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  1. OUCH!! Insult compounded upon Injury
  2. I had GS1000 drivers go out under warranty, they had to but 3 more sets of drivers in them to get them to work. So in a span of 4 months, I went thru 4 sets of drivers. Different equipment as well. I have a long Post on my issues. They were polite and kept replacing them, but I know I spent $100 on shipping! QC aint' their Thang!
  3. Gets a little more expensive if you brand it a little apparently... WBT 0299 (ea.) RCA Socket Wrench Check this out for added fun! Look over the individual PIX http://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/vintage-rca-fingertip-wrenches
  4. RCA Socket! Go figure! Thanx, that vendor always has interesting stuff.
  5. I tried that a little on a set that was installed on my DAC, and they were put on pretty tight, so they must have used some pin spanner or something on them. Not a single mark that I can see?
  6. I have some of these Chinese "CMC" type RCA Jacks. They have a knurled ring that has indents for some type of PIN wrench. What do you guys have for these to keep them from getting scratched up via pliers? PIC
  7. Just imagine, if the STAX could be rigged for Electroshock therapy, they could cure you of their addiction while you listened to them...
  8. This affects a lot of things. I had a water pipe off at my house over the weekend. I accidentally installed the pipe backwards when I put it back. Now the water tastes like Shit! And this ain't supposed to be a sewer line! It's flat and has lost the sparkle and briskness it had before! I reversed it back about an hour ago, and now I have Aquatic Nirvana back again. Whew, it was an unpleasant few days... Next year I'm upgrading the house to 99.99999% OCC Copper, expensive but worth it, I've heard.
  9. OUTSTANDING! With a modicum of Indeed mixed in!
  10. God damn it, Gump! You're a god damn genius!
  11. Les_Garten


    Now that's sweet! Additionally, it will take some of the workload off my St Bernard! That is, if I had a St. Bernard...
  12. When you get it, let us know what you think of it.
  13. I got 2.5. With the OptiLoupe I get 5x. The lenses are Glass I believe, they are very clear and sharp all the way to the edges. The Quasar light system bathes a large area in intense White-Blueish light. Total pleasure to use.
  14. I bought this setip with the Quasar Light System and the secondary Loops on each side called optiloups and it is awesome! Quasar LS Lighting System for Optivisor: LEDs Surround Optivisor Lens Plate
  15. I got a Woody reading that PDF, was that wrong of me?
  16. Nice Vintage Drill Press collection ^^^^^^
  17. You got some real Mad Scientist shit goin' on there!
  18. I think the exstata has to be called a rousing success when you look at the design goals($300 DIY ESL amp) and that folks are comparing it to $2200-$5000+ custom amps. Also, anybody who doesn't give their honest opinion won't help the design, especially since it is still being called beta and soliciting feedback from builders. I'm confused how anybody could feel intimidated in that thread though. AC has been quick to respond to comments and actively solicits them. AC has never acted sensitive to comments that I've seen. He's never been defensive, or mounted a response that sounded like a counter-attack. He seems very responsive to critique.
  19. Be careful with that Axe Eugene!
  20. Les_Garten


    Maybe his wife caught him hoarding tube sockets or something like that, has been known to get me in trouble...
  21. Les_Garten


    LOL, has that been known to happen here?
  22. Les_Garten


    Now that's somethin' there!
  23. Those Turret Terminals look interesting.
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