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  1. Hey Folks! Haven't posted here in a while. I was looking at these real close (LS50 Meta and LS50 Wireless II). Ended up getting the R3s instead with a SVS-3000 sub. Very nice speakers, have not bought anything not Electrostat in decades. I'm sure these LS50s sound nice as well. I've only got about 16 hours of break-in on them presently. They were a bit flat out of the box but started sounding better at 8 hours. Using them as my computer monitors due to the unexpected death of some JBL4328s
  2. There is a local guy who has a Fiber laser that marks surgical instruments and said he would do it, I just thought it would look better with CNC milling. I had a guy who sold his time on Ebay and he said there's about 3 hours setup/programming involved. Not sure I have him nailed down or not, so was hoping one of you Gurus had a little CNC setup. I suggested to the Malay guy he should offer this on his blocks. Nobody here misses a trick! It would probably be worth a shot asking an Engraver how deep they can engrave, but I thought the milling would look better. The Internet guy said he would set it up and cut a practice piece. You're right, it won't be cheap. Not really following you here. It's a modification/improvement/bling thing. P.S. -- Thanx for the ideas and input guys!
  3. I have some Grado Aluminum headset blocks that I got from the guy in Malaysia. I've been trying to find someone who will do a small job like this but have been unsuccessful so far. I would like to get R and L milled into them with the square border areound the letters like on the Factory plastic blocks. Anybody have any suggestion for someone who would do something like this?
  4. For the folks that have needed multiple repairs... Are you kinda rough on your IEMs? Seems like a lot of problems for such an expensive product. I'm thinking about the 13, 16, Roxanne, or Angie.
  5. No, not at all. I'm willing to pay for the service. The last guy who was doing it that I knew about quit, and the others I had contacted only wanted to do quantity. Of course free or greatly discounted is always appreciated, but I never thought that was a remote possibility. I was merely trying to leverage the knowledge of the folks here about resources along these lines. Pars has helped me out here and I have a RFQ from that company in.
  6. I'm in a thread on Hardforum, but came here because of how proficient the folks here are at "building" stuff. Figured somebody here would know somebody who does these.
  7. I'm getting my quote together. Can you get me the pic of your board showing that bad chip? I may try to get a discount for multiple boards and you may want to throw in with us.
  8. I just sent them a quote request, we'll see what happens. Thanx for the link folks!
  9. Problem is, all the reheat tricks are temporary. I also bought another board for it that will most likely have the same problems in a few years. Would like to fix my spare "bad" one permanently in the meantime. The monitor is good enough to want to fix it. If you run across somebody that has a rework station, I'd love to hear about it!
  10. LOL! That's not far off how these are treated for temp fixes. The guys with these monitors mask the chip with tin foil, put in a 350 degree oven for 8 minutes. Some use a heat gun, some use a candle or cigarette lighter. Fix sometimes works for a while, sometimes not. It's short lived at best. The real fix is to remove the lead free solder and re ball with lead solder.
  11. I have a 30" Monitor that is awesome, but the Video Controller chip has issues with the Lead Free solder joints going cold and causing Video issues. The fix is for the board to be re-balled with Leaded Solder. Anybody know someone who could do this? Here's pix of the board: It's the Altera chip with the issue
  12. Cool thing about that setup is you can make it anything you want, size or shape wise. All snap together. So not easy to make a chest for it. But if you spec out your modules and make your own chest, I think it would be pretty sharp, albeit expensive.
  13. Thought some of you guys may be interested in these if you had not seen them. http://toolguyd.com/...-storage-boxes/
  14. You look like more of a .40 Caliber girl to me
  15. No... They only do that on the Epanish Inquisition Forums.
  16. Thanx for that info(Macor) They make some neat looking things out of that stuff.
  17. Do you have any Ceramic knives? The insert that comes with them tells all the things you can do to break them. They break easily. Knife steel breaks easily as well if it is too hard. The "harder" a knife is, the easier it is to break. I have a knife by Fallkniven made to address these characteristics. It is a laminate blade with a very hard edge laminated over a softer back bone. Here's the link for anyone who may be interested. PXLim So, the reason why my original question. Ceramic screws would seem easy to break from the shearing forces and even the stretch from Torquing. I'm fascinated by them though. Except for the cost, that part is not fascinating, it's shocking!
  18. That's my point though. Drop a steel knife on the floor, it may bend. Drop a Ceramic knife, you have a high chance of it breaking. You wouldn't want ceramic Head Bolts on your car either. I'm just wondering how these tighten up. A lot of metal bolts "hold" be using stretch.
  19. I've never touched a ceramic screw before. Are they brittle? Do you end up breaking them with too much torque? They look like you would have to use a torque wrench with them? Those are kinda high Dollar items!
  20. You guys have Banned him already? I wasn't done endearing myself to him though...
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    My Bad... I thought this was the new HC Shovel and Dismemberment Smiley...
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    Don't you think you are exaggerating at least a Tiny bit here?? They don't bark all day... They take a little time off to Howl.
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