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  1. Perhaps Wilson heard of some of the disappointment with the last Porcupine Tree mastering and decided to do it right this time around. I don't really follow him as much as I did before, so I am not really knowledgeable on that subject. Yeah, it is a shame that Opeth is doing the typical release since Ghost Reveries, especially since Wilson is behind the controls. One would have thought that he would have some sway, but I have a feeling that Roadrunner nixed the idea if it came up. At least go with DVD-A, geez. I'd be happy with 24/96 flacs with the gaining popularity of downloads, but I'd prefer a physical medium.
  2. Great news! If the mixing is good then it should sound great. He's definitely got a lot of talent; I hope he delivers on this one. In the same vein, Storm Corrosion, the Wilson/Åkerfeldt project, should be out probably early 2012. Here's to hoping for a Blu-Ray release of that as well... Dusty, you check out Mournful Congregation yet?
  3. I have been reading about this. It is insane how much carnage one single person can inflict on others. HeadphoneAddict and Limp make a good point by downplaying his "Christianity". He was an ass, nothing more. It pisses me off when the media latches onto a crazy person's self-proclaimed religion and use that to further whatever form of nonsense agenda they have to their viewers. To also mirror Limp, it is a great thing he was not a self-proclaimed Muslim, or our (U.S.) media would have had a field day. Crazies come in all flavors.
  4. I am not sure any of you have heard of the small Russian band of two called Kauan before. The main force behind it is Anton Belov, who plays guitar, keyboards, and does vocals. The other member, Lubov Mushnikova, plays violin. Though the band comes from Russia, most of the lyrics are Finnish. To date, four albums have been released: Lumikuuro (2007), Tietäjän Laulu (2008), Aava tuulen maa (2009), and Kuu... (2011). The first two albums are considered a mix of folk, doom, and black metal. Having said this, the main sound consists of beautiful melodies driven by piano and guitar with a mix of both clean and back metal vocals. I am not really a fan of black metal, so even though some of the vocals take on that style, the music is immediately accessible and relaxing. It might sound like a weird mix, but it works perfectly. The latter two albums are considered ambient post rock. The underlying foundation of the first two albums exist, but added is a larger emphasis of keyboard driven atmosphere and the complete absence of black metal vocals. Gorgeous ambient melodies and sincere clean vocals throughout. Those of you who know be back from the Darkest Desire threads at the other site know that I am a SUCKER for melodies. Well, Kauan is my new go-to band for that. I have been on a three month binge with these four albums (especially the latter two). This band is definitely in my top 5. I urge you to give them a listen. Simply phenomenal!
  5. Losing a loved one is always tough. My condolences, Voltron.
  6. I am the same way, so I know where you are coming from. If the band does not grab me, I am quick to cast aside. I do come back to the band if their name keeps coming up in hopes that they click the second time around. Definitely check out Mournful Congregation. They do not get a lot of coverage, but I like them better than many of the funeral staples like Skepticism.
  7. Just out curiosity, what album or albums were you listening to? Orchid and Morningrise had some GREAT melodies and ideas but generally less fluid than albums like MAYH, Still Life, and BWP. Those three albums were their pinnacle. It went downhill a bit with Deliverance, but Damnation was outstanding. GR and Watershed were boring and uninspiring with a few gems. All my opinion, of course. By the way, anyone into Mournful Congregation? Outstanding funeral doom metal band from Australia. They are supposed to come out with a new album this year. If it is anything like The June Frost, it should be awesome.
  8. Totally agree. That is large reason why I do not like the last two albums. The progressive rock creeped in. Mike does not do progressive rock well. MAYH - Deliverance Opeth had great flow and melody, but modern Opeth seems lost and forced. If I want that, I will listen to Riverside, Rush, or middle era Porcupine Tree. There are VERY few progressive rock bands that I like. It's not that I do not like the genre - I do immensely, but most suffer from bad song structure/flow (e.g. recent Opeth), cheesy lyrics/content (lots of progressive rock bands), or pure wankery (e.g. many Dream Theater songs). The album I keep coming back to for progressive rock is Riverside's "Out of Myself". Definitely one of my top 5 albums for sure. mypasswordis: The Beatles = meh I know I will be crucified, but it is what it is.
