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  1. MexicanDragon

    On Bacon

    DoxDoxDox loooooves bacon!
  2. MexicanDragon

    What are you EATING right now?

    Remembering everyone's favorite fictional lich with the food of his people And Colin wanted to try this 3 egg omelette souffl├ę, so we made it
  3. MexicanDragon

    Noise canceling headphones for portable DVD player

    Just saw this, but Wirecutter has a page for kid headphones: https://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-kids-headphones/ Looks like the top choice, which is just 50-60$, is designed to fit 2.5-11 year olds, so seems totally reasonable. Also, depending on the child, there are also kid-sized Etys: https://www.etymotic.com/consumer/earphones/ek5.html Also, some with a mic: https://www.etymotic.com/ek3.html IEMs may not be ideal, but they have lots of effective noise reduction, don't need batteries (but may need an adapter depending on device), and they come in pink. I mean, for 100$, you could have both, and this *is* Head-Case, so...
  4. MexicanDragon

    Happy Birthday Jeffy!

    Feliz belated cumpleanos!!!
  5. MexicanDragon

    Loop pool table

    Grrr.... @shellylh, Have you seen the table yet?
  6. MexicanDragon

    Loop pool table

    I want one. Steve, any idea how hard something like this would be?
  7. MexicanDragon

    Happy Late Birthday Sherwood!

    As I said before my fiend, Feliz cumplea├▒os! If anyone has been wondering where Tyler has been, he's been fighting the good fight in the streets of D.C. (in Tom Clancy's The Division 2.) The bad guy's stand nary a chance.
  8. MexicanDragon

    Happy Birthday Voltron!

    Sounds like an epic birthday; one of wish I shall remain jealous! Happy early belated birthday, mi amigo de cerveza!
  9. MexicanDragon

    What are you EATING right now?

    When Nate comes to town, he must be given a proper welcome. Mikey handling the damascus steel Colin's example was the most picturesque, b/c, I mean... This a better view? DoxDoxDox waiting for her slice Waiting to be served
  10. MexicanDragon

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    Should move
  11. MexicanDragon

    Home spin bikes

  12. MexicanDragon

    Home spin bikes

    Pretty sure you can just hop on a magical flying bird and make it so.
  13. MexicanDragon

    Home spin bikes

    So... when you getting in?
  14. MexicanDragon

    Home spin bikes

    I know there is a lot of e-bike hate by a lot of cyclists, but I have some friends in Chatt who run an e-bike shop. I've gotten to ride some, and I love it. I want one. There's no way I can keep up with Xavier on a mountain bike anymore, and I used to have to sandbag on the road with him, but now? No chance. I've thought about an e-bike for an 11 mile work commute as well; seems to be a fantastic way of going about things, but adds 1.5 hours minimum to the commute. Not in the budget to do it just yet, but it's a consideration at some point. RadPower usually has a "buy 2 get a discount" thing, if you knew anyone else wanting one. But, we barely had any snow this week, and eventually it'll be sunny and baseball will be played, so let's make it happen.
  15. MexicanDragon

    Home spin bikes

    They're based out of Seattle. Why don't you hop out, we'll go for a test ride and then catch a Mariner's debacle game?