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  1. Merry Christmas to all a happy & Healthy one! 🎅
  2. Happy Birthday Hirsch! Have a Good Day!
  3. Happy Birthday Birgir! Have a greatone.
  4. Bruins where dominating in the Canes series Congrats to them.
  5. CANES controlled overtime, caps couldn't keep up Looking forward to round 2..
  6. 2 good game 7s last night the sharks comeback was unbelievable, one thing about hockey its never over till its over!
  7. That would be something else to see,I can't wait for round2, I would like to see Boston knock out the Leafs as well.
  8. Sorry Guys Lets go Islanders
  9. Happy Birthday Al! Have a great one
  10. Happy Belated Birthday Peter!
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