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I bought a copy of Kauan's newest album Pirut a while ago.  As I am sure some of you are aware, lots of bands now do instant downloads after purchase of a CD for presale.  I could not wait for the CD (and it is lossless anyway), so I downloaded it.  What I did not know right off the bat was the .flac I downloaded was 24 bit and the CD obviously would only be 16 bit.  I am not going to really investigate whether the 24 bit copy has any technical advantage over the CD version in this case, but I figure it would at least be one step further up the chain to as close to the actual master as possible.  Long story short, I was curious about the wavforms.


Feast you eyes on this:




I thought I'd never live to see something like this again in the kind of music I like!  Granted, it's not straight up doom metal, but the knob turner did not go nuts nonetheless.  I find the mix to be very well done, and due to the fact that it is not compressed to hell, cranking the volume really yields some great transients.  Not 1812 Overture transients but still a DR of 12 is pretty damn good.


I love the artwork from this band:



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Thanks for posting that... I'm going through it for the 2nd time this morning and quite enjoy it.  IV in particular reminds me of Shapes of Despair's opening track on Shapes of... with far better production...


I've really enjoyed Soma from Windhand lately.  It strikes me as a bit of a mix of Agalloch, Isis & The Eye of Every Storm-era Neurosis.  And I can't get enough Agalloch in general.  I've been spending days at work going through their discography start to finish.

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From the "Is the Remaster Better?" thread:

One of the nice things about SoundCloud is the uploader (usually the music maker or someone associated with them) has to look at the waveform every time they visit the page, so if it's just a big swath of grey or orange, then they are reminded on a daily basis how much they suck.  Look at this crap.

That said, thanks for posting that information -- I'm always looking for high-res music that pertains to my tastes more than the usual high-fi recordings, even though I often enjoy those, too, sometimes I just want to listen to something different what I want to listen to.

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I've been listening to Gloryhammer a lot.  Self-parodying fantasy power metal done right.




I also recently discovered Hevisaurus, which I'll share in case you have children who are into Finnish-speaking, metal-playing dinosaurs:



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Absu - Tara.





Ok, so there probably won't be any takers here for this. It's about as fast, mean, heavy, and vicious as metal gets. One reviewer likened this band to Wolverine: "they're the best at what they do, but what they do isn't very nice." Another likened them to Slayer being played at double speed. I don't know how to describe what's going on here, but the drumming is simply amazing, the riffs are actually quite catchy at times, there are bagpipes for some reason, and the whole thing feels like a very meticulously crafted slab of extreme metal madness that I've quite enjoyed lately.



Only for the brave.

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Alright, let me start with, I'm glad you are enjoying it, and nothing I say should dissuade you from continuing to enjoy it.  I enjoy what I enjoy despite many people's attempts to dissuade me, but music to me is greater than language.  And it should be to you.



"...Slayer being played at double speed..."?  That's just hyperbole.  Have you listened to Slayer?  I mean, like, any Slayer?

At 0:50, they speed up.  I mean, they weren't playing as fast they could yet, and they still sound like any other band sped up.  Most of their albums clock in at less than 40 minutes, and yet they still have more notes than most albums 72 minutes long (not just Godflesh, an analogy I often made when people would complain about albums being short).


Alright, that's not my only criticism, but I'll leave it at that.  It's actually really good, once I got my expectations in place.  I completely agree with meticulously crafted.  A lot of the better blacker metal is "indie", meaning it's recorded in teenagers' basements, so sounds atrocious -- I can actually make everything out.  So...yay!


You should also try to find Garden of Shadows.  Only two albums from the 90's, but easily the best sounding extreme metal I've heard.  I used to know one of the guys (who didn't appear on either album) vaguely, and he said they spent a lot of money on good equipment to make it sound good.  Having the overhead on the mixing board and an engineer who knows what he's doing is surprisingly important in "busy" music like this.

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Well, of course it's hyperbole. When is anything I post NOT hyperbole. And this time it isn't even MY hyperbole. Either way, before we devolve into a silly argument over who is faster (and I don't even know how to respond to "have you listened to any Slayer") check out the rest of the album, and not, you know, by far the slowest track which I just happened to link because I liked it.

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Well, no, I don't blame you, except inasmuch as you were choosing that particular point from the review to repeat, so it must have been important enough to you that it bore repeating.


It was the "royal you".


And yes, absolutely yes, I will listen to the rest of the album.  Did you miss the part where I really liked the production, even on the one track (also via YouTube, which isn't famous for their resolution)?


And I'm sorry if I offended, I always appreciate being pointed at new music.

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How in the hell could this gem have slipped past me?  I am not sure how an Anathema concert can be imagined to be any better than this.  The setlist, the orchestra, the execution, the venue - it's absolutely flawless.  Holy hell, this album is up there with the best live albums I have ever seen and heard.  Breathtaking!


Any fans of Anathema NEEDS to see this!


A good review if you are interested:



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Periphery, new album Clear live stream


Also, The Ocean Collective (sometimes just, "The Ocean"), my favourite post-metal band, I think, are touring, the US even!  Woot!




As is A Storm of Light


...although with only 1 date in a four five hour radius (with traffic), I'm a lot more likely to miss this one, but gonna try.

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As a followup to Universal, check out the wavforms:





That confirmed my suspicions: while I was watching the Blu-Ray, I kept thinking about how great the sound was.  Not only is there no limiting, the mix is fantastic (maybe a bump in the drums).  Only a stereo 24/48, but aside from the lack of surround, nobody would be able to tell this resolution from anything higher.  Easily one of the best sounding concerts I have seen.


Put this on your short list, Dusty!

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