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  1. Just as a data point, when I bought my JC-1s on audiogon, the asking price was $3500. I think the resell price is impacted by the original price being $6000/pair, which still shows up in a lot of searches since it was quoted in a lot of the reviews.
  2. I'll take 4 if they are still available. I've added myself to the spreadsheet.
  3. I'm a little confused by your spreadsheet, but I'll take two complete sets of everything, including the 2x PSU option (I think that is what I filled out?)
  4. Now you are just being purposefully obtuse. Basically what you are doing is the equivalent of wandering into a group of people who talking and joking around with each other, and after strolling over and hearing someone jokingly insult their friend, you just jump right in and start insulting everyone to "fit in" and after wondering why you are getting chilling looks, start challenging everyone to a fight.
  5. Tamba Trio (1964) Vinícius & Odette Lara Caymmi Visita Tom Tom Jobim Por Maysa
  6. If you (or anyone) decides they want to make a bunch, I'd take about dozen
  7. I hadn't really been following this thread as I don't have any interest in the FiiO E7 or its measurements, but it turns out it was an excellent read (I still haven't read the original review though, and probably won't). I think this is a great thread for people who wonder whether or not they would fit in here and what this forum is all about. NwAvGuy, I think you are being a little overly defensive. I think the folks here want to like you, but I think you need to learn to have a little humility and understand how to take criticism. You talk about things in sweeping generalizations, but when i
  8. Ah, yes, thanks for bringing up the extended back. Without it, there is really only about a half-inch of clearance for your cables; the extended back makes me feel much more confident about ventilation as well.
  9. Agreed. I bought one based on other posts here, and it has been great. Their customer service has also been great as well (I ordered direct).
  10. Isn't pretty much a requirement to do an alignment after installing new tires? I've never heard of someone getting tires professionally installed and not having a balance and alignment being part of the deal. Is the choice between them charging for it, or them not doing it at all? It seems like professional malpractice if they are willing to send you out the door without an alignment. A free alignment ought to be the bare minimum you should receive for their screwup. I think you ought to have all four tires replaced as there is no guarantee that the new ones have been wearing evenly if they ar
  11. Just catching up on this thread. I'm really sorry to hear about this. I know how devastating it can be both financially and emotionally. You'll figure the finances out somehow, I'm glad to see you are giving great emotional support to your wife as well. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.
  12. RAID is absolutely not a backup. I've had RAID systems where the controller malfunctions and destroys the data. RAID is intended to provide higher availability. You might feel good about how your data is redundant until something goes wrong and you lose everything anyway. There is no substitute for having your data on two separate systems.
  13. Woah, totally forgot about that album. Digging it out now...
  14. Could that behavior not be explained by the amp not getting proper ventilation/overheating and the operating outside the design specs? I think if you want to leave an amp on for a prolonged period of time, you would want to make sure it is properly ventilated.
  15. Glad everything seems to be working again! I'd be interested to hear opinions on your questions as well. Every time I am finished listening to my "earspeakers," I unplug them and short the pins together. I'd like to know if that is really best practice.
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