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  1. I was going to say something like Dreadhead, but knowing you, Dusty, it had to have been a habit thing. I am very visual person, so the more shiny, sparkly shit, the better
  2. The house can be rebuilt later, what's important is that the wasps die.
  3. I have not found a reason to upgrade my Windows 7 Ultimate install yet. None of the new features would help make any of my workflow faster or more efficient that I can see. I am also not impressed with all the change to boring 2D looking GUIs lately. Fucking ugly. Call me shallow or whatever, but I think modern computer/phone OSs should be slick and aesthetically pleasing out of the box.
  4. RIP Rowdy Roddy Piper. One of the most entertaining wrestlers I have ever seen. http://www.cnn.com/2015/07/31/us/wrestler-roddy-piper-dies/index.html
  5. Lazy proctoring by the professor (or whoever). When you see something, you let it play out to find the real offender(s), and then nail them hard. That way none of the nonsense that happened to you occurs. Cheating in the higher end classes of high school and college has become an art form, and teachers/professors have got to be hawks. As for body cameras, about friggin' time. The entire justice system here is just one big clusterfuck.
  6. Pirut was the same structure. Just not as long as this.
  7. I must have skimmed over that bit, Crappy. Pretty sure that only works for SS amps to make them sound more tube-y. I think you pulled a Post #41
  8. I want to bang my head against a wall when I see stuff like this. I know I should be happy that there is progression, but it makes me angry that this is even something that has had to progress. So, "Congratulations, BSA, for making this large step in your organization. It's about time, you fucking halfwits."
  9. Last time I blindly link two different scientific phenomena together. Went to all those links. Makes total sense now. Thanks, Crappy and Dusty.
  10. Crappy, you got it mixed up. Only crazy people wear black loose fitting clothing in the blazing sun. Black absorbs the energy from the sun and overheats people in no time (pretty much no albedo). One really wants to wear white, loose fitting clothing (very high albedo). Easy way to test. In the middle of a hot day, walk barefoot on a concrete sidewalk. Then walk on the asphalt street. Feel a difference? Got that wrong
  11. Awesome! I am glad you told me the venue so I can hound you around that date. Dang, that is a great value. Disc 6 for your set is what I am referring to. You'll love it Oh, and the first 5 tracks are from the EP I was talking about on the last page. You'll love that, too.
  12. If you can still find good tickets, then that is fucking funny. Otherwise, I should have nagged you or something. So, get off your ass, and good luck In the spirit of this thread: The second disc in the special edition more than makes up for this (compared to other albums of theirs) average album. The title track is pure sex. Edit 1: Glad you got a ticket. It would have sucked if you ended up not being able to go. You like all this spacey keyboard shit Edit 2: There are very few bands that are day 1 purchases for me. I have their entire discography on your recommendation in a "try before buy folder"; I just forgot to listen to it. Stupid me
  13. Aw, shit. I should have told you earlier. Sorry.
  14. Beautiful EP. I am so excited for the concert. Dusty, will you be able to make the Riverside concert? I think there is a show near you, right? Oh, and I'll get back to you regarding In The Nursery.
  15. Just shooting in the dark here, but I am assuming you are running a wireless network. If you are saying that the connection completely cuts out completely sporadically, I am inclined to believe it might be either wireless channel interference from other wireless devices in the immediate area (perhaps your post church service coitus seeking neighbors) or something router related. But the predictable trouble on Sunday night is odd. Easy way to rule out the modem is to hardwire it to a computer or smart TV and use it all Sunday night. If no problems, the modem is not to blame. I really doubt it is the modem though. It being on all the time is perfectly fine. Just some thoughts.
  16. Very nice. TWC tried to screw me over after our 1 year "promo" price was up and charge me a shit ton more, but "because I was such a good customer", they'd give me the same service as before but 10 bucks more a month. I told them to blow me and I am ending up paying less now per month than before. And I have 50Mb/s (measured) service now rather than 30Mb/s (measured). Calling and being stubborn can work wonders.
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