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  1. You're an easy one to influence aren't you. Says the guy who has never criticized JH and only recommends JH despite all its issues.
  2. Try the private 333 =) Still better than the angie.
  3. Just in case anyone is interested in the amp spritzer was talking about, heres a really cheap unit on ebay. Its a refurb though. http://www.ebay.com/itm/271789544725?rmvSB=true
  4. Voltron, if i offer an opinion like the one above at any other part of this forum, DIY, Headphones, Amplifiers, Whiskey etc, i probably deserve to laughed out of the room. But in the area of “In Ear Monitors” (Universals in particular), i actually know my stuff and in this case, as im based in Malaysia / Singapore and have access to a much wider variety of IEM’S than you are, I think my opinion has some weight here. (I might be completely delusional though ) JH is a company with a good product and a better marketing team. Their wide customer base of rock stars, ability to start and win the market trends (12 drivers anybody?) and the fact that Jerry is the pioneer and founder of this industry,ensures that they will always have fans and customers in any part of the world. I can’t speak for the western markets. But in South East Asia and japan, they lose out massively at the market where Fitear competes (The 1.5k-2K level), even with the insane markup (40-50%) by dealers outside of japan. Of course, they are people who simply prefer the JH to the Fitears, but they are a minority in my part of the world. You seem to be judging the quality of the product based on its sales. Not exactly accurate, but it has its merits. I bought my Roxannes, not from JH, but from a seller in Malaysia. It was less than a month old and was selling for USD675, roughly half the retail price. The reason being a Fitear TG334 (a 2 year old one at that) that was bought shortly after. The 6 month old TG334 i had, i paid USD1,500 for them secondhand(with an aftermarket cable) and sold it for USD1,700 two weeks after. And the guy literally drove 6 hours to pick them up. http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/headphones-earphones-portable-media-devices-314/need-help-big-decision-fitear-vs-roxanne-4527460.html Here is a short thread from a singapore (An IEM heaven outside of japan) based forum, it’s a relatively good gauge of the sentiment of IEM users in Singapore. If you really want to judge an item’s quality based on commercial terms, base it on its availability and price in the second-hand market. The Headamp BHSE rarely goes up for sale and when it does, it never drops below 5.5k. Headamp stuff always sell close to retail. Mjollnir Audio, close to retail. Schiit, pretty close to retail. JH audio, close to 50-60% value. If you check the Japanese sites, they are already secondhand layla’s and angie’s up for sale, and at 20% less than retail prices, and this is only 1-2 months in. Now, try finding a Fitear TG334. In terms of build quality, I cant speak for JH's CIEM as I have not bought a JH CIEM before, but in terms of the universals(TG 334! to the Siren Series), the Fitears beat the JH handily. The Fitears built are essentially perfect, nothing you can complain about other than the sparse accesories. For the JH, they are very obvious gaps and bubbles in the acrylic, the stem does not seem to have any finishing whatsoever, the bores seem to be an engineering mistake (there is no way to remove wax from them), the brush I had in my set had half the plastic bristles melted and attached to each other (Not an issue in the US as you can just ask for a new one, a major issue in my end of the planet) I want to make a subjective comparison, but I am honestly not cut out to write subjective impressions. And I doubt this is a crowd I can convince with flowery mike mercer words. You need to hear it for yourself. I will say this of JH though, Jerry is a great guy and an innovator, he started this industry basically on his own. Before I heard the TG334, I really loved the Roxanne’s, they were the first earphones that made me dance on the train. In a market without the Fitears (Sounds like the USA), they would be one of the best, but in my end of the world, their value lie about the USD1,000 mark, above the SE846, but below the high end Fitears, and certainly below USD2499. I’m not saying the Layla is not good. Im just saying, before you(or at least this forum) call layla the best iem evarrrr and drop 2.5k on one, take a quick trip to japan (or a country with Jaben), eat sushi, visit e-earphone and try out the fitears, you wont regret it and from my experience, it is likely to change your mind.
  5. No easy way to put these, but i'm honestly not a fan of the JH sound and i noticed this to be case among most of us in south east asia. Maybe its a culture thing. I've tried the whole lineup including the layla and angie. I even owned a roxxane at one point (Great deal), but they honestly pale in comparison to the fitears, but none of their universals can match the togo334 whether in sound or build quality, and none of the customs seem to match the fitear counterparts in either as well. There was a meet recently, and even though the angie and layla were there, my tg334's got the most head time among all the guys, even though most of them came to try the laylas. Altought to be fair, for some reason, we really liked the angie compared to her bigger sisters. I would say that the jh roxx, angie and layla etc does the bass abit better, there seems to be more detail and texture, but there is no grip or control on them (compared to the tg334 and K10). The mids and highs are nothing to shout about, quite forgetful, not as clear as the fitears( there are alot more to this, but i cant describe shit to save my life). Their sound reminds me of a concert setup, replete with sub par speakers and amps. They do sound pretty good with big live and loud concert recordings, but for normal studio recordings, they lose out pretty badly to the fitears. I would say before you get the JH, try the fitears, it is quite the experience, the only reason i sold mine off (Tg334) was because the stax sr009 bested them, and i cant own both.
  6. Haha, seeing how it was sold before i can make a decent offer, it must have been pretty amazing. A six month old KGST just came up locally for 2.7K USD, ill see if i can talk him down a little.
