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  1. If you mean the Dynalo, then yes I have (amp boards only, no PSUs) //UFN
  2. Old thread, sorry: Kevin, do you have a schematic for the current version of this board? //UFN EDIT: Oh, and some BoM-questions: 1) I assume the diodes are just standard 1N4148/1N914? 2) Is the 47uF cap supposed to be ceramic or similar since it hasn't got the same footprint as the electrolytics?
  3. UFN


    Very neat! Was going to complain about the onboard IEC-inlet, but it's quite obvious you didn't have other options //UFN
  4. Spritzer, one more question: I assume this means the Gerbers posted for the KGSSHVstereo are fine as-is and no changes are required? //UFN
  5. Very neat! I am really in love with the small stereo board, but I should probably finish my "normal" KGSSHV first //UFN
  6. UFN


    Very nice! What case is that? //UFN
  7. I have some Squarewave boards on the way, and I was unable to find instructions on how to measure bias and what values are recommended. Can anyone help? //UFN
  8. Nice work on that chassis! //UFN
  9. Thanks for the replies guys, I have been away and unable to retest until today. I was pretty sure I had the inputs properly grounded last time, but I removed the board from the case, reflowed a couple of suspicious joints and then retested it with better cabling. Now I get around 8mV on one channel and 22mV on the other without the opamps, and less than 5mV on both channels after fitting the opamps again. Not sure what exactly the problem was, but it looks like I've fixed it //UFN
  10. Many of the things that On-semi are now dropping seem to have equivalents (or near-enough equivalents) from Fairchild and others, except if you need/want the MPSW 1W package. That said, I'd never thought I see the day where I considered stockpiling BC547Bs just to be safe... //UFN
  11. Yep, if you want to be sent something else than what you actually ordered, ebay is the place to go //UFN
  12. Crossposted from diyaudio: http://www.onsemi.com/pub/docs/pcn/PD20685.pdf On-semi are discontinuing all of their TO-92 products because of a disagreement with a subcontractor. List includes all the MPSWs.... //UFN
  13. I'll of course join the choir and say "excellent work" Speaking of which, can we see some topless pics of her Spritzer? //UFN
  14. So nothing out of the ordinary as long as putting the opamp in will zero it out? Was just surprised that the difference is that big based on previous posts here //UFN
  15. Have now finished putting the amp together and without the opamp in place I get around 7mV offset on one channel, but around 1.5V on the other. The amp otherwise seems stable although I haven't listened to it yet. Any ideas as to what i need to check to find the problem? //UFN
  16. Lovely! Is it working as expected? Would love one of these as my next project //UFN
  17. I bought from Micross in the UK (https://www.micross.com/ecommerce/shop-default.aspx) Their postage charge is still high, but more reasonable than trendsetter and there is no risk of additional customs charges since it is from the UK. Also, I got my parts delivered within the same week as I placed the order. //UFN
  18. Well, based on TPA's published specs I can't see that that should be a problem. //UFN
  19. UFN


    ST = "Single Triode" //UFN
  20. UFN


    You can do this from the Gerber files if you have an image editor that can change the print resolution of an image without changing the actual size of the image (such as Photoshop). 1) Download gerbers from Kevin's usual place. 2) View gerbers on circuitpeople.com. 3) Download the generated images at a decent resolution - 2-300 dpi should be fine. 4) Open the silkscreen layer image in your photo editor. 5) Change the print resolution to whatever the original images were generated at by circuitpeople without changing the pixel size of the image (in Photoshop this is done by switching off "resampling" in the "Image size" dialogue). 6) Print from your image editor either directly to paper or to a file without scaling ("fit to page" or similar) applied. 7) Check you printout against the boards - they should match. //UFN
  21. Still working on my "normal" KGSSHV, but that looks very cool! //UFN EDIT: Left out the obvious part: Want one!
  22. I am struggling a bit to find a 787k high-voltage resistor for the bias-supply on my 450V PSU. The only thing I can find is Mouser p/n 594-HVR2500007873FR5. The voltage rating is fine (1.6 kV) but it is only rated 1/4W - is that enough? //UFN
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