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  1. Mine had a pretty good nick in them, but they sounded great. I talked to Todd about it and he said JG would fix them. I was worried I would get another set that may sound different so I just blew it off, especially since there are few perfect Grados in the wild, I just figured it wouldn't be a big deal, all in all. . I'll bet that if you had returned yours that they would be in this lot as well. I don't think they inspected them before they went out the door. Todd handling 500 pairs, no way he looked at them. QC should have been done at the factory anyway, and we know that doesn't really happen. I had to send my GS1000s to them 4 times to get them fixed. JG is a pleasant enough guy to talk to, but their QC blows.
  2. It's only 26 sets, don't think it will devastate the Grado Pre-Owned SE market
  3. I thought by definition they were ALL B stock. That must be a typo, these must be C stock! Does make you wonder about something that isn't up to Grado "Standards"
  4. Les_Garten


    Computer engineer? Is that what they're callin' the Webcam chicks now!
  5. Through my powers of inductive reasoning here, it looks like it is best to solder the Jack first, then install in the chassis. Solid core does sound attractive here.
  6. Good point. You could use heat shrink, but that would cover up the pretty pins.
  7. Wait till you see me build something!
  8. I feel like Newman hoarding Victoria's secret Catalogs!
  9. Absolutely agree with that. I would think you would send a SR-60, a different cable, and source a Headband.
  10. I've had that very conversation. I have my 325s in pieces and I just wanted to send in the pieces needed. Instead of assembling for the dis-assembly??
  11. How do you know he doesn't return the wood and drivers? He uses different drivers and I thought he was returning the 325 drivers?
  12. What brand are those pretty red resistors?
  13. They are probably fine, but I think I'll recap them just for peace of mind.
  14. Thanx Miguel, very interesting!
  15. I have some gear that I've had a long time and have not fired them up in a long time. 2 Adcom GFA-555s 1 Pair Martin Logan Monoliths They are all around 20+ years old. The amps have spent some time in the garage in South FL. Should I just recap the cross-overs in the spkrs and the amps? I'm afraid to power them up. The woofers need the surrounds rebuilt anyhow. Just worried that firing them up would take out the boards if the caps were bad. I think I know the answer but thought I would ask anyhow.
  16. I'm using the same caliper on my SR-003s and get the same number. FWIW.
  17. Les_Garten


    Great Gift idea for the aural'ly disadvantaged.
  18. For some strange reason I had the same image in my head. I think the reason why we thought this is because of the rest of the design of the amp! I mean once you start offering Platinum knobs, I'd believe a Kryptonite option for sure!
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