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  1. I just wanted to pass this along for my friend who's hosting a fundraiser for the Equal Justice Society on December 7th, 6-9PM at Yoshi's San Francisco. Tickets are discounted for a limited time at $70 from originally $200! They are also tax-deductible! Description is: The Equal Justice Society celebrates its 10th anniversary on Dec. 7, 2010, with a gala fundraiser at Yoshi's San Francisco, featuring a performance by Marcus Shelby Jazz Orchestra of new songs from "Soul of a Movement: Meditations on Martin Luther King, Jr." The concert also features Faye Carol and Kenny Washington. T
  2. i'll bring my k1000s to check it out headphone amp too right?
  3. Congrats Gene!...if there is an amp that improves upon my zanden with the k1k, then I'm glad that you found it! Hope you enjoy many hrs of happy listening
  4. supposedly it is actually at the assemblers being made right now...he promised that the final version was the one at the meet. he said it should be in a couple of weeks for shipment. will leave it to others to talk about impressions as i only spent a few minutes listening to it.
  5. I've been bugging Craig about it since the technics table I got is just sitting there. He said he just needs some time to sit down and crank them out...sigh...so no date yet. On the positive side, he said the price would be in the neighborhood of $800 Will keep bugging him though
  6. No. 3? o_O Just looked on the back of mine and see No. 3 too. Yeah, still happy listening to mine. Still going through the different 6fg8s. You can get some really good performance from the 6f8g tubes for less money at least when i compare against the TS round plate. Not sure how long that'll last as prices seem to be creeping up and up.
  7. hmmm...I didn't think they were too similar. I briefly tested it last weekend at Dan's mini meet. Dan could probably give a better description as he currently has both. TS 6sn7 sounded extremely smooth, clear...highs extended so well. Could see why people love these tubes. TS 6f8g in comparison sounded warmer, more musical. Music felt more intimate. It wasn't muddy at all though...just a different presentation. I would definitely want to have both as I think they're complementary not better or worse. Their prices have really shot up recently though...
  8. My amp experience: Zanden 300b (current)...stopped looking after hearing it together. Air Tight 300b...demoed at local audio shop. maybe just as good as Zanden but can't say. Moth 300b...prefer Zanden, but pretty close Woo Audio 5...prefer Zanden, but also pretty close B22...good, but strongly prefer 300b amps over it. Under meet conditions. Singlepower Extreme...owned it for a time. Just OK. somewhat harsh and couldn't drive it properly. Balancing Act...TBD, waiting to find a 1/4in adapter to test.
  9. I'm game for anything depending upon when. sigh...still haven't tested it at home yet. Hopefully, I'll have some brief listening time this afternoon. Really need to hear how this version sounds with the hd800s!
  10. hopefully, he can hand deliver a couple on his trip to the norcal meet
  11. That sounds like the best explanation...I just cannot get into the O2s even though I've tried to hear them in many different systems. K1000s tone is just perfect for me...
  12. interesting results and thanks for sharing. hmmm...i really do not know how i can reconcile this review with what i've experienced. i know the k1000s very well but I've also heard the 02s with the BH and BHSE multiple, multiple times and never really liked the 02s. each time i read these reviews, i think...wow...maybe i should give these a try and each time i listen to them at meets, i never like them. I even pre-ordered the BHSE based on impressions with the o2s, but after listening to them, did not go through. i can only say it's always sounded thick and heavy to me. Nothing seemed o
  13. Hey Dan....Happy Birthday!
  14. Just ordered after I saw Todd's post. Hopefully I get one of the last 10. I listened to them at CJ and liked my vintage RS1s better, but would like to spend more time with them and really see. If not, well still happy with the RS1s
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