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  1. That was recorded in 1982, when both singers were at the height of their vocal powers aged 38. Astonishingly both of them are now 80.
  2. Alternatively use the speakers to play this
  3. Yes it is loads of dosh. But I think it is remarkable that the same company who made and makes affordable decks, decided to launch the original Reference in 1980, and that astonishing piece of engineering last/this year as the new Reference. An original Reference has just sold on eBay UK for £51k in stunning condition
  4. OK found the price - Euro220k. Then you have to buy up to three tonearms and cartridges. And find somewhere that can take the weight. The original Reference was about a tenth that price (converting for inflation) when it was launched in a 100 unit limited run. In today's money about 25k.
  5. If you are going for a record deck, Thorens have just launched a new version of the legendary Reference turntable. Price unspecified. If you need to ask the price you probably couldn't afford it. https://thorens.com/en/thorens-news-infos/302-thorens-204-news-en-mobile.html and https://thorens.com/images/presse/reference/Reference_Brochure_05_2023.pdf And in the flesh
  6. Well that was click bait - I had not come across the term "baby backs", and the image that came to mind - well you can guess.... Anyhoo - they look delicious
  7. Very happy birthday Shelly!
  8. That Finnish entry was wonderfully outrageous! Oddly un-Finnish. I've worked with the often dour Finns and visited the country on business many times (once when it was a ridiculous -40C or F). One guy that was on a project I was running sounded particularly miserable all the time. I said "Are all Finns as miserable as you Mikko?" he replied, slowly and miserably "Oh - I'm known as the cheerful one" It is also high on the gun crime and gun suicide rankings. 18% of suicides and 15% of homicides. The country only has 5.5 million inhabitants. Per 100,000 it is second after the USA.
  9. Similar thing happened with Tektronix back in the day. A big part of their business was supplying to the US DOD. But in an attempt to reduce cost the DOD placed an order with Hickock and Lavoie, saying that they wanted them to copy the Tektronix scopes. Tek got wind of it and started putting a random hole in the rear panel of the vertical plugin. When this appeared in the Hickock copy, Tektronix sued the UK government in 1961. Took a while (18 years!), but Tek won $4.5m in damages from the US Government. Described here https://vintagetek.org/clone-scopes/ So "mistakes" can show up a plagiarizer of the design.
  10. I remember his role in Boys from the Black Stuff in the early 80's Gizza job - go on gizza job
  11. The horns are a Nelson Pass design https://www.passdiy.com/project/speakers/the-kleinhorn-part-1
  12. Broadcast by the BBC in 1959 https://www.bbc.co.uk/archive/hi-fi-fo-fum/zjt6kmn
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