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  1. Hmm wonder if the dark signature could be due to the earphones dark colour.
  2. Hmm, they are no replacements for those parts? I sent a quick enquiry for leftover stock. I have a friend somewhat connected with the company.
  3. Justin, do you mean Lenesas or Renesas. I live in malaysia, maybe i can do a quick inquiry. Might be easier if you buy from the source. Not sure of volume required though. We only have renesas here.
  4. And the NAD is currently available for sale and demo at my place. Right after i got the momentum.... Gah. I hope the difference isnt that big.
  5. recently got the momentum. Not sure if tyll mentioned it, but its abit echoey(very faint) when i first used it. Cant really hear it now as i might be used to it. NOt sure if soundstaging or reverb issue. Does the nad have this problem?
  6. http://oswaldsmillaudio.com/loudspeakers Am i the only one who love their designs?
  7. http://oswaldsmillaudio.com/cables Must say, these look good. Compared to the revelation audio one's. My current rule of thumb for cable's is clear casing.
  8. ah, the last time they were there, they paired the sr-009 with a a cary intergrated amp with an energizer. Next time then. Yes and no, for many, the owners themselves showed up. Jerry harvey was at the last one, along with rudistor, My Suyama of Fitear, and Mr Takai of Final Audio Design etc.
  9. Completely out of topic but i have no idea how to PM justin. I saw that headamp was going to be at the mook festival in Singapore. Will you be there and will the BHSE+Stax Sr009 combo be coming along? No idea how else us south-east asians are ever going to get to hear that combo without flying to the states. =D Thanks
  10. Every time i visit head-case, i see brands i previously admired ripped apart. Alo,RSA,Cavalli etc. Stupidity and gullibility due to good marketing does cost money. Reading reviews of people talking about how the cable revealed another layer of the music their previously 5000 dollar cable could not open makes me go =___=. Now, im very apprehensive about buying something even if it sounds good. And there is only one innerfidelity.com I think there should be a thread where makes of audio products whose items have been thoroughly ripped apart, photographed and have been checked by trusted members should be listed. Purely based on the schematics and build quality. I understand there could be advert and possibly self interest threat but i dont see any way around for us non-tech newbies to do some serious research. I saw the internals of the Alo Studio Six and Woo Wes and my only comment was...they look pretty... and almost got one prior to this forum.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=787787761236714&set=a.123653897650107.23805.110473262301504&type=1&theater Here's an indication towards the price of the universal. the rate is RM3.3 to 1 USD
  12. Link? Couldnt find anything.
  13. Pity they dont have universals. The customs are just way to expensive for me. And i'd rather not start at the low end.
  14. http://www.audionote.co.uk/comp/trans/trans_02_output.shtml Mother of all transformers. 10k GBP silver transformers. Explains why their high end SET starts at 170k. No sure how does silver transformers outdo copper ones though.
  15. Heard you got a unit of the fidelio L2 lying around, initial impressions? =D
  16. I actually think alo stuff is pretty nice looking. But no idea why so many different tubes though.
  17. I recently bumped into this site decware, where they make SET amplifiers without circuit boards. Being a complete electrical engineering idiot, Im wondering if there is any merits to it. If im not mistaken, audionote uk does not use circuit boards too. There's the internals to one of his speaker amps. Im quite tempted to put down an order for one just for novelty sake and the lifetime warranty. If im not mistaken he makes headphone amps and kind enough to include the schematics. Quite skeptical about the beeswax caps though. http://www.decware.com/newsite/TABOO.htm
  18. Hi, I'm a newbie to headphones here, thankfully before being fully corrupted by head-fi, i chanced upon the Cavalli LL thread, proceeded to finish the T2 diy thread even though i know nothing of electronics. Just a quick question, at my place, there isnt really a place to buy or test headphones, so im probably buying blind. Im currently thinking of the momentum or X1 (I'm buying them secondhand and the offer price is similar.). Any advice? I listen to songs mostly, lots of vocals and acoustic. occasional pop music. On of the kind of signature i liked, was the Final Audio Heaven 6 and fitear parterre, courtesy of good friends. have not had the chance to listen to JH.
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