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  1. ^Wow, that scotch has a good list of allergens disclosed. Would love to know the "crustacean" content!
  2. Oh man, Larry...I have this scrunchy/pained look on my face just reading about all of this and seeing the pictures. Your tone is really straightforward, you must still be in shock over the situation. I'll check in after a while to see how you and McKenna are doing. Really glad that you are able to post here but worried about McKenna's pain.
  3. ^Really nice! I have a Seiko 5 Military and have wanted one of these. But that is just purty.
  4. I love the smokiness of the Havana Club 7 rum. Have you tried making a Papa Doble with it?
  5. True- posted quickly and remembered after I ran out that my friend visited the Buffalo Trace distillery and brought me back a bottle with a buffalo nickel on it. More untruth in labeling. Apologies.
  6. Hmmm, I wonder if this is why I think High West and Eagle Rare taste so similar??: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/07/28/your-craft-whiskey-is-probably-from-a-factory-distillery-in-indiana.html
  7. Einsturzende Neubaten playing or NON-colorful <anything> to hide the speakers. Those colors were really eye-catching.
  8. Congrats! Very sweet-looking too...
  9. I'm trying it, thanks! Quirky interface, I thought I was adding albums to my library but I guess if I hit the back button it does not save them? I'll play with it more tomorrow. Nice to have the content on the MacBook Air anywhere I have a connection.
  10. Al, always wondered: did Palm/Samsung have any special patents around the icons on the screen of the SPH-i300? I had one of these in 2001 and loved it: http://zatz.com/computingunplugged/article/the-samsung-sph-i300-a-great-combination-device/
  11. Cee Tee


    Love playing chess. Bought the movie "Searching for Bobby Fischer" and have subjected all family members to it. Fun to learn about building up attacks on squares to control real estate (rather than just trying to win pieces) and increasing the dynamic value of pieces in relation to the opponent. The subtle things build up and then later positions can seem "beautiful".
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