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  1. I'm using a multisampled piano played by the Super Disting EX, adding some extra emphasis on a particular band of the low-end by sending the piano through the spectral "editor" Fumana, linked below. Here's more of the "recipe" if you're curious. I could almost literally KILL YOU with details. I saved you lucky so-and-sos some Googling, looky how nice I am. Control Stochastic Inspiration Generator+Expander (sequencer) Sinfonion (quantizer) Pithoprakta (additional gates and triggers) Voices 2x Super Disting EX (multisample piano and Wurlitzer) Plonk (percussion) Poly Cinematic (distorted pads) Modulation Acid Rain Maestro ochd Effects and processing Beads Fumana Ripples Starlab SIG to Sinfonion, pads, Wurlitzer bombs, and percussion. Sinfonion chords to piano voices. Pithoprakta provides additional gates and triggers for piano voices and Sinfonion, and to occasionally advance Sinfonion’s chord progressions. Super Disting #1 → Ripples → Starlab for reverb and also Fumana. Second Super Disting (Wurlitzer bombs) goes straight to the mixer. PolyCinematic → Beads for grainy goodness on the pads. This was a single “take” where I “played” the 4 parts and recorded everything into Ableton (where I did some additional processing on the percussion and pads). I have a friend working on a real mix...this is my bullshit non-pro Ableton mix.
  2. Months later, I finish another track...temp mix while a friend does a real pass on it. Made this with the mega-modular rig.
  3. Maybe rename the thread "Xe Services?"
  4. Thanks to folks here, https://ultimae.bandcamp.com/album/border-50 I also just posted something rough, long, and experimental. This is just raw output from my modular through a CXM 1978. It could definitely benefit from a real mix, but here it is anyway: https://cutestory.bandcamp.com/track/under
  5. cutestory

    RMAF 2021

    I didn't want them to do it this year, but I didn't expect them to cancel the entire endeavor forever.
  6. cutestory

    RMAF 2021

    They actually think this is a good idea. I don't think it is. Is it?
  7. Yes! Come on over... Turns out the Plasma Drive module doesn't fit all the way to the right in the Mantis case I got, so I had to move it to the center. It looks ridiculous when you're driving a signal through it with the voltage turned up:
  8. They told me to stay away from Eurorack. Probably right. But. This. Is. Head. Case. What's better than overkill? Gigakill. https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/1656497 https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/1656633 https://www.modulargrid.net/u/racks/view/1656639 And I'm already out of rack space.
  9. Cutestory, funt Feel free to ignore my nascent bandcamp link.
  10. Thread: RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE! Knife peeps, I'm a min-maxer and going for the best ratio of effort to result. I'm only going to be sharpening kitchen knives and the occasional utility knife. I have no experience sharpening knives, but it looks like I can manage the two below. After poking around and watching a bunch of videos, I've narrowed it down to these two (very different) devices: Work Sharp Ken Onion (with attachment, already ordered) Wicked Edge Generation 3 Pro (In cart, this is Head-Case, fight me!) Thoughts?
  11. Some are more shocked than others. https://arstechnica.com/cars/2020/10/honda-shocks-f1-says-it-will-quit-the-sport-after-2021/
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