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  1. This sounds like old news. Maybe I'm just behind the curve.
  2. Then either take it up with Richard, or you had a freak surge while those were hooked up. One's more likely than the other.
  3. Can they be upgraded to a completely different brand?
  4. Doesn't exactly run, but my favorite build in the HBS Battletech game is a King Crab with dual AC20s and as many SRMs as I can fit. It takes a while to get into range, but once it does, it literally deletes any enemy from existence.
  5. I sold all my books ages ago, though I wish I held onto them. I had TRO 3025, TRO 3050, all the house sourcebooks, etc. The clan invasion was interesting enough, but the story just goes so off the rails afterwards, and I prefer the more traditional political intrigue of the older storylines. Edit: Here's the intro for HBS's Battletech game. You'll recognize a number of names and events.
  6. Should've been more, but even with only a single championship he can still happily lay claim to being one of the cleanest drivers on the grid. I'll always prefer that over someone who races dirty to get more wins.
  7. Yeah, although I like them, I've always been disappointed with the heavier focus on the Mechwarrior games than something closer to the tabletop. Mechcommander was pretty nice back in the day, but the HBS Battletech was an incredibly pleasant surprise. Though it still has that x-com influenced gameplay the Shadowrun games do, it's still pretty distinctive and familiar to the tabletop. I think the thing I appreciate the most about the current Battletech game is its set before the Clan invasion so there's no stupid bullshit from that, though there is a little bit of Lostech thrown in the mix.
  8. The current Battletech PC game is pretty damn good, even if it's taken a heavy dose of X-Com.
  9. The Iceman is finally retiring from his hobby. We'll miss you Kimi. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTSUHnoDG4L/?utm_medium=copy_link
  10. Battletech actually. I wanted a way to more easily play it with people online since I didn't really know many people locally who played it. I did all the backend work implementing the board state, rules, movement and line of sight calculations, etc, then kinda abandoned it when I got to having to implement visuals and UI. Even without any graphics the performance was abysmal, as you'd expect trying to do anything big with Python on the hardware of those days, so it's probably for the best I never finished it.
  11. You say that like I didn't originally cut my teeth on python then. Getting used to 3.x is a world of difference from what I once knew. I actually got permission from a professor to use his equations in a project I was working on around then, for a game I was making in Python.
  12. One Day (TM) Maybe the same day us Python devs get some respect. One can hope.
  13. I think you overestimate the difficulty of using Linux. I myself used to use it as my primary OS for a while until I switched back to Windows solely for gaming reasons. A few quirks, but it kinda Just Works. I even have a Linux VM I use for things like recovering old disks, which Windows absolutely sucks at. Plugged an old HDD into Windows... it sees a blank drive and offers no other option than to format it, link it to the VM and Linux immediately recognizes its original format and recovers it with all data in tact. But. Linux is not a great option for casual use, I'm 100% agreed on that. It's the OS equivalent of a straight razor, very powerful, but easy to hurt yourself if you don't know what you're doing.
  14. This may come as a surprise, but have you considered a desktop PC? Very servicable if it has problems, quite affordable, and you're not locked into anything. Even with hardware prices the way they are, I'm pretty sure you could put together a PC that will do everything you need for less than the cost of a laptop.
  15. You had me at Sting. Edit: Sting was literally one of my first crushes on a man.
  16. Well I imagine it doesn't have El Guapo, so that's a negative.
  17. Aside from the first season being a bit hit or miss, The Grand Tour is a pretty great continuation of the sort of thing people who watched them on Top Gear enjoyed. Clarkson may not be the best person around (to put it mildly), but the three of them have such a perfect chemistry together.
  18. I don't blame her, I wouldn't wanna know about your raspberry shaving habits either if I didn't have to.
  19. Yeah, it's a pain, but at least this time the fraudsters picked a time when I don't really need to use it in the few days until the new one arrives. Much more convenient than when they did it right before I was going out of town.
  20. Checked my online banking this morning to find a couple fraudulent charges on my debit card. 😒 Called my bank as soon as customer service hours started, and got a dispute filed and new card issued with a five minute phone call. So at least that part was painless.
  21. I'd definitely be a lot more comfortable using a table saw with something like a SawStop on it, because table saws scare the bejeezus outta me. You gotta remember, 10" is small to someone like him.
  22. Fitz


    Well that's disappointing then.
  23. What's with those wimpy little hammer taps?
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