  9. I know Mike has the melodies to make an awesome album like this, but like you, I am skeptical. Damnation is one of my favorite non-heavy albums, but I really doubt that's the direction they are going with this. He stated he is pretty bored (to use the term loosely) with death metal vocals and has not focused on them as much practice-wise. That is why they are not as good live as they used to I suspect. His clean voice, however, is very good.
  10. Regarding Opeth, I think this will be the make or break album in my eyes. I have not grown to love either Ghost reveries or Watershed. A few great tracks here and there, but when compared to Still Life and MAYH, they are not even in the same league. I really hope Heritage is good, but in all honestly, I am not holding my breath. Opeth is still my favorite band, but I fear their best days are behind them. Ghost is a great album from Devin Townsend Project. Not a huge fan of the stuff he does, but this album is really good. Asr: PM sent. Thoughts on recent releases: Kauan - Kuu... : Outstanding album, but not quite as good as Aava Tuulen Maa. I LOVE that album! Riverside - Memories In My Head (EP) : Dammit! Such a great band, but it has been going downhill for them with the release of ADHD. I hope the next full release will see a turnaround. Moonsorrow - Varjoina Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa : Clear step down from Hävitetty, but the last half of Kuolleiden Maa is as good as anything they have ever done.
  11. Been a while since I have been around a headphone site, but damn Tyll, those reviews are hilarious. Love the site. "Two thousand, seven hundred and forty-nine dollars... wow..."
  12. Yeah, I forgot to mention that. The first track off the new album is not that good. All the other tracks are much better. Even though it is a ways off I'm sure, I am anxious to hear what they will come up with next.
  13. Yeah, based on what I have observed here, I might just have to stay. Many less stupid as hell questions and people... boomana, there is a lot of bad progressive rock, but there is also a lot of outstanding stuff as well. Riverside is an brilliant band. I think you will like them. Dusty Chalk is right. If you like long songs, progressive rock is the ticket.
  14. I might as well make my first post here a good one. I want to see if this gets a bigger reaction here... I was turned on to this band from the "non-Opeth" part of the official Opeth forum earlier this year. After listening to them obsessively for the past month, I am curious to know why they have not gained more traction than they have here. Here are my thoughts on them: Out of Myself - One of my favorite albums ever!!! - The guitar is so expressive and full of sorrow throughout the album. It has some of the most emotional and beautiful playing I have ever heard (eg. The Same River, Loose Heart, Reality Dream II, and especially The Curtain Falls). The only material that I have heard that is as gorgeous is Damnation from Opeth and some Pink Floyd and Virgin Black tracks. - One of those albums you sit back and forget everything around you - This is the one album from Riverside that rivals anything written by Porcupine Tree in my opinion. Second Life Syndrome - Outstanding album, but a step down from their debut. - After, Conceiving You, Second Life Syndrome (One of the greatest progressive rock songs ever created!!!), and Before are on par with their debut album's material. Outstanding songs! Rapid Eye Movement - Not as solid or consistent as the first two albums. - Standout tracks are Beyond the Eyelids, and 02 Panic Room. Both are outstanding. Anno Domini High Definition - New trilogy and very different musical style (for the same band at least). - Not as good as the first three albums, but it has great parts. - Keyboards are very different overall and are more upfront instead of playing the atmosphere role. - Standout tracks are Egoist Hedonist and Hybrid Times. So overall, it seems like the band peaked with their debut so far, but that does not really do the band justice I believe. Out of Myself is certainly one of my favorite albums ever, but all the other albums have absolutely brilliant tracks as well. This band should be more popular, considering the praise that Porcupine Tree is getting around here. They are not the same sound to be sure, but I hold Riverside in the same regards as Porcupine Tree: an absolutely sensational band that any progressive rock fan should listen to.
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