  7. Sorry man, the head-fi habits die hard. Ill go back to lurking around here. Don't think i have much to contribute in terms of electrostatics. I must say, having heard the Stax, i kind of understand why this forum post so little in terms of other headphones other than diy. There is really no need to talk about sound anymore after the stax, you are just there.With the stax, you are now free to pursue other hobbies. Thanks for the suggestion, i dont have any diy experience, so i think ill just put down a deposit for the BHSE, with the build time involved, funds should be ready by then. Ill just hang on till then with my trusty momentums. Jon Edit: http://www.head-fi.org/t/758322/kerry-blue-hawaii Is there a difference between this and the headamp's, other than the alps pot and beautiful casing work. It seems like a really nice deal.
  8. It was about 2 weeks ago when i finally heard the Stax 009 driven By the SRM-007TII (an unimpressive electrostatic amp apparently, it certainly didnt feel that way) in singapore. It was my first time listening to a proper electrostatic rig, and i've never had anything blow everything else i've heard out of the water as completely as that setup. HD800, Audeze's and whatever, all turned to shit. I remember borderline crapping myself and chanting "Im there, Im there, i'm fucking there", Norah Jones is in a bar singing, and im in the fucking front row. The result of it is that i have lost most of my passion towards head-fi. I've sold of most of my gear as "Nothing compares, nothing compares, to you~~~". Every other bloody earphone and headphone i hear only seems to remind me how much im missing out. Right now, I honestly dont understand how people can was money on other shit if you have not gotten your stax system sorted yet. Its just such an insane pity that the sr-009 to bhse combo is so insanely far out of my budget and league. I know the stax mafia hates these questions, but is there any setup you know of, that can come close to that combo for USD4k (im pushing it already) or less? Thanks.
  9. Heres to hoping that if it does take off, apple would turn the current ipods into nice DAP's, the industry sure can use some economy of scale.
  10. He reposted these on facebook, as i had never seen this post before, for a moment i thought they were new. Anyone have thoughs on the new Chord Hugo portable dac/amp? http://www.t3.com/reviews/chord-hugo-review 2.4K USD. Holy christ, and the people at headfi says its better than the M8. I wonder if someone comes out with a 10kUSD portable dac, will they say its better than the NAD M51.
  11. At the multi thousand dollars price bracket, there is no bad amplifiers. - Mike Famous last words. Should pose an entertaining read. http://www.headfonia.com/true-beauty-wooaudio-wa5-headphone-amplifier/
  12. Just bought her album. Really nice voice.
  13. USB OTG you mean? i was googling OTB like an an idiot haha. I can connect a portable hard drive to this ?
  14. anyone here have had a decent go with the dx50? One come out at my side at a reasonable offer, but i unfortunately wont be able to test it due to logistic issues. Thanks
  15. Sonus Faber electra Armarto's? Not sure if 50 watts can drive it, but the design... Drool.
  16. I did. I forgot, pretending to hear a earphone gives obvious benefits like healing cancer. If they were good, they were good, but they weren't. Thus the confusion, cause thus far Tyll's recommendations have not been wrong for me.
  17. The ones i tried are at a dealer, so it may not be representative. After listening to the JH i still preferred the momentums or nad hp50 over them any day, which unless i have really queer taste, should not be the case. I'm guessing those were wrongly tuned or something.
  18. Possibly, ill try visiting a JH booth next time. Should prove conclusive then.
  19. As much as i'd hate to admit it. Those were really good. I've never heard vocals like that from a earphone. The only other time i was that impressed was my first time with a stax. And its a 350-400USD single driver BA, impossible to justify logically. Their more insane offerings, the 800USD-2500USD piano forte's, price varies according to metal used. (seriously, you've got to be messing with me), crap on everything, like instant pull out of your ear crap, but so damn good on anything acoustic or requires a sense of space and air. Couldn't tell if the materials made much of a difference though. It's very hard to describe its signature (they greatly vary from the heaven to the piano forte range) without resorting to weird head-fi.org language. Chances are, they measure like crap. About the jh13/16, the guy told me to play rock with it after i told him it pretty much sucked on "songbird", "First we take Manhattan" etc. So i put on Guns and Roses "Paradise City" and...just could not get that Prat/ toe tapping thing going on. The bass felt thin, it had the hit, but lack the weight, if that made any sense.
  20. Yeah exactly, i was really looking forward to hearing them, but it came off disappointing. Not so much for fitear's though. Those were really good. Even the dual driver ones like parterre. And the FAD single driver Heaven 6. Maybe its a japanese thing.
  21. I tried the Hp50 today. Damn they sounded nice. Definitely way more comfortable than my momentums. Sounded more open then them to. Couldnt detect too much of ty'll better high's though. Probably need to try em longer. The build seems really flimsy though.
  22. I had the opportunity to try the JH13 and JH16 universals today. They just felt thin and weak to me. I paired them with the Apex Galcier. The mids and vocals dont seem to have the meat to them. Like offered by shure's or final audio designs. I'm wondering if its the fitting or maybe im just used to the deliciously coloured FAD's
  23. I'd love to get the HM901 if only it didnt look like... well.. that. The AK120 is nothing to shout about in terms of quality either. I was hoping for an apple product kind of feel and it just felt cheap.
  24. http://www.stereophile.com/content/light-harmonic-sire-dac I came here for the discussion and it was worth it. I have no idea, what anyone can put in there that will cost 120k or even make it an improvement over the best from Dcs And MSB.
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