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  1. M3 is great for me Justin if this gets off the ground, if thats cool. dont need heaps, is 50 socket-head OK, or would you prefer 100? want me to shoot you an email to follow up?
  2. much abliged John, cant ask for more relevent experience than that! and i'm glad you mentioned the feel as well, it was something I meant to specify, since it still needs to be tactile. it might just work, any chance I could file 0.5mm off top and bottom without riuning the integrity of the encapsulation/Can? it does save just a little by being panel mount, I need another excuse to do a board revision with new regs and with the amp on the same PCB anyway after a year now, might even do some inputs for an Amanero, as I use this also in the office for watching iview and SBS online with some
  3. Hi guys, can anyone recommend a small (suitable for transportable chassis) single deck (preferrably sealed) reasonable quality, and rugged potentiometer model? 5kΩ or perhaps 10KΩ (I can just parallel a fixed R). I can deal with stereo if need be and just wire it up mono, but it needs to be smallish and reliable. it doesnt nessecarily have to be amazingly linear, as its used for controlling ESS digital volume; so just attenuates a 3.3VDC voltage which is sent to an ADC/MCU. the ones I have been using are just too flimsy and exposed and when contact starts to falter and resistance gets scre
  4. nice, I probably dont need the higher voltage balanced version, but maybe I should build it just in case =) saw it over at DIYA, should be fun, will make my own boards if need be, thanks for that Kevin!
  5. you can use an ultrasonic bath filled with same or deionized water but yeah I usually do the same tedious process as you
  6. doesnt hooking devices up like this result in some instability due to inductance and lead length?
  7. tell me about it, I just couldnt help myself over at DIYA and its ongoing. Nate, you suck, I wanted those neutricons badly
  8. hahaha must...resist....but...cant... x6 x6 x6 x6 x6 x6 mine arrived today via a stop off in Sydney. they are indeed the most excellent and massive rubber cones i've seen. thanks to all involved
  9. absolutely love the stuff, I use it everywhere. I use the cardas stuff and since I love SMD, its a godsend. I too love the smell of it, reminds me of the guilty pleasure as a child liking the smell of textas (felt tips). it adds an extra cleaning process ar the end for best appearances, but its well worth it. the cardas is no clean, but leaves some waxy kinda residue that is best cleaned off if you want it looking shmick. effortless shiny smooth joints every time and great for rework. when I get asked by beginners about recommended tools of the trade, flux is right near the top for me
  10. yeah, in a living species they would inject some type of atomically dense marker wouldnt they?
  11. sorry if the above sounds like an ad, I have no affiliation and the gear i'm working on is just DIY for personal use, but I think it worth mentioning as it seems it fits quite well and I dont see their gear used all that much in our particular area of endeavor I tried to combine this in the above post, but was too late, any mods feel free
  12. KG, yep linear is doing some of the most amazing stuff in this area I have seen. the active current source controllers are particularly interesting. difficult to find around the place, but you can buy direct even in small quantities AFAIK and farnell carries a chunk of it (albeit at the usual farnell inflated prices) they have a fairly generous samples policy also in fact they seem to be revolutionizing this whole area. below will source/sink +/-500ma, but you can use this in conjunction with mosfets to boost current capability. very interesting device. I toyed with the idea of and may stil
  13. nah i'd say the stereo price is legit. he has very good prices on his pots and rotary switches; along with a few other things. cant see how the 4 gang could be right though, unless hes doing some sort of clearance.
  14. quite possibly the case isnt grounded to earth ground (even through a loop breaker) and most likely the reason you havent heard it on the KGSS is because electrostatic amps are inherently balanced by nature. adding a 4th channel to the B22 would also probably solve the issue (or at least mask it) with CMRR. but sure get a better shielded transformer in there. personally I would only ever use ferrites or a choke on the shield, I just dont like the idea of using them in the signal path when there are other ways to solve the issue. grounding is an area that isnt done correctly all that often a
  15. and therefore mine to my benefactor has taken care of it
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