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  1. As I thinking about the show the similarities with Mare of Easttown strucked me a bit late. Can not be a coincidence I do not know which was first. It does not matter both are phenomenal. And both because of the lead actress mostly. ps.: I am not the first who discovered the similarities and Happy Valley was the first I see.
  2. Finished the first season. It was so good as True detective, Fargo or Mare of Easttown(always the first seasons) or better. I always thought tv shows are something like chewing gum most of it are but there are exceptions. So I am watching a few lately.
  3. You are on the wrong forum. You can start here Google QN90A black screen I am not teasing you the info is there but you need to work a lot to find it. There could be a hundred cause. Do not open the box if you have no experience with high voltage it could kill you, only try the other tips! I am answering you because I had to repair a 3d lg TV myself because the service only wanted to do it for almost the full price of the tv. It was a few months to find the info, parts and equipment but I had no choice because you can not buy 3d TV s nowadays. How can we watch the next Avatars?
  4. I think I heard about the need of that or similar transformer before. I got my 4th boost against COVID, I can wait😀
  5. So the project continues than? As I remember the powering was the main problem always or not?
  6. Is he a moderator here? I would be very surprised.
  7. I thought so myself before. It seems 1984ish delete a person good or bad from the history. Probably it happened before, my inattention. Got a message "不错的耳机" that I have not find on the forum.
  8. @HVRV's messages disappeared. Not that are missing but the remnants are strange. Who could do this himself or the moderators?
  9. To the others: Why this is personal to me, this is not my case. Kevin maybe on Headwise spoke about the mini amp first but more than ten years ago I am sure. I am waiting for it from then. The project restarted a few times. When the head-case server died I told somebody here it was because of ministat amp restarted, Ill fate it could not be accomplished. The truth is I do not need it not travelling much hardly can walk. I am accustomed for the waiting and there is no really good portable amp, I am curious. And now this situation. Yes, I do not like thiefs, everything is stolen some want to eat some want a new Tesla.
  10. Transistors, the circuit diagram of the amp that counts would you compare them?
  11. So China is the country, what a surprise...
  12. In any country who thinks opamp is a digital circuit can not steal anybody's design. You could be the merchant. If so, I am going to buy an amp from you too.
  13. A few pieces a few times from eBay I do not remember fakes but I am not sure I checked them all. Usually when I could not get from mouser what I wanted.
  14. I have a few from both with the same color as yours they came from Dalbani I think.
  15. I did not follow the thread so maybe not appropriate I have seen 2sa1486s at bdent in stock now. Not cheap. About Dalbani I have some 2sa1968s from them definitely no fake but I bought these ten years ago about.
  16. We are getting older and clumsier. You are much more experienced than me so on my level I think the eye is the main problem the hand can do it only slower. You have to think every step twice and this is the hard part. When you ruin something that feels a catastrophe you should leave it for a time then start again with clear head. I am sorry I have made similar mistakes most long time diy-er do.
  17. What method they can do this stator structure?
  18. Gorgeous! I would have the urgency to put the amp to the top of the power supply but how can somebody do this with these shiny things?
  19. It seems as the PCB fabrication the PCB population is out of an average diy-er hand. Now microscope, oven, stencil fabrication etc. we have to buy or make? robots in the near future. I do not know this is good or bad. Soldering was the part of the game but will not be missing much, I think.
  20. When you say this I always feel myself f*ing old. I am the older and I did not see but Kevin is somewhere near too I think. Most of us would like your trembling hands🙂 I would try to do it myself but it seems too hard. Only the half of the parts it has not much meaning.
  21. I do not interfere much but missed it very much the downtime was so long I was afraid it was not only the fire.
  22. From Silicon Carbide. Spritzer's invention, the name too AFAIK.
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