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  1. I agree that the Stax is incredibly neutral (probably the closest thing to the definition of neutral that I can think of). That said, the bass reproduction of the LCD-3 is, in my mind, not just a question of exaggeration. While it's certainly on the warm side of neutral, there is bass and low bass information that is clearly present on the recording that is presented with an incredible amount of texture and detail that was (in my opinion, under show conditions, etc.) unmatched by the SR-009.
  2. I wish somebody had told me this BEFORE I went to Denver
  3. Just got back from RMAF. I hesitate to give detailed / definitive impressions given the fact that it was meet conditions (and there was a lot of background noise in the room), but I will say the following... -I found them really comfortable (the earpads feel absolutely amazing) and noticeably more luxuriant on the head than the LCD-2, BUT for those who have a big problem with the weight and clamping, I don't think the LCD-3 is going to be of much help. I also really liked the angled cable at the front - it feels like it's tugging less and isn't in the way as much. -If you're looking for
  4. http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1969/12/what-perfection-sounds-like/8377/ Anybody familiar with this technology?
  5. Thanks for sharing. Looks like this might put a hurting on some folks' wallets...
  6. I'm just glad this is no longer a meta-thread
  7. I have heard very little about the companies who use soft silicone to make their earpieces (ACS / Sensaphonics), and what little I have heard hasn't been uniformly great. Would be very cool if we could get the best of both worlds (reputable TOTL earphones like JH/Westone/UE with soft silicone eartips)
  8. Milk stouts are a wonderful thing...
  9. Hey - it's an amp made by Rethm (my Dad's company). Size-wise, it's a two-box unit (a power supply and the amp itself) - each one is maybe 9"x9"x5".
  10. I've never owned an O2, but from what I've heard at meets it makes plenty of sense to use the O2 as a reference point for the LCD-2. Even if you think the O2 offers a higher degree of refinement, I think the two sound much more similar than different in terms of their presentation. Both have a rather warm frequency response while retaining detail, they are quite intimate, and both focus on precise imaging within a small-ish headstage rather than projecting a huge headstage like an HD800. And I wouldn't be surprised if most people who have a preference for the LCD-2 also like the O2, and vice-v
  11. I haven't ready anything except the Hyperion books (one of my two favorite pieces of Science Fiction ever written) and the Terror (which I thought was interesting but a bit slow, with a cool ending). It's interesting to me that he writes such different types of books, but I do wish he would get back to Sci-Fi and out of this historical horror mode he is currently in. PS -Salt Peanuts, if you haven't read World War Z you totally should. Probably my favorite or 2nd favorite book I've read this year.
  12. [ATTACH=CONFIG]3243[/ATTACH] Fuck.. why can't I get this to post at full size?
  13. CD Cellar was what came to mind for me as well (it's like 5 min from my house). Pretty good selection of both used CDs and records.
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