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  1. Bogart in 1946. Cigarette in hand, the effect of which plus booze saw him off at age 57 And Hepburn in 1941 aged 34. She lived to the ripe old age of 96.
  2. Wonder why the Mitutoyo calipers are on the foot stool?
  3. Diana Rigg and Anthony Hopkins, taken when they were acting in MacBeth at the National Theatre in 1972. I'd walk over hot coals to turn back the clock and see what must have been a superb performance.
  4. The Canadians are at it too https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-40124476
  5. It was not one of Quad's finest moments that is for sure. And on one channel only, an electrolytic is right above a power resistor, and cooks. So remedial action is to replace the two 3.3k resistors with something that can actually dissipate 0.35W, and space above the board anyway. And remove the dead electrolytics and mount replacements on the other side of the board away from the heat. Then remove the crowbars and fit a half way decent DC offset disconnect. Like this https://neurochrome.com/products/guardian-86 or this http://www.velleman.co.uk/contents/en-uk/p193_m4701a.html or th
  6. The rated power for a resistor is in free air. So to push 0.42W into an 0.5W rating, it absolutely needs to be spaced from the board to allow convective air flow. If tight to the board, there is a hot area where it contacts the board and long term will lead to resistor failure. In fairness, even Tektronix have been guilty of that, with the board discolored under some resistors. Quad was less successful in the 405 power amp, where a 3.3k resistor feeding a 15V zener in underrated. In due course it fails open, putting one output to rail. The ridiculous crowbar then fires and short circ
  7. An electrical horror story, from an Amazon page for a UK mains plug https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08M97WNB5?ref=em_1p_6_ti&ref_=pe_1229541_586024421&th=1 Part way down there is a how to wire it series of pictures. Live and neutral are the wrong way round. There are bare copper strands sticking out of the neutral (the one that incorrectly has the brown wire), and similarly the blue wire. And the cord grip doesn't secure the insulating jacket. In fact it contravenes just about every safety standard.
  8. Over in blighty, there has been a ridiculously successful re-introduction of the red kite. This 6 foot wingspan raptor was pretty much extinct here, but is now a familiar sight in our neck of the woods. There are now apparently nearly 5000 breeding pairs. We see them pretty much every day. They are social birds and will hunt and roost in groups. Because of food pressure (they eat mainly carrion, and odd large insect) they are now almost feral, and will apparently occasionally take a small mammal. Beware cats! I'm sure the red kite has been responsible for some small cat disappearance
  9. What sort of vehicle has bullet proof glass? And they both seem to be wearing flak jackets.
  10. I somehow thought the punch line was going to be different
  11. RIP Michael Collins. The man who orbited the moon but never walked there. That just leaves Buzz Aldrin from the first landing.
  12. This is only an updated version of the FETRON, introduced in 1972 by Teledyne. A thick film hybrid JFET amp in the header of something that looked like a nuvistor. fetron.pdf
  13. My son-in-law is an aborist in NSW Australia. In fact it is his company, and employs a team of 15. https://www.gibbontrees.com/ I can absolutely guarantee that they would not do what the palm tree clown did. In fact you can see on their website that they specifically offer palm tree maintenance and clearing.
  14. Me too. It was a serious shock when the only thing that came up was a page from Wayback Machine from the dim and distant HC.
  15. When the site went off-line, I heard about the UTAH datacentre fire and wondered if it was related. Same thing happened with EEVBlog, who suffered the same fate - they were evidently lucky and their bit of the server structure was not too badly pooched and came back in two or three days. But what a nightmare. Thanks for sticking with it Todd - you are an undoubted hero!
  16. I'll look forward to hearing what was the problem, and the clearly heroic efforts to get everything back and running without any loss of historical data. Awesome.
  17. Woah - its back! I was seriously suffering withdrawal symptoms.
  18. I just found this on another forum, where there was discussion about audio systems possessed by demons (you know the effect - paranoia about something not quite right) Anyway, snip of another poster's reply "my turntable is haunted by a plattergeist. If I can't get it dispossessed soon, I'll have to bury it in its vinyl resting place" I'll get my coat....
  19. Circa 1865, the ruins of Charleston SC during the civil war. Colourised.
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