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  1. Either that or a hammer and divorce papers with a card that says "Choose"
  2. Thanks Carl! Just in time to start teaching classes in blue
  3. Congrats craig on getting it up and running! Nice black color scheme =D
  4. Indeed. To make the slim's noise floor audible when playing music or a game it has to be turned up to a point where a bee flapping its wings gives me a nose bleed.
  5. Could he not use a digital solution? Surely a "balanced" version of his shadow's attenuator would have been better.
  6. Yes. It's the most stupid thing to have on a portable amp next to that god-awful connector he uses.
  7. Carl, if you don't mind throwing it in a bag labeled "far far south" then I'll take a medium in faded blue (if that size is offered). Living vicariously through a t-shirt
  8. Chocolate bacon!? That sounds amazing... fuck living in the southern hemisphere
  9. Justin had a group buy a little while back on some feet from china. Now the feet are awesome but the configureable packing foam cubes that he boxed mine in are a new level.
  10. No doubt this has already been posted but... I wish there was awards for best movie trailer of the decade. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIxcVzwLR1k
  11. If you actually read that section of the white paper you'll see that MSB or whoever wrote that article took the thing they wanted and left out... well, the context.
  12. Holy crap... I hope it was a mistake
  13. Got stuck on a research problem only to later realize the answer was the Chinese remainder theorem of all fucking things. For a supposed category theorist I spend an ass load of time doing (elementary) classical algebra...
  14. Scale of Universe - Interactive Scale of the Universe Tool Use arrow keys to navigate. The giant earth worm is a bit disconcerting.
  15. I was just about to ask the same question but was worried I'd look rather silly.
  16. Unfortunately the naked version only comes in a 5mm ls and you have to sell no less than 3 vital internal organs. I used 12 in my b24 using max absolute and set-wise tolerances and yeah... ouch.
  17. Well you obviously haven't been teating them properly =P Nice blubliss! Good to see everyone is getting in on the high wank factor resistors hehe.
  18. Indeed! The nice thing is that they will cater to small orders for none-pcx stocked values. For what it's worth the takman carbons I've used hold on average closer to 1%tol than the spec'd 2%.
  19. On a more serious note, has anyone managed to get any info about the lsj109? Past constant promises of more info soon?
  20. I vote for PRP. Red is naturally superior to everything else.
  21. I too discovered I can't randomly slap chokes where ever I want. Mind you the oscillation set the LEDs doing some pretty cool things.
  22. That pcb is such an asshole to work on it isn't funny. Birgir, apart from all the permutations of different capacitor and resistor substitutions/upgrades the biggest audible change came from the left channel mod. The one I did went from being a noisy piece of shit to quite listenable. If it isn't done already I'd definitely do it and leave it at that... possibly change out the HV bridge rec for something decent.
  23. Don't fuck around with the guys that own the forum?
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