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  1. Mario_Fpolis

    Formula 1 Thread

    Coulda woulda. Lots os questions to be answered. Who will be the drivers for Toro Rosso? What´s the future of William without Stroll money? Ocon - a very good driver IMHO - future? Leclerc/Raikkonen (should I stay or should I go?)/Ferrari novel.
  2. Mario_Fpolis


    Reminded of a comment in Youtube: Awesome piece but the thing we need is the DAY. Unlike peasants who have to go to work, we gentlemen of leisure forget which day of the week it is. Rolex knows this, and Moser too should as its not a peasant brand. And most certainly Cartier.
  3. Mario_Fpolis

    Happy Birthday Antonio!

    Feliz cumpleaños.
  4. Mario_Fpolis

    What are you EATING right now?

    Monday was my Son´s 14th B-day.
  5. Mario_Fpolis


    Thanks. Didn´t know this and it really makes a lot of sense, especially in price regulation (and appreciation) of used watches. Anywho, the channel did a lot of videos praising Rolex and Tudor, and AFAIK they are not part of the Richemont conglomerate. Seems like it is going to get scarce soon.
  6. Mario_Fpolis


    My oh my! Do You guys know this channel? This watch is to die for. Perfection has been achieved.
  7. Mario_Fpolis

    Which Cooking Are You?

    Once again a simple but effective dish here, mignon and pappardelle with mushrooms and Dijon sauce. It is, still, a work in progress. My 13 old is making his way into the kitchen, and love to slice Paris mushrooms, he says it is the most satisfying cutting experience. This time I used a ton of clarified butter to have a perfect Maillard reaction to the reversed seared medallions.
  8. Mario_Fpolis

    What are you EATING right now?

    Well, it was Tuesday, and the menu is in Portuguese, but what the hell. There is a wine store here, and they invite some winemakers to demonstrate their wines in a harmonized dinner, and it was Super! Too drunk at the end to take pictures of the grapa´s, very beautiful bottles. Wife got mad at me ´cause I first tried the food and only after took the picture. Dessert almost did not survived until then.
  9. Mario_Fpolis

    What are you EATING right now?

    Man, You are indulging Yourselves big time, and I say it in the most envious way. Very, very nice.
  10. Mario_Fpolis

    Head Case Motorsports

  11. Mario_Fpolis

    The (Round) Football Thread

    That´s the plain reality for a lot of footballers, the game as a means to let poverty behind. And for each million dollar baby with happy faces, there is a platitude of struggling young guys being ripped off, with hunger, being foul played, with racism, no means no hopes and no dreams. Sorry, one dream, to succeed, to take care of mom and dad, but most of the time no dad. I guess basketballers and american footballers have the same agenda. Here, the game is futebol. That´s the reason I hate some players that act with disdain for the money, the expenses they made, the in your face atitude, being totally disrespectful with the fellow professional inside the four lines. And have all the respect for the ones that have institutes helping their native communities. If they had succeeded, for each one of them, there are thousands struggling to get their very much deserved check at the end of the month. And, most of the time, they don´t, ´cause there are vultures and scammers all around. Now, back to the normal program.
  12. Mario_Fpolis

    The (Round) Football Thread

    Pure genius. Already translated to my friends. Let me laugh while I can, ´cause I have a really bad feeling for what to come next. Do not trust Tite and really hate Neymarketing.
  13. Mario_Fpolis

    The (Round) Football Thread

    auf Wiedersehen
  14. Mario_Fpolis

    The (Round) Football Thread

    TBH there was a fault on Switzerland goal. And a penalty in Gabriel Jesus that was not even reviewed by VAR. But Brazil´s performances was a disappointment and a disaster. When our "best" player is more concerned about his hair then the game.... Mexico did a fantastic job. And Cristiano Ronaldo proved once again that he is wonderful and suffers way less anxiety than Messi, who is really not been able to endure the stress of carrying Argentina on his shoulders.