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  1. It mostly boils down to the fact that the HE60 doesn't annoy me as much as the He90. Less diffused and with better bass and a believable soundstage. The HE90 is smoother and more rounded but I'd still go for the HE60 every time as they fit my head better.
  2. What output tubes are you designing it for? The BH is pretty complicated but it is good as a space heater when it gets cold up here in Iceland...
  3. Transformers= more dynamic sound Amps= more detail It's not really that cut and dry but that would be a good baseline
  4. Depend really on what you are looking for as it is a toss up between the extra dynamic sound or the intimacy and detail retrieval of an OTL amp. I prefer the amps but you could get a used T1 cheap so that might be the better choice.
  5. spritzer


    Lets all just forget out that. There were different speakers in the pilot. I was pretty angry when the second episode was show and thery had swapped out the speakers for something small. Btw. This weeks episode was simply brilliant.
  6. That's part of the cable assembly and the only description I've ever hear is that the contact pins are crimped onto the cable. There could be some solder underneath as that's how Stax normally prepares the cables.
  7. spritzer


    He has Duvelle omnis in the apartment and Thor Audio electronics though they were stolen in one episode. You should really find the original pilot as the speakers in the office were different, Audiostatic electrostatic speakers. Really tall but slim speakers.
  8. I sent a message but haven't heard back. No matter really as I'd really like to start out with a 230v unit and they can be had cheap in Asia. If I find a APL 3910 I'll have that upgraded to full 32bit spec and spend the rest on speakers and all my amp projects. Well I hate to admit it but even I am selling a bit off the collection. :'(
  9. spritzer


    Yay. That is a great show and Hanks hi-fi was pretty good, Avid TT, some krell gear... I read an interview with the shows creator and he was shocked by how much the show was liked in Europe and that it didn't need to be on any restricted channels. Heck it's at 9pm on Sunday nights up here
  10. It's not that much so 5w should be plenty. Dumping huge amounts of power into a SRD-7 is a moot point as speaker amps deliver much more current while the voltage stays pretty much the same and stats need voltage. Way to go preaching the gospel
  11. There is no solder in the O2's AFAIK. Lead free solder is fine but you just have to know how to use it...
  12. That few huh... damn stop planting ideas in my head... I'll drop the seller a line and see what happens. Now I've got to get some sleep.
  13. Backups on a separate drive structure are for wusses...
  14. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... He's had it for awhile but never used it. I'm so happy that there are people just as crazy as me out in the world The parts could be better but I'd like to sample it and see if building my own, the way I like it is something worth pursuing. While the amp is similar to the HEV90 it is by no means the same so all comparisons are moot. A fully upgraded unit will not be cheap though as the amp parts are 2.5-3.5k$ easily and then there is the question about a new PSU... It could be very nice with a simple unregulated, tube rectified supply filled with vintage NOS PIO caps. I'm searching for a UX-1.... I almost jumped on the black one on Audiogon this morning but I'd really prefer a silver one. Must have something to do with seeing a glacier many times a day...
  15. The sad part is the most designers have lost that drive towards more accurate systems and have instead landed on some strange plateau of manufactured hi-end sound. This is why this there are all these small niche markets to satisfy the true music lovers that don't buy into the high-end crap. I can listen to music on just about anything but I have my rigs to get closer to the music, not to paint a pretty picture of how it should be.
  16. He does have two Aristaeus amps... I might buy one of them though, just for kicks. My He90 is ohh so lonely... :'(
  17. There was no lead in the Mk1 but the finish was made using some chemicals that aren't allowed under the ROHS mandate. They only needed to change that but they also fixed the few issues that had surfaced in the 9 year production run and most of those were tied to the earpads.
  18. I would certainly try some other cables as well as try to remove all power filters and such. Silver rocks! Yup
  19. While a PIMETA isn't high end most of the real high end is DIY with hand made parts that would cost a fortune to make and the circuits optimized to perfection. There are only a handful of companies that make a no compromise stab at the high end while there are hundreds of DIY attempts because those individuals weren't happy with what the hi-fi industry was producing. The chassis work should be focused the best layout while being functional and not pretty so you can show off to your friends.
  20. Convergent Audio Technology, hugely powerful tube amps that produce gobs of heat. Look up the JL1 and JL3
  21. The fart is mostly gone and the bass has been altered with the new earpads so unlike the Mk1 which boomed away totally uncontrolled on a table the Mk2's have no bass unless they make a good seal on the head. This is similar to the 4070 and the owner of the working unit said it has even more bass punch then the Mk1. The acoustical loading of the drivers has changed so they might be slightly easier to drive but not by much. I'm still waiting on the Japanese street price for a SR-007A before I buy one though I'd really like an export model.
  22. We always disagree... but we can get serious here for a second. What other IC's have you tried then the VD stuff? All the VD's I've tried are so horribly colored that I wouldn't use them on my clock radio. All that metal creates a lot of skin effect and all that RF shielding kills the high frequencies. You could ask Alex to bring some of his cables or sample some cheap silver cables like the Kimber Select and Ridge Street Audio. Btw. I was almost a member of the APL family this week, but the unit is found wasn't the real deal, so say thanks to Alex from a crazy Icelander when he brings you the NWO3.0GO.
  23. You would be surprised by just how much the earpads on the SR-007 matter. They are completely useless after about 3 years of use and the phones sound like crap so a totally new design like those on the Mk2's might be something very special.
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