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  1. Finally got my boards as well (inexplicably long customs delay...). Much appreciate the effort from mwl and anyone else that made this GB happen //UFN
  2. Would you not mount the amplifier PCB with the transistors at the bottom of the heatsink? In that case, the balance pot is at the top and the standard straight pot should be OK to adjust even after the board is mounted? //UFN
  3. Agree. Hum could occur because of a poorly designed transformer, an undersized transformer, interference (due to suboptimal wiring), grounding issues etc. Just moving the transformer to a separate enclosure isn't guaranteed to fix the issue. //UFN
  4. As I recall, the recommended transformer for a non-balanced original Dynahi was 2x30V/80VA+. Each board draws around 300mA, so 80VA would be roughly twice the current draw of two channels. //UFN
  5. No problems. Note that the duty is supposed to be included in the EU-prices (euro or other local currency) so you only pay VAT on top (25% for me) - unless you're VAT registered of course. The VAT amount is just added to the amount deducted from your credit card at check out (although it's not visible until just before you confirm the order). I can order much later in the evening than that, but my orders are mostly small and probably don't take long to pick and pack //UFN
  6. Not sure exactly where you are located, but I more or less buy everything from Mouser now. Massive selection of parts and very simple ordering. I do get charged local VAT on top of their prices, but it's done immediately and there's no fiddling with customs, additional fees or delayed bills etc. afterwards. Shipping is free for orders above 65 EUR. It's via FedEx which wouldn't be my first choice, but it works well and it's a fairly consistent two-day delivery (so order on Tuesday night EU-time and delivered during Thursday or Friday at the latest). I do still use Reichelt and TME sometimes, but it is getting less and less frequent. If you are in a country where RS/Farnell is an option that could work as well, but IME prices are much higher. //UFN
  7. I always tap by hand. Having had to fix a couple of broken taps (and discard a couple of heatsinks that couldn't be fixed) I've decided once and for all that those extra minutes to do it by hand is a good investment... //UFN
  8. Will you send out requests for the shipping costs? I think a separate Carbon build thread is a good idea. //UFN
  9. Great. Hope my boards are among the ones that are ready to go //UFN
  10. Saw them as well - and immediately started dreaming up around 57 potential ways to violate Schist's advice of "Do not use these in other products" //UFN
  11. My guess would be that it is due to the volumes they order from the supplier, but I am not sure. I have also seen some cases where the 50ppm RN60s cost less than the 100ppm ones of the same value so there are some inconsistencies here and there //UFN
  12. Isn't that just showing the difference between the "civilian" and the "mil-spec" ratings? //UFN
  13. Updated my entry on the spreadsheet, thanks a lot to MWL and soren for doing this //UFN
  14. 2 pairs of amp boards and two dual supply boards. Possibly another pair of amp boards and a pair of the single supplies depending on price/availability. //UFN
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