sound signature, then have at it. Why do you care if someone else doesn't like it? Jim mentioned both the Beyer DT880, which I somewhat like, and the AKG K340, which I really liked. Should I chastise him for liking the DT880? I happen to find the AKG K1000 as my all around favorite headphone, though many hate it. So what? I don't make the claim that it does everything right, but it's what I find most enjoyable. Why do we need everyone to love all the same shit we love? IMO these people need there decisions bolstered. I for one prefer to be an individual and rely on my own taste (even as bad as it may be).
  23. FWIW rednecks would think Poutine is the Russian President, and therefore assume that's some fancy Russian Aristocrat dish.
  24. Yumm!