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  1. Here is the back story to this "review". Enjoy! http://www.audioasylum.com/audio/digital/messages/13/133060.html
  2. Yup, that's why I'm not getting sucked in by that idiotic comment. I guess he'll say anything to further his hole digging...
  3. I have a Sony DAC and I love it to bits... No Sony headphones for me but I wouldn't mind a SS-R10 or two...
  4. You have to buy this model through the distributors and they all very eager to add their cut to the price. They would be around 150000YJP in Japan but well over 2k$ in the US. Its even worse on this side of the "lake" due to the VAT.
  5. This website is getting a lot of flak right now on AA. I don't care who's right but is sure is fun to see other people argue...
  6. It really sucks that we can't get them from Japan. Stupid Stax and their dealer policy...
  7. http://www.stax.co.jp/Pdf/Export/SR007MK2-brochure-s.pdf The SR-007 Mk2 has been released! It's too bad it is an export model only so no cheap prices through EIFL.
  8. Hey you might not like and thats fine but good headphones should make us think what can be improved in the rig. I think I need to build an Egmont with much better parts then Rudi would ever use and see what Sov thinks...
  9. Nahh I've spent plenty of time with the best in this are, CAT, and it isn't for me. I do like push-pull but paralleling large amounts of tubes will bring out a lot of nonlinear nastiness. I really need to build a small tube amp with usb input for my computer.
  10. I would keep at least one. I just sold off some of my excess but I have a line on a few more Signatures...
  11. I don't buy his crap as he reminds me a little too much of Nik. He swore by a Denon multichannel reciever some years back and said it was a very good headamp. Then came a HR-2 and some Rudistor crap. Nuff' said...
  12. This is also a good summary of my journey. I was awestruck by big balanced SS amps and toob amps with a lot of toobs but as I heard more and I defined what I wanted it was large SET's driving huge capacitors all transformer coupled. A local DIY scene is a god send when you live in a remote place like I do. This does have a few bad side effects as I'm arguing with myself whether I should buy an Aristaeus and I just can't get over how much I have to spend and change to make it usable and I have to build a new PSU for it... I need help...
  13. I might buy a set if I find a cheap one. I tend to go for speakers and headphones based on their technical merit but the HE60 and the open backed SR-Lambda are clear exceptions punching far above their weight class. The SR-Lambda is a mighty fine headphone but they did a real tumbler with the Pro's. The Signatures are stunning though when fed with plenty of voltage and current. Long live vintage Stax as it set the foundation for the excelent phones they make now.
  14. Ahh I'm sorry, I meant had used them for extended periods of time. It is possible to get a good grasp on a headphones sound in your own system in a matter of hours but that necessitates an open mind and a fairly neutral system. It's still pretty far from a through analysis of a headphones signature. Regarding the HE90 they will impress for the first week but then you will start to notice what it is doing wrong and just how much of it is imposed on the music. The SR-007 is a bitch to get right and you need plenty of time to see what they really can do and the amp to match. Some call them picky but I wouldn't have it any other way as they motivate me to do things better and abandon common wisdom.
  15. It's fine to argue about technical merit but bashing based on no knowledge at all is going too far. I love how he defends the horrible Rudistor crap without knowing what the hell he's talking about and he always has to but in despite being a MOT.
  16. Did you hear a stock unit? Many of the 300SEI's have been modified because you can rework some of the bad things Cary did.
  17. He's always been like this. He attacked me time and time again because of my take on the HE90 all because he heard it once at a NY meet and it was the best ever. Complete idiot with an agenda.
  18. Sovkiller is such an idiot so I can't wait for his replies... I did quite enjoy the argument where he said I couldn't have the Egmont schematic and Rudistor amp weren't badly built paperweights...
  19. The Ven Haus cable (Jupiter) is very good but the best you can get is Audio Consulting unless you are willing to have something specially made or you can find some of the age annealed Kondo wire. Thinner is better with silver wire and stay away from Teflon like the plague unless it is several numbers larger then the wire.
  20. You do have a point here but it isn't as cut and dry as people like. All those reviews I've read over the years stating that some component doesn't have any sound and is completely neutral are so full of crap because all gear will have some sound of its own. This is why I rank the He90 as euphonic and the SR-007 as neutral because the He90 leaves a huge mark on the music but the SR-007 doesn't. It's not completely neutral but they sure as hell are accurate. I'm well aware that most audiophools still cling on to the old standards where accurate meant dry, bright and lifeless sound and euphonic was a warm, syrupy mess. These terms are good as they are easy to understand but very far from the truth and very outdated. You can a very musical sound that isn't euphonic and dry, Monitors are very colored devices as they are all a bit dry but they are supposed to be like that. A lot of people use the BBC monitors and PMC speakers in their homes and love them to bits as they don't conform to the stereotypical monitor sound.
  21. I can see now why you would prefer the Lambdas with their bloated bass. Nothing wrong with that but we are clearly polar opposites here. Don't bring up that idiot. He could be the poster boy for why everybody hates the Swedes.
  22. You should know by now that there is only one truth... It's not some overblown and muddy, one note mess as most dynamics so I'd rather say understated in term of bloom but with depth, texture and detail that's hard to match.
  23. Most people with a clue about how all of this stuff works move closer to the truth but there are always exceptions. Some members of HF spring to mind that think the sound is produced by pixie dust.
  24. Thanks for that... now I have to buy a L3k...
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