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    Currently (in alpabetical order) : AKG K1000, Grado SR225, Koss KSC75,Sennheiser HD 25, Sennheiser HD 800, Stax Lambda Pro, SR-303, SR-4070, Omega II Mk1
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    AT-HA2002, SPL Phonitor, Philipps SBC HD 1502U, SRD-7 Pro and SRD-7 Mk2 driven by a Tripath T2020 based amp or a CEC Amp3300
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    Electrocompaniet ECD-1 fed by an RME Digi 96/8 Pad vie AES/EBU or a simple Marantz CDP via Coax
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    good speakers
  1. I was focused on other hobbies for some time and I was just directed to this thread to illustrate that head-case has evolved into yet another place with a rather bad signal/noise ratio where personal experience isn't mandatory. Just like head-fi with the benefit of no ads .......... I hope these 3 pages of wasted time are an exception of the rule that unsubstantiated bla without any personal experience isn't what head-case is about. The look and feel has changed anyway since I was here last time and maybe such threads are marked now with a sign that indicates "thread contains no valuable
  2. That was probably before they adapted the price to the declining exchange rate. Maybe you missed it but the value of the US$ compared to the € did drop like a stone since the crisis began. The price of the earpads seems to be still the old one though.They do cost almost twice as much in Germany, and the original headpad wasn't available here at all when I asked last year.They did recommend to utilize the HD650 part instead.
  3. It's not easy to comprehend what this hobby-Schr
  4. Well, did anyone actually try the iPoop mod? I thought personal experience is mandatory here -- before you ridicule an idiotic modification. I'd like to try it since a similar cheap trick once did work well in transforming a L3000 from mediocre to quite good so a change of the HD800s to even better is not entirely impossible but I don't own T-shirts except two $70 boutique T-shirts ..... Oh wait, that would turn this cheap trick into a high end modification by utilizing selected boutique parts.
  5. This is a lost case. The main target group of the music industry (at least as far as music for the masses is concerned) already grew up with overly compressed music.They are now used to it and even demand it. There's probably no way back. It's like mexican meals.Mexicans are used to it and call it "spicy", middle europeans swear loud and complain about the ruined taste quality.After having breathed fire for several minutes, naturally. Most mexicans wouldn't appreciate nouvelle cuisine because of the perceived lack of spice, and the average kid perceives prewar music as lame.
  6. That's true, due to lacking distribution channels (except Grado) american amps engineered and sold by small businesses are quite rare in Europe.Also you can't buy them used from american headcasers or headfiers in order to keep the losses low in case of dislike due to the weird american voltage, and due to lacking service the resale value in Europe is quite questionable. I'm into headphones audio for almost ten years now and I've auditioned almost any headphones of past and present but although I have attended some huge meets and lots of mini meets and I've owned ~ 15 amps myself I can easil
  7. Recently I've spent about 60 listening hours with a Phonitor. I don't have much to add to Dreadheads concise and striking review. There's not much you can say about a "wire with gain" amp except that they are quite rare (in contrast to what members of team all-ss-amps-sound-the-same propagate ). The crossfeed is by far the best on the market, period. I've owned headroom and Meier crossfeed, the latter built-in and stand-alone, and I have tested several DSPs.The SPL crossfeed is the best .IMO, naturally. Nevertheless I did return the amp.(The amp came with a 30-days-no-questions-asked r
  8. May I add a kind of a bonus CD (originally an EP containing 4 songs) to your list called "Voices in my Head" .These are songs that didn't make it onto "Out of Myself" "Voices in my Head" was originally a fan club CD not generally available but later on when the band had gained popularity it was sold in Poland to the public and nowadays it should be available everywhere since InsideOut has reissued it.It's now a CD with 5 studio songs and 3 songs from "Out of Myself" played live. My personal favorites are "Second Life Syndrome" and the newest "Anno Domini High Definition" so our taste does
  9. The LEDs on my ECD-1 are anything but bright.In fact they are almost invisible in daylight and they don't bother at night. I love it this way and I've praised the Electrocompaniet designers for their thoughtfulness but maybe the former owner has modded it.
  10. This is quite expensive and there's a customs border in the way that will probably further add substantially to the costs ...........
  11. 41,95 Euros + 6 Euros shipping costs (4 Euros inside Germany) to adresses in The EU from H
  12. Cosmopragma


    What a drama to keep a moniker with a post count of 9. I thought half of the populace here is banned over at head-fi Anyway, I guess it's time for a new incarnation ........ Not exactly. Expecting someone on the internet to tell the truth is a weird concept anyway, milady. Getting caught at it is certainly bad for the reputation though so into the trash can with the "HardHead" screenname.
  13. You are all wrong. The man is a genius. His client asked him to destroy JenaLab's reputation. His approach is way more successful than any direct attack could ever be. Admirable .......
  14. Really. The Ed9 you've sold to me didn't sound as good as regular Ed9s, that's for sure. Several listeners were able to detect the difference, and head-fi member RichterDi even did have two other Ed9s at his disposal at the time of the comparative test.The other ones sounded the same, no. 357 did sound different.Even RichterDi's wife was easily able to to tell them apart, and she's not interested in the headphones hobby at all. I'm glad Ultrasone did repair no.357 for free although it is a reimported Ed9 without german warranty. I feel responsible for what I sell even when I didn't know abou
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