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  1. I don't have the chip you have or water cooling. I have an OC'd 6850. I do have 6 1TB HDs though. The Power supply is a 1000w CoolerMaster that came as a package deal with the case. The case is a CoolerMaster Stacker 830 Evolution. I think a 480w would not work for my card. But a 600w might work.
  2. It's been delayed a few months. Supposedly due to the difficulty training those birds how to use those lasers! I hope to have it in my Hand by the end of the month. The Integration of everything is awesome. It even picksup all media servers and will play any audio or video codec over the network! Plays FLAC and Ogg files! There is even a Spotify client.
  3. I'm waiting on one of these at present. Runs GoogleWave, GoogleVoice, and Skype. Flash enabled browser. Full OPEN implementation of Debian/Linux. 32GB native, easily expandable to 64GB. 3.5mm Headphone Jack, the specs go on for days. [url=http://maemo.nokia.com/]Maemo software | Nokia
  4. I have a 4870x2, a really great card, and have been using ATI cards since the late 90's. Their drivers and software are the best they've ever been. But that ain't saying a lot. To have to occasionally format to fix a driver issue is nuts. The 4870x2 though has had zero issues, and runs Crysis pretty well! The 5870 looks pretty killer, Hmmm X2 version...
  5. Perfectly on the up and up, ya gotta love it. Your phones are presented perfectly and dead honest in the description. First thing I thought was, wonder if I can fix them?
  6. Crystal Clear. But if you were him, you would want to make the best percentage play possible. Smart to ask here first.
  7. Hey thanx for the offer! I don't want to go to anywhere near that much work! This was for a temp pot at best for troubleshooting and setup, and maybe for use. But i'll keep it in mind you have access to that type of stuff when I really need a favor!
  8. Ok, I get it. I was mainly referring to places that sell it based on 2SK389 with no designator. So that would fall under: insufficient info Thanx!
  9. I've looked at that in some detail but am admittedly Noob at this. I see GR, BL, and V. The difference being IDSS values. But what is it if you just see 2SK389 by itself? I never found any knobs that were very interesting or very high quality. the seller of the POTs doesn't know any either.
  10. Not related to the original thread but related to some of the segues in the thread along he way. What is the difference between a 2SK389 and a 2SK389BL? I don't see any reference on the datasheet to the BL designator.
  11. The Lambda Pro came out in '82. When did they stop making it?
  12. You need to sang these Babies then! MICRO MONITOR MX1 Electrostatic Headset Japan SEIKI MS2 - eBay (item 250524826904 end time Nov-10-09 19:39:55 PST)
  13. I'm just trying to fix the void on the board. I'll be soldering to that pad next to it. The hole in the solder mask is 1.4mm from the edge of the pad. How much potential exists between that output and the ground plane? I thinkl I'm going to use the Locktite product. Ohh, and you guys didn't start out "all seeing and all knowing". I've read your old posts!
  14. Was going to solder, not use terminal blocks.
  15. I just read the "manual". What do you guys think of the hfe tester? http://www.aidetek.com/New_products_info/Datasheet/Vichy/VC99.doc
  16. Heh, OK. The Fluke is guaranteed to survive a 10' fall onto concrete. If you grab the case of a fluke and twist it, it will not flex, solid as a rock. It's also sealed with a serious gasket, they are somewhat difficult to change the battery on because the case fits so well and the gasket is so serious. Any ideas how yours compares to that? If I could get 50% Fluke for that price it would be a good deal.
  17. Does it just look like a Fluke or does it also feel like a Fluke? How is the quality on the switch, the jacks, the feel of the case, the quality of the display, etc?
  18. Mastech was one of the Meters in the link I posted above.
  19. I don't like the cheap Harbor Freight jobs either. But the Mastech looks like having a couple of those might be doable. One could test them for accuracy. Wish I had a box of Fluke 189s!! One can wish! Since I'm contemplating some HV stuff, I'm eyeing my leads with suspicion. The one's I bought off ebay and MPJA have got me skeered.
  20. Hi, I have a Fluke 87 and some cheap meter that came with a Battery for free. But I just read this last night and it was very interesting. Worth a read for any builder here as well as his electrical safety section. Meter Use
  21. Hey Pars, Thanx! The Q-Dope it looks like was DC'd. I did find the Corona dope and it looks like it should work! It's only $11:00 a bottle. I just got a call back on this Loktite product: Hysol 0151 is is supposed to be able to go through a solder wave process and act as a solder mask. http://tds.loctite.com/tds5/docs/HYSA0151-EN.PDF
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