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  1. Gorgeous! I would have the urgency to put the amp to the top of the power supply but how can somebody do this with these shiny things?
  2. It seems as the PCB fabrication the PCB population is out of an average diy-er hand. Now microscope, oven, stencil fabrication etc. we have to buy or make? robots in the near future. I do not know this is good or bad. Soldering was the part of the game but will not be missing much, I think.
  3. When you say this I always feel myself f*ing old. I am the older and I did not see but Kevin is somewhere near too I think. Most of us would like your trembling handsπŸ™‚ I would try to do it myself but it seems too hard. Only the half of the parts it has not much meaning.
  4. I do not interfere much but missed it very much the downtime was so long I was afraid it was not only the fire.
  5. From Silicon Carbide. Spritzer's invention, the name too AFAIK.
  6. This works, the original links at the first page not. "Security connection failed" and Firefox does not let to correct the link. Site maintenance?
  7. I mourn for the post(wo)man but happy for you.πŸ™‚
  8. About FedEx: I told earlier FedEx here is nice. Ordered from Mouser on Monday 14:30 CET and got the package now 12:30 CET Wednesday from Texas. As you know the mini T2, etc. boards have been coming for more than two months (by USPS) πŸ˜•
  9. One month is quick I thought my package was lying somewhere near but it is more probable now the delay is between US and EU so there is hope for you Jose, I think.
  10. My boards have arrived finally! More than two months from the US is a shipping time record. Thanks Michael!
  11. Yes, these are the options about here(Hungary). Not usual to lose something but the times are not usual too. So there was some delay we will see. Thanks for the answers!
  12. Anybody else who have not received the boards yet?
  13. One of my first Fedex shipping came from Viet Nam and went back and forth to China two times and after that to a lots of arabian country I was amazed I thought this was the Fedex way. After that something little from Amb went back and forth on the Los Angeles San Francisco line for a month but that was UPS so this is not exlusively Fedex method. Viet Nam would be the connecton ? Here Fedex is nice they bring my Mouser orders.
  14. a long story They were popped and I always forget to order them.
  15. To the heat issue: I have a "standard" mini from the first group buys. Case, the unfortunate 3 oz board, 402 led resistor, 255 bias resistor, 15 mA bias. I used it with offboard regulators and without the top cover mainly for a time. Now I squeezed in the onboard regs second times a bit better with the same heatsinks but only with open lid. I would not like to reduce the bias so I experimented with @Skooby's resolution(see in this thread) a little. In my version there is almost 10 mm the distance from the transistors's heatsinks to the lid so I made a "heat bridge" from two 5 mm thick aluminium pieces as you see in the picture. The result is more than I hoped. Measuring the temp on the heatsink hotter side: with the top cover 85-86C; without the cover 70C. With the "heat bridge" and the cover 63C. The absolute temperature is depends on the ambient, the music, the headphones a bit but the more than 20C gain is stable. This was a surprise to me, the mod is easy maybe helps somebody. You can secure it with screws, widen it etc.. Maybe later. It is stabil mechanically I am happy with it as is. Thanks for Skooby! The temperatures were measured after cc. 90-120 minutes when they were stable.
  16. I did not see Amb's board but some of the available little tps boards have enable pin. The fix can use them(or the mini GRLVs ? ) too paralell with the onboard regs maybe . You can replace the Amb's and use them for other purpose. Brainstorming for the cost of somebody else I know.
  17. Dear Michael, increase my GRLV78 XX, GRLV79xx numbers to 3 each from 2, please! Thanks!!, no more changes.
  18. Kerry, the GRLV78/79xx can be usable in your dynalo mini ?
  19. I would like bare PCBs too. May I double the ordered numbers except the T2 boards? Thanks!
  20. Preassembly less fun. I have bought a Quick 861DW hot air station and I would like to play with it.πŸ˜€
  21. Thanks! For the answer and for the much work. You know the the TPS7As were a real challenge with the mini dynalo, Kerry's (and Kevin Gilmore) design. So I thought there were some experiences.
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