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  1. https://www.headamp.com/products/headamp-pico this, perhaps? There are so many IEM-friendly options nowadays. You don't actually need "negative gain", just a low gain option.
  2. Actually, if you adjust the voltage between GND and VCC to 800V or higher (the voltage between 200V and VCC/GND is around 500V at this point), the noise shifts beyond the human hearing range. Otherwise yes, they're really noisy. I'm using one for my transformer box - I can't hear any electrical or physical noise in its current configuration.
  3. Just buy this instead, much safer than working with mains. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001813099933.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.41dab88epLfUCK&algo_pvid=27a95d58-360c-4aa9-943c-1a8140972e4b&algo_expid=27a95d58-360c-4aa9-943c-1a8140972e4b-43&btsid=0b0a557016094939405453680e2d15&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ Use a regulated 5V supply, and take the voltage between VCC (or GND, but VCC works better for me) and 200V as the bias (credit to Sajeev Ranasinghe (Nectar)).
  4. There are a few other pads that allegedly work with the 007, like Kennerton Audio's ECL-01 and ECL-02, and ZMF pads (I know someone using ZMF auteur pads on a pair of 007s). Have you tried any of these pads?
  5. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/headamp-grand-cayman-dht-electrostatic-amp.920536/ Whats this? :0
  6. How does it compare to your direct drive amps? and do you have the Lundahl transformers in this unit?
  7. I have tried equalizing using EqualizerAPO based on reference FR charts. It transformed my KSE1500 into a $5 earbud.
  8. Awesome, too bad I left Bangkok last week @chinsettawong: sorry for not visiting, have been busy practically every day for the last year.
  9. A KSE1500 desktop amp would be great
  10. I can imagine having some use for wireless, and I also really like the fact that it has word clock in/outs that I could use with my Lynx AES16. Any opinions on how they sound relative to each other would be nice, especially as an all-in-one solution.
  11. Does anyone happen to have any opinions about the ifi idsd pro, which is also a high-end (ish) wireless DAC? I'm interested in getting a good all-in-one solution that isn't enormous and heavy.
  12. ..and somewhat drier to my ears. (take my impressions with grain of salt since I didn't have them side by side) What electrolytic caps?
  13. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/shure-kse1500-iem-k-m03-amplifier-bundle.896802/ Hah.
  14. Compared to the KSE1200/1500, I suppose it is a bargain
  15. Order someone. In fairness, its understandable - time isn't free.
  16. It still costs something like $2k to commission an SRX plus build though...
  17. The headphones will hold the charge for a little while even after you turn off the bias.
  18. Thanks! Now to find a place that actually stocks these things.
  19. Could someone check whether the SR-404's headband fits on the Lambda Nova Signature? I broke my headband and need a replacement
  20. Try getting the HD650 pads replaced too, they're probably worn out by now.
  21. That is somewhat reminiscent of what I heard from the SR-X, but it could be specific to my ears since the SR-X are very sensitive to placement. I don't have an SR-X anymore to compare them, and my amplification system is out of order anyway...
  22. I thought the SR-X's highs were rather strange, like there's a strange null. I prefer the SR-5 over the SR-X by a reasonable margin. Its strange that you're describing them as veiled, though. Did you disassemble the drivers themselves? They are using the same drivers as the SR-X.
  23. Probably resonance in the housing... so yeah, that's what they sound like. You could swap the pads with O2 pads if you have a bunch of those lying around.
  24. So... how do you guys get balanced drivers when recoating the drivers? I've tried to recoat my SR-5 drivers a few times now, and the balance has been an absolute pain in the ass to get right.
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