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  1. Happy birthday!
  2. I watched the - ahem - inaugural address. In the midst of a truly scary speech, there was this: "And most importantly, we will be protected by God" or, paraphrasing "Gott mit uns" (God with us), the German motto to justify war from the Prussian empire to the Third Reich. Worn on the spiked helmets in the First World War and on the belt buckles in the Second Съ нами Богъ which translates the same (apparently)
  3. I take your "living a moist" and raise you a "Layman holding a bare bra, said that I am a Japanese bra...Nonsense, the design of the brassiere is a layer"
  4. As compared with the original gruesome pics you posted Steve, that looks absolutely fantastic!
  5. I'd second that. Just did the same with the failing heated front screen in my Ford one frosty morning recently to give the (Ford) garage no way to go with "no fault found". As a result of the evidence there was no messing around. New screen to be fitted next Friday. Under guarantee, fortunately.
  6. Ice testicles
  7. Those early 911's were widow makers. Porche hadn't got the balance right, and above a certain speed the front wheels lost traction - and as soon as you hit anything other than straight you were toast. It took an iteration or three before Porsche got it right in that regard and later ones through to the modern day stick to the road like glue. The first series 911's in good condition are now considerably north of 100k (of most currencies - they all seem close to unity exchange now). I guess because there aren't many left that weren't wrapped round trees.
  8. RIP Mr Cernan, the last moon man. One RIP I missed was Leo Beranek, who died in August '16. I missed it because it looked like the guy would live for ever - he made 102 and worked right to the wire. It is sobering to think that he was born the year the first world war broke out. He wrote the definitive book on acoustics in 1954, called Acoustics which every practitioner of the subject has (I have). Harvard, MIT, chairman of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, adviser to General Radio. He was also a concert grade pianist. He also wrote a major text in 1962 called Music, Acoustics, and Architecture, which analyzes the acoustics of 55 of the prime concert halls around the world. He revised and updated it in 2004 at the age of 90 to include 100 halls. I have a personally signed copy of that. RIP Leo Beranek
  9. We're talking the guns, right Dusty?
  10. It never crossed their mind to find out where the battery was, disconnect it, get the bike off and then reconnect the battery? They must (ought to) have a spanner or multitool in their toolkit? Last year an idiot farmer terminated the end of the fence onto a steel kissing gate on a right of way. That was quite exciting getting though!
  11. Happy birthday Grahame!
  12. There are dozens of vids of this genius of vocal mime on you-tube
  13. Any audio signal level transformer has a resonant peak at some frequency, hopefully outside the audio bandwidth, caused by leakage inductance resonating with distributed winding capacitance. The RC network on the output is chosen to damp that resonant peak. But if you put a cable after it, which has some capacitance, it screws with the damping. The catchall of using less than two feet of cable comes from that consideration.
  14. I particularly like the heatshrink sleeving over the braid. That is really tough to do without melting the braid.
  15. Taint really relevant other than earworms. David Lloyd George was a UK politician and was Prime Minister in the first decades of the 1900's. He had a major reputation as a womaniser, and was given the name "The Goat" by his cabinet colleagues. Kitchener was concerned about politicians telling secrets to their wives, other than Lloyd George "who would tell other peoples' wives". Apparently he also had a truly heroically dimensioned gentelman's sausage. The earworm is to repeat "Lloyd George knew my father, father knew Lloyd George" to the tune of "Onward Christian Soldiers".