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  1. Hey mexi.can, getting old. You forgot this Thanks guys. Yes indeed doug just confirmed they are gone but I was thinking cheaper, I should have expected this though, this is headcase afterall The torpedo DIY got my attention on doug website and its fairly cheap, would this be an good alternative option?
  2. After going throw allot of the headphones I decided to sell all my expensive gear and just settle for the hp2 with some cheap matching dac and amp. I was looking at the asgard 2 and ckIII to match maybe with the loki dac but have no idea on what amp should sound good with the hp2. Looking for suggestions.
  3. To make it clear I was talking about the 507, dunno about the 207.
  4. I have a small head and tinny ears, yet I couldn't fit them inside and the top pointy part of the ear would touch the thin hard pads. Which made it impossible to wear more than 30m, it felt like wearing a grado.
  5. Is the 202 for 275€ worth getting or there are better lambdas I should be looking into ? I will be pairing with the KGSS. I'm also wondering about the comfort, I had the 507 which made my ear lobes all sore.. while the normal bias lambda was the most comfortable headphone I had so far.
  6. Microsoft Is Removing Xbox One DRM No more always online requirement The console no longer has to check in every 24 hours All game discs will work on Xbox One as they do on Xbox 360 Authentication is no longer necessary An Internet connection is only required when initially setting up the console All downloaded games will function the same when online or offline No additional restrictions on trading games or loaning discs Region locks have been dropped There you go, they got scared by the geeks.
  7. The Pre Orders ranking: It looks like gamers actually care about their liberty.
  8. Don't know about that usb thing but I can relate to his description of the Nad sound. Is extremely detailed, great highs but never bright, great low extension and overall smooth sound. Compared to the Qute HD the vocals don't have the same impressive natural fullness though. All this from stock usb.
  9. I had both the Qute HD and the NadM51 at home to compare and the Qute is very natural sounding dac, even 44.1khz sounds "sweet". Really good for small desktop system because of it's tiny size but in the end I chose the more detailed one, the nadM51, but it doesn't do dsd.
  10. I probably should have picked the 500€ one in FS...
  11. ^ yay! Btw, is there any straight aftermarket headband ? For us small heads the bumps were really a bad idea since there's pretty much only one pressure point making the head sore..
  12. Bought one from justin and now I'm wondering what sub 1k amp works better with these. Right now I'm looking at Burson soloist or Schiit Mjornl, any one heard them ?
  13. Any one knows the going price for the HP2s ? I have been asked 2000$.
  14. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0007916KM/?tag=29814-20
  15. I had the two and I also liked the 13 mids better, jh16 was a bit sibilant but I also had a bit of fit issues.
  16. Neil Young - Psychedelic Pill streamed in 192/24 here
  17. In case you miss it: http://gizmodo.com/5949316/ask-one-of-the-worlds-top-headphone-engineers-whatever-you-want
  18. Free Album in Flac, just click buy and put 0: http://xxyyxx.bandcamp.com/album/xxyyxx
  19. I would to go for the Adams but I'm a suspect. Their sound kinda combines electrostatic and ribbon, extremely detailed and not harsh, vocals really stand out. The A5X have a more neutral sound while the A3X can hype a bit on the bass. The airmotiv looks good while I didn't hear them they seem to use a similar tweeter technology. If you think it helps Audiostream has reviews of both speakers I believe.
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