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  1. Dahlia, my bengal cat She likes to climb I think she is also going blind..... sad
  2. Supposed to be putting new heads and camshafts on my Mustang, but at 100° it's too bloody hot in the garage.... So... listening to vinyl!
  3. ehh...maybe the CJ Premier 15 phono with teflon upgrades is pretty good kit, as is the SME V arm. The Technics, is completely modded: 12lb Mke New platter aluminum, bearing, bearing plate and copper SME armboard. Paul Hynes off board PSU. The speakers are surprisingly good Paradigm Ref 100v4. I do salivate over the Paradigm Signatures though.... There is always the cabling game to be played a bit further.... speakers is the next link, but it may be a while before I can afford a substantial step up.
  4. LOL.... I could break a few things.... if only I had the money.....
  5. The new ZYX Ultimate 4D cart arrived. Quite a step up from the Zyx 3X I had and destroyed! LOL More resolving, better separation, depth, etc. The end of the line for me.
  6. On vinyl, with my new ZYX Ultimate 4D cartridge.
  7. Yup Mehran! Very nice gentleman! Yeah, when I bumped the tonearm as I was reaching for the record clamp, and it popped out of its armrest clip and shot across the record, my heart sank..... Of course, now its time to institute more safety protocols, like putting the armlift up when the tonearm is parked, putting the record clamp somewhere away from the tonearm..... Necessity is the mother of upgrading LOL
  8. I thought about re-tipping, the cantilever is fine, but eventually I decided to work with the dealer here in the US, who I bought if from brand new, and he gave me a very generous discount to trade in, which I could not pass up (but I'm sure I'll regret it later when the credit card bill comes in). So I ordered the ZYX Ultimate 4D, on the way...... still cost me north of $X,XXX
  9. Ouch.... just knocked the stylus off my ZYX AIRY 3X cart !! F' me. ?
  10. A good starter deck, and fairly robust. With some investment the Technics 1200 can sound as good as you want to take it. But that is probably true of a lot of things. I have replaced the tonearm, bearing, platter and added an external PSU, and it sounds extremely good. Of course to get sound at this level you also need a killer cart and phono stage besides the rest of your audio chain. http://theartofsound.net/forum has some good info on modding the Techie if that's what you decide to do. .
  11. JP, I've got the Choir SUT H-7 and its fabulous. Using it with my Airy 3x, on the lower gain setting and it works just fine. Playing it through my Conrad Johnson Premier15 MkII phono with teflon caps upgrade. I had the standard bobs cinemag before that, this SUT clearly outclasses it, and the rig sounds much better (dynamic , resolving, 3d) and quieter than when I was using the CJ phono stage alone. A chap in England (Martin Taylor, whose review of this unit is linked to from the Choir website) bought the Choir Audio H-7 based on my review over at Art of Sound forum, and he is very hap
  12. I use the Herbie's Supersonic Record Stabilizer to good effect A molded and hand-machined non-magnetic composite of fluorocarbons and metallic particles formulated for use with Herbie's turntable mats to enhance overall turntable performance. Stabilizer is not a clamp or conventional record weight it's designed to add a moderate amount of virtual mass to the record without clamping. 163.5 grams (5.8 oz.)
  13. Choir Audio has some killer Hashimoto transformer boxes, the perfect way to run a low output MC....
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