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    Married for 16 years. Two beautiful children Tori 14 and Wade 9.
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    US and Jamaica
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    LCD 2, Apure Sound Modded AKG340, Kenwood KH-K1000, Akai ASE 40, Lot of IEMS Ultrasone 2500's Ultrasone 780i Grado HF2
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    Bijou tube amp buit by dBel SOHA built by dBel. BCL
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    Eastern Electric Tube Dac Modded XFI with upgraded opamps and blackgate capacitors.
  1. mobayrasta

    slower forum

    Who knew the Monkey was posing for extra money. He must be trying to buy another DAC.
  2. mobayrasta

    Geneapalozza: A Celebration Of All Things Gene

    I wasn't there all though I really wanted to be. If I can get a shirt I will take a XXL Blue.
  3. mobayrasta

    Headphone suggestion?

    Wow....Almost everybody played nice. Ahh....that nice head-fi feeling.....wait Maybe I am sick........
  4. mobayrasta

    Frends Headphones

    Now if someone would just make a Rasta colored headphone that didn't sound like poo I would be so happy..........
  5. mobayrasta

    Audeze LCD-2

    Oh HELL YES everything in Jamaica stays locked up with a Guard. Luckily I trust my best friend over there with my life....heck my children's life. My stuff is in Kempshot Jamaica which is a little tiny community in the hills about 20 miles South of Montego Bay. Almost no crime. But damn if I haven't been in places I am scared to leave my car. Heck scared to get out of my car......! We own 1/3rd of a Studio in New Kingston but there are parts of Kingston that look worse than a war zone in Iraq. I will not even go with out a guide from the area. Gangs control all of the ghettos and if you don't have a member of that affiliation with you, you might not come back out! I have been in some pretty tense situations. BUT......I still love my Island! There are parts that are so peaceful and beautiful! I love spending time in Treasure Beach on the South Coast. My kids spend time on the beach alone and I don't even think twice about it. I guess it is just like any third world country. I would love to show you my Jamaica. I know you love reggae as much as me. I could really show you that world and you could meet any reggae star young or old that you would like. Bunny Wailer is my partners neighbor. He drives the ugliest gold car, everything is gold colored from the rims to the trim.....GROSS and so tacky but so very Jamaican. An open invitation to you anytime I am there. Respect Chris
  6. mobayrasta

    Audeze LCD-2

    I am loving my pair also! Have yet to find an amp they don't sound good out of. They might be the FOTM but what a wonderful flavor.....yummm I agree with some of the comments on build quality. I was a little dissapointed in the woodwork on my pair. They sound heavenly though so I can't complain too much.
  7. mobayrasta

    New DAC in Town

    I put in a preorder also. For the price it should make a great 2nd DAC
  8. mobayrasta

    Audeze LCD-2

    I have been talking to Transmission Audio about these ribbon headphones for about a year now. They would have been out all ready if they would not have gotten a huge commercial contract that they just finished. We should be hearing some new news any day. I have been promised the first pair and can not wait to get my hands on them. I am hoping they really blow me away. I have not talked to them in a couple of weeks so I will write an email when I get home to see where they stand. I really believe they will be on the market before Christmas. I am hoping to have my pair before Thanksgiving if all goes well. Chris
  9. mobayrasta


    Yhea me too. Bummer, was a great deal.
  10. mobayrasta

    Bijou Negative Feedback

    Thanks. I finally have a solid state amp on the way with multiple gain choices, so I hope it pairs well with my lower impendance cans like my Grado's and Ultrasone's. I am curious what removing the NF for my 340's would do now. I will have to give it a try!
  11. mobayrasta

    Show Me Your ThunderPantses!

    Oh.....I want some SO BAD! I really love the first ones that Don posted. I cannot wait to get my own!
  12. mobayrasta

    Bijou Negative Feedback

    So I have a Bijou built by dBel84 (Don) and am curious about the negative feedback. With the pot turned all the way down (7 oclock) it seems to have no negative feedback and is perfect for my AKG 340's . As you turn the pot clockwise you get less and less sound. Am I supposed to turn the negative feedback up when using Grado's and Ultrasones ( I know everybody at head-case loves Ultrasones) If I turn it up too much it seems to loose a lot of the lushness of the amp. I am still trying to figure out the best spot for my low impendence phones. Anybody got any advice? Chris
  13. mobayrasta

    i just can't stop myself

    Ohhhhhh. This sounds cool. Can't wait for more details. And if its compatible with ortho's even better!
  14. mobayrasta

    DEQ2496 as a DAC

    In the end it does not matter. My wife has really bad back problems. My parents gave me the money for my BDay to get the DEQ. I had to spend it on the electric bill. Her meds are costing me over 1k a month. So depressed can't stand it. I see no way out of it. It just gets worse and worse. Maybe in a few months I will be able to get some kind of DAC. Really sucks. I ordered a DAC off of head-fi a while ago and it arrived so beat up by the post office, it would not even turn on. Waiting to get my money from the post office, but he devalued it so customs would not screw me so I will only get half my money back. And to top it off, they took the DAC! DAC depression sucks.......
  15. mobayrasta

    DEQ2496 as a DAC

    jpelg Do they sound the same. I understand no upsampling wit the DEQ But I like a lot of it's features. Such as the stereo width adjustment suppose-ably great EQ's and heck I love the VU meters and peak meter on the display....... lol But if the SRC sounds better I am going to get that. It will be very ordering soon.