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  1. Difference between countries. If there was a gun thread on a UK forum, there would be a visit from Special Branch and armed officers beating the door down.
  2. That is awful Jose. My heartfelt condolences. Fuck cancer!
  3. Amelia Earhart, 1931. Photographed by Edward Steichen.
  4. Happy birthday tall fella! Hope you are having a spectacular one...
  5. Just catching up with this thread. About ten years ago we had a Renault something, and it had a quirk. If you half closed the door the central locking would fire. So in January I parked in a remote car park to go for a run in cross country shoes through the mud and slush snow. Got back to the car soaked in sweat, tossed the keys on the drivers seat and as I moved to the boot (truck) to put dry clothes on, the door half closed - clunk. Keys and phone inside. Me outside in freezing temperatures, soaking wet, and it is getting towards dark. Fortunately there was an elderly couple in thi
  6. RIP Diana Rigg, aged 82 from Cancer In her pomp: BBC obituary for Diana Rigg https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-27986272
  7. I thought the kookaburra impersonation was impressive too!
  8. I saw the title of this thread and read "mistresses" instead of "mattresses" That'll be an interesting thread I thought...
  9. Diamond based semiconductors have been worked on for at least a decade. Note on the site there are no specifications for such devices. There are still massive hurdles to be overcome in fabricating semiconductor devices on silicon. And - a real irritation - how many women do you see on their team?
  10. And looks a hell of a lot neater than my rig does!
  11. Honey - I bought some new speakers. Honey? Honey??
  12. That is awful. I have two friends in their 50s that are living through this. One has been through hell and back and is still here. The other went into remission for it to come back to the extent he has to wear a bag permanently. If ever there was a case for extending screening to those younger than 60, all these horrible examples would stand a much better fighting chance.
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