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  1. The super narrow part of the Treks is still not cool, I think. My fat foot has to be walking on the leather part, I can't imagine it not hitting the ground.
  2. Thanks for the heads-up, DanC, I'm flattered. I'd buy a pair of Speeds. I don't like the look - I figured they would've went with a thinner, black lace -but I can think of a couple of possible benefits. If nothing else, it'd be worth it for the extra-amazed WTFs. It's been raining massively here all week, and I've been wearing my Treks. I like the traction I get (compared to my entirely tractionless-when-wet sneakers), but the wet-ground seems to cause my feet to instantly be freezing cold.
  3. I've wanted a pair of wireless cans for putzing around the house cleaning up, etc. Hopefully Senn is upped the ante with this new line.
  4. Sorry, I didn't know about this thread either. Due to some RL bullshit popping up during my turn, I was only able to casually listen and not do much comparative or analytical listening. But the end result was: I liked 'em!! Don't have enough experience with the rest of the Grado line to comment (plus it'd be bullshit without having both pairs to A/B), so no line-up. Definitely worth a listen tho if you like Gradoz.
  5. I'm really hoping that the Kosseses are as proud and invovled with their company as I imagine to be. Hopefully enough that they rally through all the bullshit and do what it takes to come out of this.
  6. Got two 3rd row tix for George Clinton & P-Funk on my bday next Saturday. Really fucking excited.
  7. Still super fucking pissed about this.
  8. I kinda like the Boba Fett one, but I dont wanna pay $100.
  9. Yeah, they were definitely designed for hiking. I haven't done any long concrete trekking in them yet, but if they relieve the concrete "soreness" I mentioned earlier I think it will be worth the trade-off. Shit, now you make me wanna run out and get a pair of KSOs again...and they finally sell them locally...
  10. So Wayne, if you had to offer a guess, what do you think will happen to Koss? I know info is limited, but do you think survival is likely?
  11. Jesus, I am really sad to hear this. I don't have an encylcopedic knowledge of Koss, but (even before my 950s) I've always liked Koss as a company and felt like they were a rarity in this day and age. A million years of doing things right would all mean nothing in the end if they had to close up shop now, which makes it even more so of a tragedy. No shit, I would literally donate to support them if I could and it would help.
  12. Hey man, that's the point of the shoes - barefoot without the misery! Status update: Treks are nicely broken in, and I'm much happier now than I was at arrival. The rubber "sole" is narrower at points, which I think puts more of the bottom of my foot in contact with the ground at times, which I think contributes to "cold feet." Still very happy, but interested to see how they do in heat, and also how KSOs would feel now in comparison (especially sensitivity-wise) (maybe no different really?)
  13. matt fury


    I've noticed that with my TF's, but not with other iem's I've owned. I was actually starting to guess that the seal was tight when the sound was muffled, but that it pushed them into my ear in a shitty way or something and when the sound equalized that was the driver getting into the right position from the seal weakening. I'm beginning to think that I was wrong.
  14. matt fury


    If you got them from Logitech you should complain. If you ordered vi's, you shoulda had them - restock or not. Especially since the vi's are the one they're still gonna sell, not the plain TFs. At least as far as I heard.
  15. I gotta say, I went from a 15" Powerbook to a 13" Macbook and I thought that the 13" form factor was the tits. But then a few years ago my boss bought me a 17", and while yes, it is a pain in the ass to carry, I really got hooked on the whole "having a no compromise machine" everywhere I went. I'd say it depends on how you lug it around. Going around town for me, it wasn't bad, because you can drive anywhere in Vegas. It was only really annoying when travelling via plane.
  16. That's why I said I'm waiting until summer before I make any broad proclamations. So far though, I haven't had any issues.
  17. Aw Al, c'mon. I'm sure when you were a kid and shoes were invented they were quite the technological marvel, but it's damn near 2010; we can do better.
  18. Tell me about it. At fucking $12/pair I have more headphones than Injinjis. I'm starting to think that Trek might be the way to go, but I'll have to make it through a summer first. What I'm hypothesizing is that the extra few MM's of cushion will hopefully make a dent in the kind of "hard floor soreness" you can get VFF'ing around the city.
  19. Just got my Treks yesterday. They are way fucking tighter than I ever remember my KSO's being. IDK, maybe I'm crazy. I'm really hoping they'll stretch. The leather is pretty nice, and the extra tread at the bottom hasn't been a problem. Would like to compare them more closely with the plain KSOs, bu that's gonna have to wait a bit 'till I decide if I want another pair. Also, brown KSOs seem to have completely disappeared from Vibram's site. You called it, Icarium.
  20. Fucking Safari is near worthless. Chrome is good, not perfect yet. Still rotating b/w Safari, Firefox, Camino & Chrome.
  21. matt fury


    DJ Hero Renegade Edition $119 @ Amazon (via video game lightning deal) for a few more hours...all consoles. Also, Rock Band 2 SE @ ~$89.
  22. matt fury


    I got delayed until the 24th or something. So much for xmas gifts. PS: Using the new Payphrase thing on Amazon gets you 5% back, up to $250 aggregate.
  23. matt fury


    Furry doesn't. Pedo Bear sure does. Friends like these, huh Gary?
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