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  1. They are crossed over at 120Hz, which has a wavelength of 2.9 metres. which completely ignores the structure (because it is so much smaller than the wavelength of the sound; the structure is acoustically small).
  2. I'd definitely go the M-frame route from that website. Sure you need two drivers per side, but you get the benefit of (at least to first order) distortion cancellation. These were mine during building maybe 5 years ago.
  3. There is quite a lot about OB EQ on SL's website here https://www.linkwitzlab.com/models.htm Regarding Qts, he makes the point that ~0.7 is desirable (hence your comment about high Qts I guess). But since you can EQ that as well, even with a low value.
  4. I use the ones that Siegfried Linkwitz specified for the LX521 - the SEAS L26RO4Y XM004-04. Although this is a 10" effective unit, two are used in a W-frame firing in opposite directions and wired antiphase. The idea is that non-linear distortions are effectively cancelled. Two of the SEAS units has an effective radiating area rather larger than the 12" AE one. One thing you have to watch with OB bass drives is wind noise (yeah, yeah!). So for large excursions, which you always have with the EQ needed for OB units, if the back of the driver is inadequately vented you hear a chuffing noise
  5. Is that just his kitchen system? Else why is there a microwave oven there?
  6. Have a great and very dusty birthday, Dusty!
  7. They are different tubes. The only thing they have in common is the pin out and the fact they are both double triodes. Buy an AVO. The manual is quite clear about the different settings for the two tubes.
  8. Excellent. Quirkily it has a tube output stage and tube rectifier. It was also fitted with an Audio Note paper in oil capacitor, which went leaky. Sent a message to Audio Note, the accepted that this was a flaw with that design, and sent me a pair of film in oil capacitors free of charge. That problem was sorted too. So really there was a series of problems with the design, but now everything works flawlessly, and sounds great.
  9. Almost had exactly the same amps. Except I had an LS3, and exactly that power amp - the D125. Mind you because the tubes are fan cooled, I made sure there was enough space above it to dissipate the heat from a whole lot of 6550's. Sold them some years ago; they hold their value very well.
  10. Someone either fast reverse or fast forward. RIP Johnny Nash. Incidentally if you do a US patent search for van halen, he has umpteen granted patents on all things guitar; hum bucker pickups, tremolo effects, guitar design etc etc.
  11. The Tent seems to have a problem with the SPDIF output that stops a DAC from recognizing it. I have not got round to finding out why. I could I suppose just use the analog outputs the same way that I do with the Dynalo. Might be worth trying. I actually got it for fee from a guy who I did some audio consultancy for - he was strapped for cash and paid me in audio gear (The Tent, a couple of LFD amps, and ESL57's). The Tent did not work; the design was mainly surface mount, and one of the transistors associated with the clock had blown. That had taken out the astonishingly fussy CDM-pr
  12. For me it is that each headphone is associated with a different listening system. The T2 clone is fed from an Audio Sythesis DAC and a Meridian CD transport. The BH is fed from a phono stage, and a Thorens TD 150/SME3009/Shure V15IV with Jico stylus. And the Dynalo from a Tent Labs CD player. So it is what source I want to use, rather than a go-to pair of phones.
  13. In the bedroom: Stax Lambda originals bought late 80's fed by KG T2 clone. An absolutely awesome headphone! In the dining room: Stax ST007 fed by original design of BH In the other bedroom: DT990 and K701 fed by original Dynalo with Borbely discrete regulators. I also have a pair of Koss PRO4AA, bought for nostalgia sake, because they were the first headphone type I bought in the early 70's. Truly lousy SQ and a real head crusher weight. And Koss ESP9, with a bias source and amp that is the biggest POS ever, but sounds good. Both pairs of Koss started life with their fluid fille
  14. What is the sack for? Wotcha going to build?
  15. Fitz you're the second person I've heard of (recently) who have had failure of Fluke multimeter input jacks.
  16. Difference between countries. If there was a gun thread on a UK forum, there would be a visit from Special Branch and armed officers beating the door down.
  17. That is awful Jose. My heartfelt condolences. Fuck cancer!
  18. Amelia Earhart, 1931. Photographed by Edward Steichen.
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