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  1. It seems they are going with a different connector or possibly no connector. The new Ether E reminds me when wachara put his own electrostatic drivers into a Hifiman HE 500 enclosure.

    I'm not a fan of the new pricing schemes as it will be around $4500AUD here in retailers if the headphone is $3000 in the States.

    We need some good stats to fill the void of the $1300-$2500 bracket that will be competitive with the used O2 market.

  2. On 08/04/2017 at 5:12 PM, Tachikoma said:

    So...  how do you guys get balanced drivers when recoating the drivers? I've tried to recoat my SR-5 drivers a few times now, and the balance has been an absolute pain in the ass to get right.

    Re-coating it a few times helps. I've never run into any issue with imbalance problems after both drivers are coating, be it anti-static gel/spray, staticide or self mixed/dissolved elvamide or however you spell it.


    The key is to ensure the diaphragm is coated evenly across the surface area and not one side more so then the others. 

  3. 4 hours ago, kunalraiker said:

    So eventually all SR007's and SR009 will develop this channel imbalance?


    Would that be the case.

    Unlikely. The 009's were affected with some imbalance issue due to theories that Birgir has posted here and on the other site a dozen times. Probably Stax using a different coating or pre-mature batch of drivers.

    The O2's on the other hand have been solid since release, rarely you would see anyone posting issues with those having channel imbalance. At the end of the day how the headphones are handled and stored in the type of environment condition affects whether or not the drivers will turn to cack. Humidity and direct sunlight placement of the headphones can affect the headphones overall. 

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  4. They sure are, more like varnished shut and its a cunt separating the stators from the inner diaphragm ring without putting too much force potentially bending them. I learnt this the hard way with a LNS though it was already broken. Then I found it easier to clean off the varnish around the drivers first leaving a thin coat giving you easier access to the stator and diaphragm ring. Use a very thin, sharp and strong scalpel or surgeon's knife.

  5. Purk don't get too excited for something you miss-read.

    I don't think that amplifier has an Alps RK50 (I would be genuinely interested how they fitted one in there when it is clearly too big due to where the PCB is), the 50KAX4 shows up as one of Alps motorised 4 gang 50kohm pot. 

    The actual part numbers for the RK50 designates it as part of the RK501 series, RK50112A0004 and RK50114A0001 are the dual and quad gang part numbers.


  6. 21 hours ago, wink said:

    Can the victim sue the battery manufacturer for assault and battery...?   :rolleyes:

    Given that manufacturers in China can start up anytime and can close down the very next day means shit all with a potential lawsuit by the product user.

  7. Ok my mistake I have the original T20 v1's. Any mods for them? They sound a bit dark and bit muffled in the low end sound spectrum. I have the T40RP V2 (one that has the T50RP shell). No pads though as the old ones turned to cack. 

  8. It baffles my mind people are selling used, old blackgate high hv rated ps capacitors for many hundreds of dollars but it is complete stupidity for someone to buy them and claim they still sound like new. A fresh, modern CDE, Rifa, Aerovox BHC or equivalent branded cap designed for actual ps duties with excellent ripple and esr figures perform better than NOS or used black gates.

  9. I had the NAD Model 20E many moons ago, also had the similar looking ortho model as well.  It was pretty good sounding after a pad change (mine were flat), same connector as Stax normal bias offerings but not pin compatible. Never tried it on a Stax adapter to see if it is pin compatible. The adapter was similar in many ways to the SRD-5sb though, so I assume only the wiring to the drivers was possibly different.

  10. 1 hour ago, mypasswordis said:

    That's why I never bother buying NOS headphones... first thing I do when I get them is open them up and see what makes them tick :P and sometimes to fix them so that they tick like they're supposed to. Prices definitely keep going up, but you should be able to find one without an adapter/energizer for cheap, and just rewire them for Stax. Do you actually know anyone who owns a SE1000? Only pic I've seen is straight from Pioneer's website. 

    The Pioneer SE100 was introduced in 1971 so if these are indeed all clones they probably came out a couple years later, so mid 1970s

    My Numark did have its original paper receipt and the date was early 1974, also it seems it was sold for about $59.95 back in 1973 based off this copy of an advertisement so the dates do sort of match:

     https://books.google.com.au/books?id=GgkEAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA58&lpg=PA58&dq=numark+es-701+headphones&source=bl&ots=zGAGhTDWYQ&sig=kaOZzaC6nYyZX266P4HHIaHxs0Y&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjmzYLU7KzSAhVJwbwKHX5fCC0Q6AEIRTAJ#v=onepage&q=numark es-701 headphones&f=false

    Have never seen any form of real life pictures of the SE-1000 just Pioneer ad pictures floating about online. The Napolex and Elega electrostatic headphones also are on my look out list. I missed out on a local ebay Elega CR-2074C last year which sold for $150'ish. Anything Elega and Napolex is extremely scarce and rare. The early Napolex units are possibly SR-3 - SR-5 clones drivers and baffle wise in construction but the design is slightly different. I have been on the hunt for the Toshiba electret which I've only seen Birgir own and posted pictures of here many moons ago. There is also the Technics EAH-80 that is quite interesting:










    There are possibly more other unique electret/electrostatic models floating about that never saw the light out of Japan as they are domestic models and its evident that most big Japanese brand manufacturers had some electret or electrostatic headphone in there product lineup. Designs and rebadged models can be traced to Elega, Stax, Pioneer and Audio Technica. Sony is about the only company that never did OEM copies of the former mentioned manufacturers, shame Sony today is not what it was back in the 1960-90's.

    30 minutes ago, Pars said:

    Speaking of older electrostats, anyone recall the Marantz ones from the '70s, ES1 or something like that? My brother and I used to have a set; he may still have them. Were these any good? I can't say I recall being impressed with them.

    The SE-1S and its matching EE-1 adapter? Fairly average sounding I'd put them just a bit below the SR-3N in terms of fidelity (resolution, soundstage, treble, mids, highs and bass), the comfort is quite shit though as the headband clamps fairly tightly to your noggin' if you have a big head.

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  11. Just a bit smaller then the size of my palm. The SR3 drivers are small in comparison. I would pull the driver apart but since I did spend about $170 on this Numark which came in its original box, manuals and in like NOS condition I'm keeping it for collective purposes. Haven't been able to find another used one for cheap, prices have inflated a bit on ebay over the past 2-3 years.

    I've always wanted to own the Pioneer SE-1000 with its matching adapter. Have never seen one come up for sale though.

  12. On 2/25/2017 at 10:30 AM, mypasswordis said:

    Welp, I'll figure out what to do with them when I open them up....

    They look almost identical to these http://www.head-fi.org/t/355709/k-mart-electrostatic-headphones

    K Mart needs to start selling electrostatic headphones again, it will definitely save them from bankruptcy

    I actually posted driver pictures of my Numark ES-701 back in 2015 in this thread. All the Teledyne, Numark, Lafayette and Audiosonic are clones one way or another of the original Pioneer SE-100 electret headphones, the Kmart, Teledyne are just rebadge of the Numark ES-701's. 

    Based on what I've read on Japanese websites, the drivers are designed by Elega (also known as Fujiki Electric), Elega were the very first to make full blown electret headphones before any of the later competitors (Stax and Audio Technica) came into the scene as far back as mid 1960's.

    The drivers are an odd construction and the removal/re-assembly of the baffle and earpads is a PITA.



    Pulled apart (destroyed) Stax electret driver from an SR-60 (SR-30 Japan domestic model).





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