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  1. is it just the pinout that's different? do the passives need any swaps?
  2. For the Lambdas you can use the SRX Plus or KGSS/KGSSHV/KGST, whichever fits your budget
  3. isn't that just a twisted pair stack inside the dac?
  4. clocks make a difference but it's definitely some last-mile stuff, it's marketed as such I don't see the issue there (other than the nosebleed price) speaking of nosebleed apparently dcs also upgraded their ring dac modules, supposedly costs like 9k to swap them out in existing products
  5. I guess dCS decided that headphone-based systems are now worthy of their time: https://shop.dcsaudio.com/products/lina-system Figured most people would be interested in the amplifier so I put it in this section: DAC includes crossfeed EQ (didn't look into whether it was software/hardware), compute module on the side for either Roon or whatever dCS decides to do in-house. Looks like a scaled down version of their ubiquitous Ring DAC External clock lets you use the DAC with OCXO's instead: Full system cost seems to total 29,150 USD. Price aside I think the casework is pretty cool, I saw esoteric do similar things with some of their new offerings. At this price point though I feel like it'd be more cost-effective just to pick up one of their older offerings (like the Debussy) and hook up a Roon endpoint to that...
  6. My pair just came in, I'll try to keep an open mind comparing it to the 007
  7. Just as a sanity check, with the GU50 substitution you don't really need offboard heatsinks anymore right? the KGST only needed those PCB mounted ones. My idea was just to fix the 10m90s devices to the sides of those hifi2000 cases with the quasi heatsinks, seems like a nice little project to use some of the older boards I have lying around.
  8. the circuit only works properly if you know the designer personally
  9. I think a lot of people are convinced that the obscure stuff they stumble upon in audio is new/bleeding edge/disruptive, moreso when these designs aren't out in the open. That new car smell makes people defensive when technical stuff gets thrown around.
  10. I was going to vote for the c3g/c3m but Pa is 3.5W, sad times edit: total max dissipation is 4.9W
  11. what dac are you using to play dsd? I have a few rips I picked up randomly but I never really looked into DoP etc. Seemed like a bit of a rabbit hole to get into, but it really feels like there's been a strong, sustained push for DSD
  12. Seems like that was the point, he just wanted to get more views his blog post
  13. It's pretty absurd if you think what's inside a product doesn't somehow reflect on the reputation of a company You can't fault other people for making educated assessments just because you don't understand the technical aspects of the design- having a high word count isn't going to make up for that, this isn't headfi
  14. Great work. Is this is for a second build, or are you just floorplanning with spare pcbs?
  15. That guy amir's been popping up everywhere, insufferable
  16. trimming the elastic worked great thanks, is there anything I can apply to the leather to keep it in good condition?
  17. Do you guys know if there's an easy way to get a replacement headband for the 007mk1? I don't even know if Stax still makes that stuff...
  18. I saw some files online for 3d-printing sigma enclosures, has anyone messed with this stuff?
  19. Looks great, good luck with the launch- definitely interested in a unit myself
  20. Can't tell if you're justifying stealing the design or getting mad that you got exposed, maybe it's both
  21. I got burned pretty hard buying some random parts from him, bad times
  22. I have one of Birgir's Omegas, I'm mildly curious to compare the O1 O2 and X That price tag is brutal though
  23. Nice build, did you get the angle-brackets done by the same shop?
  24. You guys see any issue powering the attenuator with switchers? Was thinking the meanwell stuff used in the smd ss dynalo, irm series
  25. I powered on my Carbon without any headphones and I heard music...coming from the amplifier- specifically the potentiometer (4CP-2508S). It also wasn't attenuating at all- turns out I forgot to connect L-/+ and R-/+ common pins together and that fixed everything, but I swear I can still hear something (albeit attenuated compared to before) when nothing's plugged in. Have any of you guys encountered this? FWIW I'm using the version with the divider shields
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