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  1. I read that a long time ago, pretty sure I was still in school; don't remember all the details but I remember quite enjoying it, insofar as one can enjoy a book about such a dark event.
  2. Fitz


    I'm boycotting Newegg over their absurd and predatory behavior since hardware, GPUs in particular, became scarce. I would recommend others not to shop with them if possible.
  3. Fitz


    I do need a better DAC after I sold Doug my AA DAC, this Schitt one is alright but honestly not really doing it for me. $400 is a bit much.. Maybe. Maybe not.
  4. We have different tastes, seeing beans just... there is so unappealing for me. I know it tastes great, but the visual aspect puts me off.
  5. Happy Belated Birthday!
  6. Happy Belated Birthday, Chris! You've celebrated first birthday this year, but what about second birthday?
  7. Happy Birthday!
  8. Depends on how tight the clearance is in the holes, if it's not super tight it'll be a pain because you waste a ton of wick but will come out without too much work. A cheaper socket with flat pins will be ez pz to get back out, while one with round pins that just barely fit, yeah that'll suck trying to get out with wick. I can't say that I've ever actually put a large component on the wrong side before though.
  9. This may be a matter of technique because I've had very little trouble using a wick to desolder components. It only really gets tricky when a pin is attached to a ground plane or similar, but if it's just one pin that will rapidly sink heat like that, it's no big deal since you can just do it last.
  10. Fitz

    Get your game on!

    Resident Evil Village is unlocking at midnight eastern, for anyone who has it preordered.
  11. Yep, that sounds about right for Orlando.
  12. Got my new front brake pads put in. Much better; now if I brake hard, that motherfucker will stop in a hurry.
  13. The kitchen floor here was pretty out of whack before the remodel, but they doubled up some of the joists in the basement and used 4x4 posts to help level it out a bit.
  14. But where's the step to put tinfoil in the fuse holder if the fuse is missing or blown?
  15. The video's from South Africa, I take it? Edit: Apparently it's a modified Toyota Land Cruiser.
  16. Test successful: user dead.
  17. Happy Birthday Kevin!
  18. This never would've happened on postjack's forum.
  19. Not I. I've been good so I wouldn't punish myself with something like that.
  20. Thanks Todd for undoing Brent's damage to the site.
  21. Indeed, nobody will come close to him.
  22. I'll never get over my crush on this man.
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