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  1. One of these days we'll have to have a joint Birthday party (not that kind of joint). Have an incredible day Colin! Treat yourself to a meal for a change! And maybe a new pair of zipper boots...
  2. Have a fantastic day Mr. Mom!
  3. I think the real winner is Faye Dunaway's plastic surgeon! He must have grossed more than best picture!
  4. Here's to Grahame and Sully!
  5. Well that's an ending I didn't see coming!
  6. Don't know too much about it, except some of the same people that brought us Peaky Blinders. Looking forward to watching the premier.
  7. And a better Psychiatrist! He's gotten really creepy!
  8. And when did he become a Scientologist? And Scientology wanted him?
  9. Watching the Oscars. Did Mel Gibson's girlfriend get a note from her Mom to stay up this late?
  10. Wow! RIP Bill.
  11. Where did you watch it?
  12. I did see this suit at his house, but didn't put two and two together.
  13. And this is my main opposition to nudist restaurants.
  14. Yep, I'd never noticed them before. Will try other flavors too.
  15. No, he wants to mill them, not forge them.
  16. I grew up knowing them as pork rinds as well. Didn't know what Chicharrones were until recently. Happy to know the Spanish, more accurate term "Cortezas". I like that name better anyway. Kind of makes me feel as though I'm revenging Montezuma.
  17. Was inspired by Naaman and Al, so just bought the same Chili Lime Chicharones.
  18. Beautiful!, Speakers and TT!
  19. Have a fantastic day!
  20. Have an incredible day!
  21. Season Finale Tuesday. Damn, and it's getting so juicy too.
  22. Ooh! That's gorgeous!
  23. Brent's tire guy...