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    AUDEZE CRBN Open Back Over-Ear Electrostatic Headphones for $3299
  2. ^Also Wednesday (Netflix) - six eps in, two to go. It's fab👍
  3. 2022 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony (HBO) American Masters - Buffy Sainte-Marie: Carry It On (PBS) Both good watches.
  4. jpelg


    What you really want:
  5. Two officers of the nearby Bristol police department: Sergeant Dustin Demonte, who lives in my hometown, & Officer Alex Hamzy were both shot & killed in the line of duty in an ambush attack on October 12. They leave behind wives & very young children (including one on the way). A third officer: Officer Alec Iurato was also seriously wounded by a gunshot, but thankfully survived. I don't know what to say, other than this is another fucked-up, senseless tragedy impacting many families, the local community, and the nation at large, forever.
  6. ^I get why you'd want the front company logo & model numbers noir-ed. But darkening the top-dial values seems counter-intuitive in a practical use-case (my eyes are bad enough as it is ) Ric - you are lucky to have such a great & willing subject. My wife has no patience for me taking photos of her.
  7. Atlanta (FX) - season 4 started up last week, with the first two eps. Came out swinging 👍
  8. Yola @Webster Hall in NYC last night. She sounded great, but I'm getting too old for standing-room only venues, especially on a weeknight.
  9. Thank you folks. Much appreciated!
  10. Lady Blackbird (aka Marley Munroe): Lady Blackbird – Black Acid Soul
  11. The Sandman (Netflix) - just finished episode 11. The series was not what I expected (I have no connection to the comic). Enjoyed it all quite a bit.
  12. jpelg


  13. Did not see Garbage tonight, as they cancelled the show at the last minute due to illness. Bummer.
  14. Also, Irma Vep (HBO), series based on a 1996 film of the same name. Sorta bizarre, sorta meta. But sorta compelling to watch for some reason. Alicia Vikander is gorgeous.
  15. A couple of newer shows we are enjoying: Dark Winds (AMC) Hotel Portofino (PBS) Also, ditto on The Old Man (which has already been renewed for another season).
  16. Another belated happy birthday, Rob!
  17. Or the (bargain) Meze Audio LIRIC?
  18. Big Tuesday - For You - a local band comprised of a few young kids going to university here, where they get airplay on the college radio station, turning up so many times in my Shazams that I ended up buying all their downloads. Reminiscent (to me, anyway) of early Everything But The Girl: https://bigtuesday.bandcamp.com/album/for-you-ep
  19. I have been a big fan of the show since the beginning, especially the first three seasons. I also agree with all of your comments, including my disappointment with season 5 & its finale.The initial seasons were a breath of fresh air, capturing Adlon's (& LCK's) wimsy & irreverence, telling the story of a minor-celebrity single parent (none of which am I) trying to fumble through (as most of us are) in the 21st-century. Throughout, I celebrated being educated, having my mind expanded, and just going along for the ride. Amidst the overall high level, there were moments of absolute brilliance (note the "Tilted" video that ended season 2 as a prime example), that I was so happy to have witnessed. Even when the story route appeared circuitous, it eventually came back to close the theme, if not completely resolve the topic at hand. Season 5 was so disjointed - some of which was the result of the pandemic as you noted, and some was the result of creative choices that Adlon made (seemingly) on purpose. Most disappointing to me, I think, was that many of the characters seemed to go backwards. Frankie is still pretty-much the insufferable child she has been all along despite now becoming an 18 y/o, Phyll is back in England with her childhood beau, Jeff is back with Alan after we witnessed a horrible breakup breakdown, Rich is re-marrying Sunny (really???) - the only relationship more toxic than Jeff & Alan's. Finally, Sam is now the unapologetic, irresponsible creative/social-justice-warrior who can spew her "shit" everywhere (another overarcing them this season) while her stable, good-&-perfect brother Marion picks up all the pieces for her. She's basically given up trying to be "better" (see what I did there?). The only character I felt compelling this season was Max, who's arc saw her develop & grow (painfully so) into a real adult (I just wanted to give her a paternal hug). Most of the rest this season was self-indulgent filler, including the un-creative, nearly verbatim rehash video opening of the finale "Woke Up Looking" (the original artist with whom Adlon apparently connected because her own real-life daughter shares the same first name). Whew! I feel "better" now (see what I did there again?). I'm sure Adlon doesn't give a rat's patootee what I think so... TL;DR - loved the show, not so much the final season or finale.
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