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  1. Do any DIY experts have any any intel on modding Stax cables to be removable at the earspeaker ala the Stax SR-L700MK2 ? I'm interested because I have a couple of worn out Stax, the cable is fatigued at the strain relief up top and is causing drop outs and static. I've seen youtube vids regarding this fix, but am leery that the connectors used may not be able to safely handle the voltages involved. The connectors are circular four pin mini bayonet style, gold plated pins with what appears to be a black phenolic plastic insulator around them. There is no mention of part numbers used, other than that MrSpeakers sells these connectors. On his website, he states that these connectors are for planar / dynamic phones which we all know are much lower voltage.
  2. Beyond well done. Stunning quality case work!
  3. They are also trending upward. Currently selling for $200 to $600. Not bad for garage sale junk. Yeah they're fun to use too, if you enjoy retro.
  4. Briel made a "replica" that used modern chips, had a smaller form factor and didn't look anything like the original. It did operate and program the same as the original, with some modern twists thrown in. (it could access more memory) His site is still up, but he is no longer in the retro-replica personal computer business. There are currently two guys on ebay that offer exact replica boards and kits. One is in Hong Kong, the other in Italy. I like the idea of "edible gardens". Gonna plant one in the backyard next year when I retire.
  5. Yeah, retro computing is a "thing". Lot of internet forums support it. Oh, I already have an original PET. this one: C64s haven't really appreciated much in value yet. (they will though, with time) Atari 800s are trending upwards. Both are very popular still. (with the retro geeks) One of the best oldies to hold onto are the first Apple II computers. (not the IIe variant) They are selling on ebay for ~$2000+.
  6. Bought all of the obscure, outdated, hard to find parts to build this:
  7. Awesome stack! Which one sounds the best? Who made those beautiful knobs?
  8. Aaron Hernandez supposedly committed suicide in his prison cell.
  9. @mwl168 - Thanks much for posting the schematics! I have a question, what's up with the STN9360 BJTs? Are these an alternate for the other pair of KSA1156 shown? (to be used INSTEAD OF the KSA1156 that are between the tube socket traces) I ask because I've seen a lot of EOL parts spec'd before and SMT seems to be taking over.
  10. I hear ya. Another singer who recently joined the angels at 71, was Rosie Hamlin.
  11. RIP J. Geils. https://www.yahoo.com/music/j-geils-longtime-leader-j-geils-band-dies-233515534.html
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