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  1. One only needs the correct magic paddle to control the ping pong table...
  2. Beautiful! Is that going to be an electronic case of some type? BTW, you're in Arkansas, not Louisiana.
  3. Your 18 bf of Wenge is just about worth the $400 that you paid for everything. At the going rate of $19 per bf it's worth $342. 4/4 White Oak is going for about $11.99 per bf. You can make him a good deal and still make good money on it.
  4. My favorite days at work are when I get to do something a little creative and unusual. This is the boss' new house. This is the back side of the new kitchen peninsula that I built. Will finish the other sections tomorrow. This was a crappy fence the previous homeowner built badly. Now it's kitchen art.
  5. 🤣 Every project is different. This table was a little less than 3 hours, start to finish. Rustic is the key here. No sanding involved.
  6. This morning I built a rustic Redwood table to go on the deck of my boss' new house. Next up, benches. Last week I built a similar table for his dining room.
  7. Have an incredible day!
  8. They were a lot more obscure with Sid Barrett.
  9. And this was something you expected I would know? In my world we don't wear a toupee for our penis. We generally go the opposite way. Vaginas are complicated I guess. Do they need to be kept warm to operate efficiently?
  10. You've got some nice Rift Oak in there too. And I saw a nice slab of Mahogany.
  11. Pretty The price of hardwood has gone crazy. It would be fantastic to have that stash. Some could be shipped to Milo & Otis woodworks inc. 😁
  12. It would be very much worthwhile to rent a storage unit, then sell it off for much more than you paid. But I understand the complexities of that.
  13. That's multiple thousands of dollars worth of wood. Take it all!
  14. Mavis Staples I'll Take You There. A star studded cast with Mavis, on PBS.
  15. I have been a huge k.d. lang fan since discovering 'Angel With a Lariat' back in '87. I'm revisiting 'Hymns of the 49th Parallel'. This is such a fantastic album!
  16. Have a fantastic day Peter!
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