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  1. I don't think he bought the nr.249 that did the rounds on HF and ebay but the broken set that was on Y!JP. I'm not sure though...
  2. I call them atmospheric as they don't have the fake and diffused soundstage of the HE90. They are very "audiophile" sounding a point which darth nut made in his epic comparison. If you haven't read it it is here: http://db.audioasylum.com/cgi/m.mpl?forum=general&n=80474&&r=&session= Ahhh so you bought that one... Mine were forced over the box for the photos but the arc is in pretty good shape.
  3. So our sets weren't made that far apart. Pretty cool! The comfort is pretty good but they are always a bit loose on the head even with the headband as low as possible.
  4. I knew about that site but I've never seen phones with the stock drivers that had the aluminum cartwheels. Those pictured there are replacement drivers from Stax not that they are available any more... It's a shame that the site isn't there in its original form as it had loads more info and comparisons. If they are brown then they are from the original run. Stax had the new black pads made in 2003 when the old stock ran out. They they are black I don't know. You can also get a new cable for them but it's light brown like the current cable and not dark like the original. If you remove the pads then you can see the date of manufacture or if they were repaired. Here is the sticker on mine: They are comfortable but the pads are too stiff and the vinyl/leather combo isn't all that great.
  5. Now I'm all alone here...
  6. It's the spikes emitting from the black rubber dot in the middle on the outside of the driver. If they are clear then they are the original plastic version but if they are gray it's the later aluminum version. I've never seen one with the aluminum version except on some replacement drivers. Are those the original pads they are sporting or have you put on some new black ones?
  7. It's a bit amusing right now that NBC were going to cancel the Office after the first season but now can't get enough with longer episodes and a larger order.
  8. Nik is an idiot that thinks there is something magical about hi-fi and how it works. Add that to being gullible to the crap manufacturers spew and it is one bumpy ride with everything he hears being the next great thing.
  9. You certainly can! Does the SR-Ω have plastic or aluminum cartwheels? You can see them on the outside of the drivers. Congrats again!!
  10. It's the Nova Signatures that I don't really like all that much. It's a fine headphone but lacks the "spark" of the Signatures and they are much more like the 404 and SC1 then the older Lambdas. The Sigmas are an acquired taste and I agree with the founder of Stax that the SR-Sigma (properly driven) is one of their best phones. The Pro's aren't as good but still pretty nice. The Signatures can reach 500$ or more for a good set.
  11. Nope, I'm pretty sure I'm correct on that one. Still it's not as bad as the 555 which I gave a friend so I'd get it out of my sight...
  12. There isn't much there to begin with and those that like the 650 are high on crack. The 600 can be ok from amps that compensate for its faults but my 1978 Fostex T-50 is a much better phone if you look past the comfort. Damn orthos and their flat pads.
  13. He has sold his and the new owner should have them soon and it is not our baby elephant... I hope you do get a set. It's a shame the replacement parts look nothing like the stock ones.... Me... bonkers.....? Say it ain't so!!!
  14. It's just me being unclear as usual. What i meant is that a dedicated line is probably the best upgrade you can ever do as there is nothing contaminating the power as computers, dvd players etc. do. The Power 3 isn't only stiff but very heavy.
  15. Different kinds of PC's affect PSU''s and thus components in a different way. Good linear PSU's need simple cords made of high quality materials with no nonsense filtering while crappy linear and switching PSU's need a cord with some way of eliminating the crap they are delivering back into the mains as well as they are picking up from other components. Eliminating the hi-fi from any and all computers is a huge leap forward.
  16. I really do like the He60 and while I find the He90 to be overrated and insanely priced it is a very good headphone. So you found one?? Congrats!!
  17. This is the Stax thread and your in trouble now....
  18. The best part is when you open up a Power 3 cord as I did when I reterminated mine. It's a garden hose filled with ferrite powder and the wires are the same you would find in your wall except it is stranded and no one in their right mind would use that. It's a big waste of space like all the VD stuff.
  19. I just love Ray's reason for not "designing" an electrostatic amp. It's because the bass isn't good... Those idiots are always waiting for the next great dynamic to come along and have never even heard how musical a vintage 'stat can be.
  20. The whole oppressed environment on HF can get on my nerves but they keep out of the Stax threads but this impending Stax FOTM flood is a concern...
  21. Hi Dimitri and welcome to the "other" forum. Less BS and we can swear as much as we like. They say that the drivers are the same so they should be as efficient as the Mk1's. The pads are different and I suspect that there is a small port somewhere hidden in them to damp the stax fart but that wouldn't cause this. I would definitely buy a T2 Mk2 if it has the name plate like the original had. I'd really like my name on Stax amp...
  22. I like the silver more but I'll get a black one so it will look more different from my Mk1's. The first impressions aren't all that promising but I suspect that there is something wrong with that set. It's only the 4070 that has no bass until you get a good seal and that is all down to their design.
  23. Go here for some good shots of the new SR-007 Mk2. I don't like the price though... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270183246187&ru=http%3A%2F%2Fsearch.ebay.com%3A80%2Fsearch%2Fsearch.dll%3Ffrom%3DR40%26_trksid%3Dm37%26satitle%3D270183246187%2509%26category0%3D%26fvi%3D1
  24. It looks like we have another follower...
  25. There is a thin layer of faux fiberglass lining the earcup and partially blocking the dipole backwave. I simply removed it and the foam lining the cup as you can see here:
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