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  1. Shaky - Neil youngs bio. Great read and a great insite into the man.
  2. One of the main reasons I'm in is to be gifted music I would not normally buy for myself. Its a great way to hear new tunes. Whoever I'm paired with can have a choice of there own or a choice of mine, it's up to them, but I will be leaving my choice up to my partner.
  3. Count me in. Love these exchanges.
  4. Where is the embarrassed smiley when you need it
  5. I thought the F1 would really wind me up, but to be honest I've almost forgotten about it. It would be nice to get it fixed but I think you would have to have the full face skimmed and then re-etched to do it properly.
  6. Mine have been shipped Not much longer to wait until I finally get to hear them.
  7. Not for me either, If my HF2 ever turn up !!!!!!
  8. I get this on my MFSL copy of The Beatles -Revolver, someone also explained it as tape echo, anyone else got a copy ? Just to make sure it's not my set up ?
  9. Finally got around to getting the Hoffman vinyl, Wow, How good does it sound . I can't believe it has taken me this long to get it.
  10. Have to agree, wonder who the manufacturer really is ?
  11. Thought this was a headphone site, not a grammar test.
  12. Cheer's for the info, but still heard nothing about mine. Hopefully this week !!!!
  13. David Bowie, I've alway's listened to the odd track, but know I seem to be listening all the time. ( Probablly move on to someone else next week !!! )
  14. When did you order your's ? Just to give me some idea about mine. I ordered mine on the 30th May.
  15. Congrats on receiving the first pair in Spain AFAIK, Mine are on the way but I didn't order until the 30th May. So I think I have at least 5-6 more weeks to wait.
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