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  1. It's fantastic! I'll make a jam with it this month for sure. The Terra is immensely playable, and I don't play keys for shit. Check out my Jamuary jams! I've posted 7 days in a row so far...I like a couple of them quite a bit.
  2. Haven't posted in this thread for a while, but the JAMuary challenge of recording a piece of music every day for the month got me inspired (so far). Listen to my tunes linked above—there's some fun stuff in there! Latest setup pics (yes, I know I need wall treatment):
  3. Someone just liked a 4 year old post of mine on this thread. Time to renew my vows. I must make MattNog this weekend. *sings* It's the Matt...Noggiest time of the year... I also love that the most recent posts are on my wedding anniversary. Cheers Matt!
  4. A delicious omen for the weekend...
  5. Drove far out to a recommended BBQ place in Simi Valley, only to find out that their online stock listings are not accurate. Got on the phone and found a place with a Twin Eagles pellet grill with rotisserie in stock at a place 10 minutes from the house. Grrr. I have to get the stone recut (it's not deep enough). Um, I guess I find someone locally to do that? In the meantime, picked up some ridiculously good ZEF BBQ while I was out there. I love brisket—why isn't all meat like that?
  6. "Just" the Twin Eagles pellet grill, no gas.
  7. There may be a MEATSTATION PRO JR. in my future...
  8. Mmmm...Twin Eagles. You mean this thing?
  9. It does get Really Fucking Hot™ where I live—last summer the high temp in my ZIP code was 122 degrees, and I don't live in Death Valley. So maybe the Timberline is too well-insulated? I never thought that could be a disadvantage. I've also heard (from a dealer) about some firmware issues with the new Timberlines. #4 is the reason why we're looking at pellet grills. I've never made better BBQ than in my KBQ—it really is miraculous—but it requires tending every 25-30 minutes. I'm willing to make some tradeoffs. After a bit more research, here's the current frontrunner: https://pittsandspitts.com/product/maverick-1250-wood-pellet-grill/
  10. What's the current wisdom on pellet smokers? My wife wants to get one for the summer (seriously). Is a giant Traeger still the way to go? I love my KBQ, but it takes a lot of monitoring, specific log sizes, etc. Any suggestions would be briefly reviewed before pulling the trigger—I rely upon the kindness of friends. More detail—she picked out the 780. Seems like plenty of capacity, but should we spring for a Timberline?
  11. I'm using a multisampled piano played by the Super Disting EX, adding some extra emphasis on a particular band of the low-end by sending the piano through the spectral "editor" Fumana, linked below. Here's more of the "recipe" if you're curious. I could almost literally KILL YOU with details. I saved you lucky so-and-sos some Googling, looky how nice I am. Control Stochastic Inspiration Generator+Expander (sequencer) Sinfonion (quantizer) Pithoprakta (additional gates and triggers) Voices 2x Super Disting EX (multisample piano and Wurlitzer) Plonk (percussion) Poly Cinematic (distorted pads) Modulation Acid Rain Maestro ochd Effects and processing Beads Fumana Ripples Starlab SIG to Sinfonion, pads, Wurlitzer bombs, and percussion. Sinfonion chords to piano voices. Pithoprakta provides additional gates and triggers for piano voices and Sinfonion, and to occasionally advance Sinfonion’s chord progressions. Super Disting #1 → Ripples → Starlab for reverb and also Fumana. Second Super Disting (Wurlitzer bombs) goes straight to the mixer. PolyCinematic → Beads for grainy goodness on the pads. This was a single “take” where I “played” the 4 parts and recorded everything into Ableton (where I did some additional processing on the percussion and pads). I have a friend working on a real mix...this is my bullshit non-pro Ableton mix.
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