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  1. MexicanDragon

    The Live Music Thread

    Oh man, I wish I would have known about the Herbie/Kamasi show. Just recently introduced to KW but as a sax player, I definitely enjoy hearing people who are near the top of the game.
  2. MexicanDragon

    What are you EATING right now?

    Appetizer: Sous-vide ~32 hour ribs, + oven after chilling + finish in cast iron Main: 28oz NY Strip - reverse seared Chef is a bit of a dick, but the food was solid (except for a few bites that were a fatty plasma/liquid ecstasy combo).
  3. MexicanDragon

    Happy Birthday Todd!

    Happy Thursday, Todd!
  4. MexicanDragon

    Head-Case Darts

    I like those; may need to buy some of your castoffs.
  5. MexicanDragon

    Head Case Motorsports

    I thought I mentioned it in here, but turns out it was on FB in a thread with a buddy who just got a 718 Cayman S. I think virtually every angle of this car is great, even rear 3/4 (7/8?), but the tail-on view able is incredibly Camaro-esque, which is a very bad thing, aesthetically. Why the shit did they think that was a good idea?
  6. MexicanDragon

    Post what you're watching

    OK, so finished The Wire, and it lived up to the hype. IDK if I'll re-watch unless I watch with someone else, but it was great. Letterkenny - I started on 6/11, and as it seems I posted the above at 4am on 6/12, I finished Letterkenny (6 seasons) sometime in the afternoon on the 12th, completing the final four seasons in one sitting. Such a witty show, and ridiculously progressive; not what I expected from the protagonists being self-identified "hicks." Chernobyl - I had to break this one up into 2 sittings, as after 4+ hours (80% of the way), I realized I needed to get a nap in before work Wednesday. I finished it up before work tonight and I definitely appreciated the story. I'll probably go back and look through what other people were talking about with related videos and articles posted to get some more information; fascinating stuff. Oh, I also watched S3 of Handmaid's Tale. I did that in a sitting up through S3E8, when I realized that S3E9 wasn't coming out until the next day. I didn't realize it wasn't all out there, so now I'm just bored and waiting around for the next 4 episodes. Feels like I'm watching it just for completion's sake, but after a... different... E9, I'm hoping it'll pick up; they have some room to move, I feel. Almost forgot about Stranger Things S3. Another enjoyable romp that wasn't quite as good as S1, but was squarely ahead of S2. I'm a bit frustrated with all of the anti-smoking tirades lobbed at the show, but it's a period piece, and as much as I hate cigarette smoke, it was still quite prevalent in the 80s. It's funny, as Letterkenny above is riddled with it, and it's even part of a tertiary plot during one of the seasons, and this is set in modern times (well, as modern as Canada can be...) I've re-watched Letterkenny a couple times, finished re-watching HIMYM as mentioned above, and I'm sure I started something else. I mean, it has been 5 weeks; making it through ~15 seasons of TV seems light. Oh, saw first showing of the new Spiderman, along with Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse. I caught the first showing of the former, and enjoyed the Tom Holland fronted reimagination, though the latter was easily the best Spiderman movie I've ever seen.
  7. MexicanDragon

    RIP someone or another

    Bah... R.I.P. Rip Torn left this mortal coil today at the age of 88. https://consequenceofsound.net/2019/07/r-i-p-rip-torn/amp/
  8. MexicanDragon

    RIP someone or another

    Ross Perot, former Presidential candidate and eccentric billionaire, dead at 89. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-48927718
  9. MexicanDragon

    What are you Grilling now?

    Bought some steaks the other day. NY Strip and Ribeye. Cooked one of each tonight the Serious Eats way (cool side of grill covered, finish on hot.) Not bad. May try sous-vide with a grill finish for the others.
  10. MexicanDragon

    RIP someone or another

    This is a bummer, though another "he was still alive?" moment. João Gilberto, dead in his home in Rio de Janeiro at 88. https://www.spin.com/2019/07/joao-gilberto-bossa-nova-dead-at-88-obit/
  11. MexicanDragon

    Happy Birthday - Tyrion!!!

    > Think that pretty much sums it up.
  12. MexicanDragon

    Happy Birthday Justin!

    Happy belated Thursday!
  13. MexicanDragon

    Head Case Motorsports

    Heh, I already talked to Sam about this one. 414hp 6cyl is the exact same output as the e9x M3's V8, but in an even more athletic package (700-750lb expected weight difference.) It's 33% less than the 911 GT3 with only about 17% less power. Looks fantastic. I actually like that yellow/orange (not quite sure which it is). Sam, Spring delivery; seems like you'll have plenty of time to sort out what's going to head out.
  14. MexicanDragon

    HC Bike/Cycling Thread

    Nice, Jose! The Ginger Avenger and I went with Xavier (aka Half-Mexican Dragon) to our second mtb demo day in as many weeks. We hit up Pivot today and took out a Mach 5.5, Mach 6, and Switchblade, respectively. Some of the best climbing mtbs I've been on. However, we did have the Biscuit Boy special on hand, just in case.
  15. MexicanDragon

    Post what you're watching

    Had a long weekend, and randomly started watching The Wire. I've never seen it, but I'm ~15 episodes in and loving it. I've also started watching Letterkenny which is a pleasant surprise. I'm a couple seasons into that as well. Was funny enough after randomly sitting in on an episode that I watched 3, then went back to beginning to start it. It's a nice palate cleanser coming from The Wire. I also am interspersing with a pinch of How I Met Your Mother as I went to show a friend something from an episode, and then it just started playing, and I watched more of it. Time for 3 more episodes of The Wire at 4am as I'm attempting to stay up the rest of the night.