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  1. Some are more shocked than others. https://arstechnica.com/cars/2020/10/honda-shocks-f1-says-it-will-quit-the-sport-after-2021/
  2. No they have the copper cones.
  3. Black. Anniversary edition maybe? The garage beckons... That's pretty much my hobby. If I made a list of the gear that I just stare at and watch depreciate, I'd...maybe be able to start selling it? Ugh.
  4. Definitely a fan here. I have LS50s and LS50W as well. Coincidentally, my LS50s are also currently in a box—but only because I replaced them with the LS50W, and haven't bothered selling the old ones.
  5. This batch of Mattnog will be consumed on Christmas. Cheers Matt!!
  6. cutestory


    We're just 5 episodes into the first season, and I am in awe of this show.
  7. He only needs 7.5% of his brain to deal with most people, so the edibles just eat up a little headroom. Work's fine!
  8. Ok, fine. I'm on board. ?
  9. Eat meat today. I insist, as would any sensible doctor.
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