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  1. swt61

    Speaker Porn

    That's a fetish I did not apply to you. But now I understand the constant breath mints you consumed.
  2. Especially since once I start laying pipe they lose their ability to talk, and can only squeal at that point.
  3. swt61

    Speaker Porn

    This leads one to assume they're listening to...
  4. ^ Just to elaborate... The wheels on Brent's bike usually remain grounded, it's Brent himself that is more times than not projected airborne off of said bike. We generally refer to this as an ... ALMP Airborne large Mexican projectile.
  5. Are those cookies (biscuits) enter breeding?
  6. Happy Birthday Brent! Because you're a MENSA member, I got you a very high brow book...
  7. Yes. He said as long as I promise not to use any PVC plumbing pipe he'd consider it.
  8. Happy Birthday!
  9. I love the bench sander, but even hooked up to dust collection, most of it still collects on me. I've had that sander since 2005. It's one of a few tools that I didn't lose in the hurricane. And as a bonus, I now know what tone to use should I ever run for President.
  10. Building the first headphone stand I've done in at least 10 years. Actually probably closer to 15. I had a return customer contact me recently, and the timing was right. Got the hanger pieces milled up today from the same Walnut burl as the cookie table above. This will be a wall hanging headphone holder, with 5 hanger pieces and a curly Maple back board. Pics to come after it's finished.
  11. Still my favorite voice of all time. Followed by KD Lang at #2 and Alison Krauss at #3. And shout out to Willie Nelson for writing such a beautiful song.
  12. ^ Noted Boom X 😁 And don't get me started on Reagan. I thought I'd never have such hatred for any human being... Then Trump came along.
  13. I'm not criticizing it, just hadn't seen it before. Not sure what you're planning on using for the final seal coat, but bathroom and kitchen countertops made of wood take a lot of abuse. You need something really tough. Al has turned me onto a really fantastic, natural product made for marine use. And being a natural, oil based product, it's also beautiful. It's very tough. Al applied it to his garage door in his city house, near the beach. Harsh environment, and it's been several years now and still looks amazing. I haven't found many products that will fare well on a bathroom counter, but this one will. I'd highly recommend it to you. Pretty Walnut BTW.
  14. OK. Maybe it's the pic, but I'm seeing 6 separate pieces, with the last piece being live edge. I only bring it up because I've not seen this done before.
  15. Marc, is that a glue up with a live edge?
  16. As someone of the age that grew up listening to Walter Cronkite, and trying not to sound condescending, I'm not sure you can relate to what us older folks consider to be unbiased reporting. I'm only glad that he doesn't have to see what TV news has evolved into. Are there good news sources out there? Yes. Are they unbiased? Hell no!
  17. I would have left out the word Florida, and just let people assume Italy, but have fun at any rate.
  18. And an Ebony penis extension!
  19. I'm sure I've lost some high frequencies, but overall my hearing is still pretty good. After I get my second cataract fixed, my eyesight will be great again as well. My six pack abs are still great, probably because I keep them safely stored under 65 lbs. of fat.
  20. Well shit. Now that MENSA boy agrees with me, I'm re-thinking my position.
  21. So essentially you're saying that young people are stupid? I can get on board with that.
  22. https://www.facebook.com/reel/438313435365533?mibextid=9drbnH&s=yWDuG2&fs=e
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