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    That's probably true, but I can say that cutting bread with the sharp serrated bread knife is pretty snazzy!
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    I have a Henckel knife set with 2 serrated blades. one for bread and one serrated 5" utility/Tomato Slicer knife. They are absolutely fabulous knives. They are a pain to sharpen, but well worth it when sharp and used properly. Even though they are serrated, they are sharp as Razors. They are hollow ground serrations.
  3. So Vicki was holding the Ace of Spades in this line of reasoning... Only leaves dying and going to Heaven...
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    I'm running Win 7 x64 on my laptop and it's solid as a rock. ZERO problems ever. Vista, what were they thinkin' when they released that POS! No comparison to 7.
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    Chances are ZERO, IMO They are using edu addresses as verification. (You order with that email address) In the past, they didn't even do that. They just asked the name of the school.
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    Personal Display of Frugality?
  7. Well, in THAT case... It's MOAR DRIVERS!
  8. I have a couple songs that were unbearable with Darth Beyers for the short time I had them, I'll make sure I listen to those.
  9. I saw your review a while back... It's been bugging me ever since... I think since I am close to them(JHAudio), I'll drive up and have them fitted and I can audition the 13's and 16's with the demo setup. If the 13's are perfect, are the 16's perfect'er?
  10. CJ could have them a little behind as well, I would imagine. Wish I had continued to ignore this thread! Really has me thinking... I haven't seen much of a comparison of the 13's vs the 16's?
  11. How much you reckon you'll have in parts when you're all in, excluding tubes.
  12. The Pelican's and the Egret's have enough oil now to form their own Oil Cartel...
  13. That's a BIG "INDEED" on that! I remember when I would work on things with my Dad, like cars and such. He would get so pissed off and frustrated because he had trouble seeing things. He had 20/10 vision most of his life and then middle age hit. I have a high appreciation now that I'm there! I spend a lot of time looking at different ways to magnify and light things! Your pupil diameter capabilities start decreasing after 40 as well as your lens loses it's ability to change it's shape and thus you lose "accommodation" for different focal distances. The pupil changes make it where you have difficulty seeing in darkness or even shade for that matter. I do a lot of car work, and this is driving me nutz!
  14. Is that the Custom Stealth Volcanic Ash Edition?
  15. Let the wallet Biopsies begin!
  16. I'm perfectly willing to beg and grovel!
  17. I would think the Grado dot would be reflective and restrictive. My suggestion with the hand is that you don't have to cover the cups to hear the effect. You can move your hands in and out and hear the effect some distance from the cup opening. The sound change is quickly appreciated as your hands move in and out. But anyhow, whatever...
  18. Go ahead and get angry I'm certainly not anti-science, quite the contrary. But hearing an effect for yourself that is easily demonstrable ain't bad either. You don't have to be a blind man to hear what I described above.
  19. Well, what I'm saying is have you done this? If you do, you don't have to be a Golden Eared Wonder Boy to hear it. Put em on and start bringing your hands close to the cups. Any restriction to out flow causes them to do a strange Honking kinda noise. If you want, go straight to hands over the cups and move them out. I would be amazed if you don't hear this. Covering the back of the cups makes them un-listenable.
  20. Heh, no, eyes wide open! I just move my hands close to them. The change is pretty striking. If you cover the backs of Grados, the drivers sound like they'll explode. They really sound like you'll damage them.
  21. My experience with Grados is the opposite of yours. Any thing that increases back pressure in the chamber makes them sound strange, very quickly. Grado makes the Grate more breathable and less restrictive when you go from the 125 to the 225 Grados for this very reason. Just bringing your hands close to the cups makes the sound change immensely.
  22. Headphile is quick to point out that they Manufacture Art and not headphones, gotta Love that...
  23. Bagel Sniffing Fetish! You need to get that Monkey off your back, no good will come of it!
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