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  1. I'm not sure if anyone mentioned that earliier - but my all time hero of groundbreaking scifi, Greg Bear died at age 71 after heart surgery, in November. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2022/dec/29/greg-bear-obituary RIP Greg Bear
  2. They are truly a truly superb couple, who seem to have a permanent ball of a life together. I've always though Toyah Willcox was super hot. Looking truly spectacular at 64.
  3. TWO Krenov style planes, one with a Hock blade? Well the Veritas shoulder plane is nice, as is the Kunz spokeshave. But the Krenov style planes are lovely. Lucky you! $15 wouldn't even come close to buying the Hock blade!
  4. Alternatively: https://edition.cnn.com/2023/01/23/politics/mass-shootings-in-2023-what-matters/index.html
  5. Even if you eliminate those causes, you can be plagued with RF and other breakthrough into wiring, scope probes etc. I chased my tail with this in attempting to make sensitive measurements to an active crossover containing a whole bunch of opamps. There was what looked like oscillation in the high tens of kHz. I was using a compact Tektronix oscilloscope. After well over an hour, I turned the scope on its its edge instead of on its feet. The "oscillation" disappeared. It was interference from the oscilloscope switched mode supply. When making high sensitivity measurements I have to turn the heating off - the microprocessor based controller shoves out a whole bunch of interference (Honewell). And the LED ceiling lights - similar garbage from the rubbish SMPS's. There is a guy who installed LED lights in his radio shack - and got a massive level of garbage into his gear. He ended up making a linear supply for the lights, which sorted the problem. This and the next page http://www.chavfreezone.me.uk/2018/LED-Driver-QRM.html
  6. Or even Elvis's plane journey to eat one of these 8,000 calorie monsters https://www.messynessychic.com/2015/09/15/elvis-presleys-legendary-midnight-sandwich-run-on-his-private-jet/
  7. Clearly does not have cats. Mine would be inside those through the reflex ports having a great time.
  8. Happy Birthday!! Have a great day!
  9. Oh crap. Another legend. Saw him and Graham Nash in Birmingham (UK) some years ago At one stage Nash said to Crosby "Play nicely, or you'll have to play with Neil and then you'll go deaf!" Actually Neil Young was second choice. They approached Steve Winwood - but he turned them down because of recording and gig commitments. So the band was almost Crosby, Stills, Nash and Winwood, RIP David Crosby.
  10. Happy birthday on the big six-oh! Have a totally spiffing day....
  11. Sudden cardiac arrest is a complete bitch - it can take a fit looking individual out in short order with no warning. Happened to the Principal Investigator, George Fraser, for the space mission I was involved with. Slim, fit, almost a non-drinker. Killed him at home aged 58. Almost ten years ago https://le.ac.uk/bepicolombo/meet-the-team/professor-george-fraser RIP Lisa Marie. Like George, far far too early.
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