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  1. Just saw one of these pop up in my feed with Matthew McConaughey, which looks like it was episode 2. Will try to check this out; agree about the concept.
  2. This thread hasn't been updated during COVID. Time to bump it. I expect pix by Friday.
  3. https://www.amazon.com/Guardians-Galaxy-Vol-Awesome-Cassette/dp/B071HJ41VR/ If you can help me steal liberate a couple Nakamichis from a storage facility in the greater Chicago area, we can both listen!
  4. Eighth? What happened to that other one that you bumped off for me about 6 years ago to make me 7th? Am I shrinking, or is it just the kids eating chicken nuggets with growth hormones that accellerated their height. Perhaps they needed a little more to get over the "wall"? Thanks everyone! Had a pretty good day, even if I wasn't feeling that great/was trapped (mostly) indoors. The fam got me a gift that arrived a day late. They couldn't get the one I've been wanting for years, but I think this should do just fine, and help me get started on a better path.
  5. Dammit. All you people getting the Grados out of storage are making me want to run to the office and get my HF-2s (and probably get some linseed oil to get my probably-disintegrated pads off/changed.
  6. I've found that with USB mics, they work best (or at all) out of a USB2.0 port. USB3 seems to fuck with it. May want to do a non-blue one.
  7. Needs most lights; I can't see how dark it is in there...
  8. I hate agreeing with Graham, so I'm just going to say that he agreed with me, just a hair earlier.
  9. Stretch, This is Head-Case. Soundproof his room. You're welcome, Another dad with a gamer next door
  10. Just came to share the same. RIP, Little Richard
  11. RIP Roy Horn, 75, of Sigfried and Roy fame, lost to complications from COVID-19. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/08/obituaries/roy-horn-dead-covid.html
  12. Did some research; 2012 had 320, and Tidal came over in 2014, so 93% chance I heard 320 vs FLAC. Think that was pre-MQA/Masters by a bit.
  13. Interesting. I was using IEMs (Dita The Answer) out of a Pico Slim back when Tidal came out. I'd say I could tell with over half. I still have both, but use Tidal about 80% of the time. There is a site/service that lets you bring playlists over, and what I largely listen to on Spotify is a certain playlist. (It was easier on data when I was commuting as well; networks got bogged down some on the commutes home.)
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