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  1. Sure, no one should be on drugs unnecessarily. The trick is to accurately determine if it is necessary that the person be on drugs.
  2. Probably depends on whether you have good insurance, unfortunately ...
  3. Hah! That's REALLY funny, because I'm a psychiatrist!
  4. Thanks, Doug. Makes sense to me! Did you ever try running with your B+W speakers strapped to your shoes? Or maybe I can get some running shoes to put under my speakers!? BTW, I have a marble in one spike hole but only in the back left speaker on the end which needs to be propped up due to the uneven floor. It looks way more even now. It is NOT an aggie, though, and I wonder if that might affect its sound quality ... I haven't had a chance to have a good listen yet. But thanks, Ryan, it's a pretty good temporary fix! I still intend on trying out several bolts from the hardware store, then getting properly fitted spikes, just haven't had time yet. So far, my 4 yr old son hasn't noticed his missing marble yet ...
  5. Too funny! I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I did try little pug boots because they would hold their paws up and look at me in pain, but they chewed at them and ran around psycho, like the crazy beasts that they are. So gave up on that. But maybe if I got these ...
  6. LOL - yeah, we look at each other in a stare down until they do their stuff!
  7. Thanks for the corrections - it didn't look quite right, but I didn't want to unlock the liquor cabinet at the moment, instead of feeding my kids breakfast and letting the dogs out to do their business! I can tell the obvious difference between Islays and Highlands, but what distinguishes a Speyside and a Lowland, taste quality-wise?
  8. MacCallan 12 or 18 year, hopefully 18 if it's on sale. Smooth and refined Highland (I think) single malt. My favorite single malt.
  9. A little off topic, but it's ONE effin' degree F outside right now in my back yard in suburban Chicago! My dogs are looking at me w/ their sad pug eyes asking why we are out here?!
  10. When I was in college, I dated a violin major. She practiced from morning 'till night, 8-10 hours per day. I'd go to the practice building to visit and she'd take a 5 minute break in the lounge to spend some time with me and the other musicians on break to talk music, then say she had to go practice. She'd go back to her tiny cubicle and practice until dinner. She'd have a break for dinner and say she had to practice. I'd pick her up between 8p and midnight to see her before bedtime and I'd have to drag her out of the practice room - everyone else was still practicing! We'd walk to her place while she lamented not practicing enough that day. Now I love music and thought I can do nothing but talk about and listen to music all day, but I was wrong. I read about a master class once given by Yo Yo-Ma, and a young cello student asked, 'I'd give my life to have a career like yours, what is your secret?' Ma's reply? 'Well ... I gave up my life!' These musicians literally do nothing but practice music all day and night from childhood on! So I think it's a little weird already to have the skill to be a professional musician, but also, when you close yourself in a small cubicle all day and night your entire life, it makes it hard to socialize like everyone else. No offense to any musicians here, but am I wrong? And if anything, I'm amazed by your commitment!
  11. I'm down with that! Do you think he does quality work?
  12. That's a riot. Not a bad idea, while I figure this thing out! Thanks, Ryan!
  13. Ahh, got it, thanks for clarifying! I'm a little dense when it comes to mechanical issues.
  14. So, do these pics help, or do they just give you a headache? Definitely looks 3/8". Can you tell the thread pitch from a picture? Or should I still just get both common types and try both? http://i644.photobucket.com/albums/uu166/jvlgato/utf-8BSU1HMDAyMTctMjAwOTEyMDctMjE1N.jpg http://i644.photobucket.com/albums/uu166/jvlgato/utf-8BSU1HMDAyMjUtMjAwOTEyMDctMjIwM.jpg
  15. I need to adjust the height of the corners, thanks! That looks really good. I just have to figure out this sizing issue. I'll look at the holes tonight to see what's there and measure it. Sounds like a worthwhile thing to do. Thanks!
  16. I own the house, my basement is my A/V sanctuary, but it's an old, old house, and the basement has been rehabbed a few times. I'm WAAAY too lazy to dig up the carpeting and get under there again. I like the spikes idea, but when I looked into it, only found some unfamiliar brand on Amazon, and didn't know if I can just buy anything that fit or if materials and design made a difference. Now I'm seeing that it might be even more complicated than that. I'll have to tip them over and have a look.
  17. Good to know you actually heard a big difference, so it's worth the effort! Do I just tip the speakers over and measure the size of the hole, or do I do a search on the web to find the specs somewhere? I did a brief search and someone at the Polycrystal web site mentioned specifically that he bought 3/8" adapters for his Shearwaters. Does anyone out there know the designer Patrick McGinty or know a former dealer?
  18. Hi all, I'd appreciate your help on the following: I have medium pile carpeting over an uneven floor in my listening room. My old Apogee Centaurs used to have spikes and they were always a nuisance because it was so hard to reposition. After those speakers died (RIP - I loved them!), I have since acquired a pair of used Meadowlark Shearwater Hotrods which I'm very happy with, but they didn't come with their spikes. I am noticing now that the left speaker's back left edge is tilted back a bit because of my uneven flooring under the carpeting. Now I'm missing those spikes I used to hate. I wonder how much it is ruining my imaging because I think even small changes in how a speaker is positioned make a big difference in image. By my ear, it seems imaging is good, but could be more precise and coherent, esp from what others have stated in reviews. I've read these speakers have a 3/8" spike hole, but have not flipped them over to measure myself. Oh, and Meadowlark is long out of business. I'm thinking my options are: 1. Find an after market spike system. Polycrystal seems to have some good reviews, but I know nothing about after market spikes. 2. Get a big marble tile and place them on top of that. But it still will be tilted back and I'd have to push the back left side up somehow. Much easier, and can probably get them pointed forward, but some argue the de-coupling of spikes makes a difference. 3. Leave it alone, maybe it doesn't make that much difference? I strongly believe positioning makes a big difference, but not certain of the whole de-coupling thing. I can just make do with the wedges of paper I've put under that back left corner for now. But it bugs me. It looks stupid, and I've gotta think it affects the sound, right? 4. Other ideas? I'd appreciate suggestions, thanks in advance!
  19. Classe CP-50 off the 'gon. I hope it makes my speakers sing!
  20. Thanks! Glad to be here! And great to see a familiar name! Jack! Good first legal drink, you can talk about that as a fond memory years later ... Hope it was a great day/night!
  21. Happy bday, man! What will be your first legal drink?
  22. jvlgato

    Canjam 2010.

    Very lame, I know. I joined last year, looked around a bit, but felt like I needed to cut my teeth at the 'other' site before I hung out here. I was always a speakers guy and your headphone lingo was all too strange and foreign to me. I figured silence would be better than being flamed and forever banned. Haze me if you must, but I'm looking forward to hangin'. I think I'm starting to get it. You folks seem to only flame people when they earn it, and when they earn it, you give it to them pretty good. Otherwise, it's all really good audio information and camaraderie. BTW, I don't think I got a 'Welcome PM'. Should I have?
  23. jvlgato

    Canjam 2010.

    Noob here. Been lookin' around a bit and really like it here. Will be there for sure, and look forward to meeting everyone!
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