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  1. Well its nothing new that astrostar is still spewing shit over on the other fuckfest forum full of cunts before he got a BHSE and after he heard the KGSSHV.

    The same sort of bullshit non sense pkshan use to post in the old Stax thread about his Lambda Signatures sounding better after 500 hrs of burn in and that all low serial number vintage Lambda Pro's sound better. What a crock of shit.

    SUMR transformers aren't even made in China to begin with, unless Richard is sourcing all the stuff in China nowadays?

  2. Spritzer, Massdrop has the Hifiman HE-350 for about $130 USD shipped, looks like a good candidate to have some electrostatic drivers put into.


    Another thing I saw your picture 2 pages back with the headphone display, your SR-1 and 3's appear to have different pads as they usually are more flat (at least the SR-1's I had was) did you refoam them or used a custom pad? Also how goes the sound of the SR-5  with O2 pads?

  3. Look at the date that was about the time when i first joined and no long after less then 50 posts at the time which I commented in (if memory serves me right) namaanf b22 for sale thread. Stop digging up old shit just because you assume I`ve been spamming hc with garbage the whole time. If i did I would been banned long time ago.

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  4. 59 minutes ago, Sherwood said:

    I'm not speaking only of your last few posts, I'm speaking of the entirety of your time here and elsewhere.  


    It seems you follow me around with great interest, I applaud your attention to detail but first of all so you're saying everything I have posted thus on Stax headphones that I have opened up, even most things that have been mentioned and proven by Birgir and Kevin Gilmore before, various diy with the actual thing in front of me has been garbage so far? I suggest you take the time to trawl through the threads that I have posted in before and open your eyes and read what most of my 700ish posts have been on so far. If it contained any garbage so you have suggested Birgir or any of the other knowledgeable diy'ers here would've called it out and I would've been given a warning from Dan to re-read the welcome message many times over again and again.


     It matters because the primary actor in Chinese IP theft is not a series of private companies or "shady individuals", as you intimate, but a codified branch of the Chinese military tasked by law with doing exactly this.

    Aka the Chinese government or corrupt government officials that condone this.


    but a codified branch of the Chinese military tasked by law with doing exactly this.

    You're not even on the same page as I am. With high quantity mass produced small electronics, re-engineering of small electronics most of that is done so with privatised companies (like Hifiman as a rough example). I have family members who live in China who own and run there own businesses with annual turn over profit in the hundreds of million yuan renminbi and some that work for various sectors of government, year after year they get reports of the local crackdowns (in the past half decade) from folks selling pirated media (movies/music) and software to domestically designed electronics on the streets (something actually prohibited to doing today) have been mostly from small time companies with no relation to the government. They get shut down, massively fined and move on and another company takes there place (the recent baby milk powder problem proves a fine example). While you do have a point and I don't disagree if you look at it overall view of IP theft and copyright issues and the bigger thefts in USD $ (damage ratio) then that's where the main actors come in the which is the corrupt sectors of the Chinese government.

    Why do they do it? At the end of the day which I posted 1 page back, money.



    2 hours ago, DefQon said: Well that was so long ago that it is irrelevant to todays time.

    This is simply an ignorant world view.  You post a lot of garbage, but this is too much to go uncommented on.

    China was absolutely a democracy, and the fact that the PRC was allowed to claim the title of "China" impacts all of our lives profoundly.  None more so than the poor souls who have to live there.

    And tell me how is this relevant to China today making fake products, producing non genuine goods and getting away with all sorts of copyright and intellectual property issues?

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    Please tell me where in my last few posts I have been posting garbage. Please enlighten me sir.

  6. China was never a democratic country (but could maybe one day) and is a communist country (the current government and president is a shit head).

    You also further prove my point, they do it for the money. As for best products made if I say from a build quality perspective definitely Europe (German and Swiss) high end brands. US? Not so much with the exception of Krell and few others. I have had my equal share of poorly built US made audio products before.

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  7. Thats just your share of bad luck with places you have come across or things you have seen or used don`t forget these people are acting as criminals in what they do for the sake of being greedy and making money. People do whatever they can to make more money and that applies to every country. People kill for money, people endanger the lives of others to make money, people create problems to make money and produce fake products to make money. Money has always been a driving factor and a creation of problems around the world. If not money then its religion but that isn`t something I`ll be discussing further as Dan won`t allow it. I`ve gone off topic enough.

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  8. I wouldn't go to the extent and say everything is fake but the whole copyright, patent licensing, intellectual property and ownership mean nothing to a large % of folks in China.

    What Kevin should do is drop in a friendly email to Flux Labs and ask them "Did I give you guys permission to make money off my schematics?" but again I've never heard Kevin say his schematics is free for anybody to use as general purpose alike to the GNU GPL license in the software world. Though all of Kevins schematics are copyrighted.

  9. 50 minutes ago, astrostar59 said:

    I don't think that is correct. There is copyright protection and there is general plagiarism. It that amp was shown to steal 95% of the original it could indeed be fought in the courts. Russia and China seem to expect to get away with these things, but companies that pursue this usually get results (compensation and sales blocking).

    Even if thought in the courts its a useless and effortless notion because especially in China the shady individuals that close or get shut down or go into hiding today will only be replaced by another shady individual or group tomorrow. I mean the manufacturing business in China is booming, materials are cheap, labour is cheap, business is there and high in demand they can easily open a factory and do what they want without the next door neighbour knowing what they are doing, when they disappear and etc. You compare that to more structured and hierarchical civilised countries like the States, UK, Australia etc there are heavy regulations, copyright and patent licensing, stringent laws and government agencies that make sure the rest of the population is in line. With over a billion people in China and a corrupt government they don't know there ass from there elbow and its harder and much less effective to keep a watch on what's going on.

  10. Quote

    MTBF (mean time between failures) is a measure of how reliable a hardware product or component is. For most components, the measure is typically in thousands or even tens of thousands of hours between failures. For example, a hard disk drive may have a mean time between failures of 300,000 hours.


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