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  1. Self serving, because you are joining a Club. Let's blame it on Les Club. Les should have kept his mouth shut. I talked to Todd, on the phone, about the" Blurry Engraving". That's how I found out about the new Engravers, and they were set before I talked to them. Do you think Grado switched Engravers because Les Said so? There was no issue, but he did it for me! You believe that? I have no sway with Grado. It took them 4 sets of drivers to get my GS1000s to work right! 4 months wasted time my canz were in Brooklyn. I have no sway with JG, but I do understand how they don't get shit straight. Then they send me the cans with the Left and Right cups switched. I started listening and the soundstage was flipped. How do you see it's my fault that Grado made this Typo? That's dilusional and irrational that you blame me for it. If it makes you feel better, I don't mind. With that Logic set in your Neurons, there's no way I can change your mind anyhow. So let's get this straight: Les made him fix his first Fuck-up, that really didn't exist. This caused him to make his second fuckup, which does exist, and that's Les's Fault too. If I had that kind of power, I'd Conjure up some winning Lottery Numbers and hire Bands to play for me, instead of listening to this artificail Digital stuff I have to listen to.
  2. No issue? Why did Grado switch engravers? You guys are something else!
  3. Like I said, direct your gratuitous self serving Venom to the incompetent crew making canz in Brooklyn.
  4. Listen, I didn't make the things. There were posts today at HF about the problems with the original etching. Place your contempt with the manufacturer.
  5. Now that's funny! Probably the only part of this that is funny..
  6. $10 more sent to Head-Fi? Nice little Windfall there. I wonder what the logic/negotiations were behind that??
  7. Here's the page. He lists it as Braided Nylon. I bought 1/8, 3/16, and 1/4. Cheap and Fast, just like my first wife! eBay Store ? FURRYLETTERS: Search results for. I ordered Thurs or Friday and received it today. The reason why he says Techflex is because it is really TechFlex brand of braided Nylon.
  8. I just bought a bunch of this(Multifilment) cheap from furryletters on ebay. He ships fast too. Les
  9. It's my fault! I was told that another engraver was engaged per Todd. I will say that the new lettering looks good, when it's not misspelled, and all smudges are absent, and the glue's wiped off. For a turned down set of 325s, they look great! The valuable one's, and the most rare, will be the last fifty that are done right. It will be interesting to see how many versions there are finally. Now, we're working on three.
  10. I think it gets a little Heat Soak if the air is stagnant. @TheMonkey There is no UL certification here, you're right. I think the fact that some of his gear may or may not be fused on the IEC would be something you might refer to. As somebody mentioned, walking away from your house for the day with it running is a percentage game I guess. I think it was said that on the Compass there was a fuse that had to be replaced by Kingwa if it blew. I guess it's on the underside of something there because I didn't see it. You bring up a valid point/concern that I actively decided to ignore when buying his gear. I knew what I was getting into with this. I just checked my DV and the IECs on it are fused, Kingwa's are not.
  11. I'm curious why you haven't seen fit to upgrade your re-assessment of the C-2C to the A-GD pages at HF, one of which is your review of it??
  12. All his gear is well made. The only gig I would give him is that some of the solder joints on thru holes are not fully penetrated on the top. The REF1 runs about 108F on the sink points on the underside of the case. If the ambient air temp is 80 and under and there is sufficient air movement, his gear doesn't get hot. I've found air movement is very important to his design. If my ceiling fan is not running, the temps climb pretty well. I have mine on a small shelf on top of my desk, so basically I have it in a pretty decent air stream. If you have the gear where air can't move around it, temps will climb a bit. He says that if the Phoenix is too cool it will not sound as good. I'm no EE, but I'm not sure I believe that. He doesn't execute perfectly, I wish he would. I think he offers awesome gear in his price point. I think his engineering is sound. He's got these idiotic failings of QC AND decision making ability to make you wonder. Nobody wants to open a box on their New Toy and have a WTF moment. It ain't pretty! I think it's a cultural thing. I'm sure Chinese companies have gotton away with selling shit to their citizens for so long, that they have to undergo a paradim shift to embrace a culture that is free to speak it's mind. I don't see any safety issues though. Anything in particular you're interested in?
  13. No, I didn't mean replace the panel, I was referring to buying one after the debacle is fixed. No way I'm doing THAT soldering Job! Personally I think he should send out "Fixed" ones as a cross ship. Then he can resolder and resell his B-Stock as Demos or whatever.
  14. I'm moving to PSL, just sold my house in Jupiter and real busy right now. I would say that there is a window of opportunity here for buying the Phoenix and saying you want to wait for the typos to be fixed. That would give you time for more impressions. If you didn't like the sound of them, then you could cancel. It sounds like the corrected backplate would ship around end of July. I haven't made up my mind yet totally on the sound. I'm trying to figure out if maybe it's missing "something" and that's what makes it sound so good, or if it really is that good. If that makes any sense. Ir seems to be able to make bad recordings sound good. I'm trying to figure out how it's doing that one as well.
  15. Austria is known for some of it's Plastics...
  16. I guess the next thing that will happen is I will get banned because of my Penchant for Austrian Firearms, tough crowd! I've been reading up on Punctuation.
  17. Sorry you didn't like my observations about the HF-2. But I think they will be proven to be true.
  18. I heard the same comment from a few folks there.
  19. I have dyslexia and a reading/vision disability, it helps when composing to have white space at the bottom of my posts.
  20. Heh, you guys are Funny! And all those out of work Comedians out there too!
  21. Because I always put one there.
  22. They have wood, isn't that the secret ingredient!
  23. If you take them off, does the guy still look goofy? Somethin' to consider... We are talkin' Headphone Geeks here .
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